‘It’s Coming Soon’: Ray J Teases Brandy’s New Album & Possible Joint Project

Published: Wednesday 19th Dec 2018 by Rashad

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Just a little over a week after hitting the Urban One Honors to present Brandy with the Cathy Hughes’ Excellence Award, Ray J continues to brag on his older sister and hype her accomplishments.

Most recently taking to the Breakfast Club (December 18), the 37-year-old dished on the songstress’s long-awaited new album (the follow-up to 2012’s ‘Two Eleven’) and teased the possibility of a joint project with her.  Also confirming he is a featured guest on the forthcoming LP, reportedly due in 2019, Ray talked about the creative process with B-Rocka and excited fans with news the two have already recorded multiple songs for the eventual duet opus.

Details inside:


Start at 4:48

Start at 1:41

In related news, Ray is also hard at work on a “baby CD” filled with modern takes on classic nursery rhymes.

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  1. Patthepuss December 19, 2018

    Oh stop riding on your sisters coattails Ray J. We just want her not you.

    • Jujumanji December 21, 2018

      My thoughts exactly!

  2. Sweetnothings78 December 19, 2018

    Uh hmm he is so fine!

    Let’s not remember he’s had his own chart success too. At one point he was big in music!

    But Brocka always delivers the most timeless perfect songs/albums. Her voice is like silk sheets flowing in the wind. So beautiful and soft yet pitched perfectly!

    • Since We’re Posting On Things That Will Never Happen… December 19, 2018

      no he hasn’t. 0 ray j hits, stop lying to yourself

      • Interac December 19, 2018

        ‘One wish’ and ‘wait a minute.’

      • Jackx December 19, 2018

        S*** can I, Gifts, Anytime. You living under a rock??

      • Since We’re Posting On Things That Will Never Happen… December 19, 2018

        Are you bish? Those are barely R&B chart toppers. Come at me with pop sensation fool cuz you still aint proved sh* about this wack ass tag-a-along. Only hits he’s made is called KUWTK on E boo, check me on that

  3. Since We’re Posting On Things That Will Never Happen… December 19, 2018

    i aint looking for no Ray J flavored Brandy album.. Ray is a super flop. Been flopping for decades now and homeboy still thinks people out here looking for his wack music. NOT AT ALL. I’m here from Brandy; not some sibling joint album with a tag-a-long lil bro that refuses to grow up and find his own damn lane.

    • DanYiel Iman December 19, 2018

      Obviously you’re a delusional asshole, Ray J has hits and sadly it’s your own people who are mad!!??‍♂️

      • Since We’re Posting On Things That Will Never Happen… December 19, 2018

        “Your own people” fk off racist

  4. Interac December 19, 2018

    Ray j’s voice sounds smoked out and ashy when he sings these days. I want him no where near brandy’s Music.

  5. Lake Erie December 19, 2018

    Yeah, …. Brandy holds her own in the music game. .. Brandy’s a visionary…. She doesn’t need your idea’s. And like you just said Ray J… You really don’t do music anymore.. And really hasn’t for a LONG time. Dibbling and dabbling doesn’t count… So yea, stay out of hers man….

  6. JCP December 19, 2018

    Looking forward to B-Rocka in 2019. It’s been too long. One of my fav artists.

  7. LUCKI December 19, 2018

    All Brandy does is TEASE. It’s almost 2019. No ones interested in snippets or “Coming Soon”. Just release the music or stfu. She’s tiring and this is coming from a fan.

    • Tmoney December 23, 2018

      If u are a real fan then u would know that’s when been fighting in court for years to get her freedom to releas new music and is coming so stfu fake ass fan

  8. December Love December 19, 2018

    Here for Brandy!

  9. DC3 FOREVER December 19, 2018


  10. Truth Dot Com December 19, 2018

    Brandy & Ray J…..Listen.
    Call the Album “Family Affair”
    Include your Father in one track some how.
    Possibly have your cousin Snoop as a Featured Artist.
    Your Mother can do an Interlude or 2.

    I Love It.

  11. RoyalKev December 19, 2018

    I need this album! Brandy’s music is straight from another universe! She’s always so amazing on every project! I don’t need a joint album with Ray though, nothing wrong with getting on a track or 2, nut I don’t need these partnership happening! Just like Bey/Jay, that’s not what I’m here for!

  12. Jujumanji December 21, 2018

    Oh God please no joint album. I dont want to hear Ray J whiny ass and no baby would either. Smh

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