BET’s ‘American Soul’: Kelly Rowland Shines as Gladys Knight & Michelle Williams as Diana Ross [Preview]

Published: Saturday 5th Jan 2019 by Rashad

Destiny’s Child fans excited to see the trio reunite for a show-stopping performance at 2018’s Beyonce-headlined Coachella festival will be even more excited to learn two of the group’s members – Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams – are reuniting again (kinda) in 2019, this time for the small screen.

Flexing their acting chops, both divas will be showcasing their versatility as cast members of BET’s forthcoming 1970s-era original series, ‘American Soul.’  Rowland, as we reported here, will be assuming the role of Empress of Soul Gladys Knight while Williams will be filling the big shoes of the ultimate diva, “The Boss” Diana Ross.

More below:

Rowland discusses how she prepared for the role of Gladys Knight:

This weekend People magazine gave fans their first look at Williams as Ross:
Photo credit:  PEOPLE 

‘American Soul’ premieres exclusively on BET on February 5th!

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  1. Keepitreal101 January 5, 2019

    Hmm idk if this was for Kelly. This no doubt should have been a brandy Norwood role because of the tone and brandy overall is the better singer and actresss just saying. But congrats Kelly

    • King z January 5, 2019

      Brandy has already portrayed Gladys on a tv show

      I guess they were ready to give someone else a try

    • Thetruth January 5, 2019

      Seems to me you just happened to be a Brandy fan & just wants your fave to be in Kelly’s position. Gladys Knight specifically want & asked Kelly to play her in her biopic whenever she has one as well as in this film. She has stated this for a few years now & she just tweeted how excited she was about seeing her play her in American Soul…. nice try though!?‍♀️ The hate & Jealousy is real!

  2. Trey January 5, 2019

    Man this is good for Michelle. Hopefully she gets her act together. People are rooting for her. She deactivated her ig and everything.

  3. Patrick Star January 5, 2019

    Good for them one as Gladys and the other as Diana so I guess Beyoncé can be Aretha ???

    • Maxx January 8, 2019


  4. Karter January 5, 2019

    Love it! Michelle’s beauty is so underrated.

  5. Aaron January 5, 2019

    I think kelly was perfect for this. I wanted to see her in something thats shows her talent and acting so both at ine time im ready. Glad to see Michelle in this as well. I can’t wait. Kelly looks like Gladys but you dont have to sound like the person thats why they wanted her to record the songs in her voice which im very happy about.
    P.s i have heard in interview s where Gladys stated that she want kelly Rowland to play her in her biopic. So she see something in her that we don’t have to see.

  6. DanYiel Iman January 6, 2019

    ?I’m excited about this & these ladies are great vocalist for sure!!?

  7. fierce January 6, 2019

    I love this crazy…i mean Kelly Rowland.

  8. stan January 6, 2019

    i’m excited to see them both. but i also need kelly to play donna summer in a biopic. i mean…

    • Bam January 6, 2019

      Right. If they were smart Kelly would’ve been groomed to be a modern Donna Summer to Beyoncé’s modern Tina.

  9. Sandra January 6, 2019

    Neither look like the artists they’re portraying and neither sound like them, so at this point it’s just a case of famous names to draw attention to the programme.

    • Maxx January 8, 2019

      They don’t need to look or sound like them to be able to pull it off sounding beautiful & looking great. They are both TALENTED and can portray both artist well….and there is nothing wrong with drawing interest to a program due to famous names.

  10. Mich Lo January 12, 2019

    Kelly is a good singer. She has a tone similar to Whitney. No, that doesn’t mean she is as good or sounds like her but if you hear kelly’s songs. some parts would likely make you think of Whitney.

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