Kehlani Defends Tinashe Against “Bandwagon Bullying”

Published: Tuesday 29th Jan 2019 by David

Kehlani has urged critics of the gifted Pop princess Tinashe to think twice about the way they address her supposed career woes.

Read the ‘Distraction’ singer’s call for kindness below…

Tinashe recently revealed that she has split with RCA Records and starred in a televised adaptation of ‘Rent’. An adaptation, which pulled in ratings some critics blamed the ‘Super Love’ siren for…unfairly.

Kehlani’s powerful message was met with applause from fans who feel Tinashe is held to standards a number of their more “mainstream” peers aren’t.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Shayla Queen January 29, 2019

    One flop defending another flop

    • Paulo January 29, 2019

      lmao what? check yourself boo Kehlani is a moderate hit act on the charts with plenty of streaming and enough fans to be steady on the road.

    • CHINA January 29, 2019

      The real TEA is why Selena Gomez is given a MIC when she can’t sing a lick. FRAUD. AT least this girl Tinashe can hold a note — maybe not a long one, but she has a Modest Voice

      • Jasmine January 29, 2019

        Selena has the IT factor and is very attractive and her life is interesting! Tinash does,not have the IT factor nor does she have traditional beauty and she is considered boring.

      • Nicky January 29, 2019

        You are an idiot!!!!!!!

        I’m tired of reading your posts.

        Traditional beauty????? Coming from a black woman??? Sit the f** down.

        So why are other females with non traditional beauty successful

      • SMH January 29, 2019

        Selena Gomez has the It factor?

        LMFAO. Funniest sh*t i’ll read all day.

      • Jasmine January 29, 2019

        Nicky and SMH please PROVE me wrong. Sometimes the TRUTH hurts.

    • FAF January 29, 2019

      Kehlani album is platinum and shw has multiple platinum singles

  2. Monica’s Dove January 29, 2019

    lol I swear no one cares about Tinashe other than urban blogs and some of the remaining 2013 pseudo-hipster tumblr. She’s a hit one wonder, nothing more nothing less.

    • Mhhmm January 29, 2019

      She might be that to you, but Aquarius was one of her best works, that whole album was so defining for her.

      • Monica’s Dove January 29, 2019

        Clearly l

      • Monica’s Dove January 29, 2019

        Clearly not. The numbers don’t lie.

      • Mhhmm January 29, 2019

        Well she’ll be booking shows while you’re struggling and striving.

      • Miata January 29, 2019

        You stay talking s*** like Monica hasn’t been irrelevant since 2005. Please dismiss yourself from this conversation ugly. You have no place here.

      • Monica’s Dove January 29, 2019

        Lol. When has Tinashe ever been relevant? Keep Monica’s name off of your fingertips. She’s R&B ROYALTY and that’s all I need to say.

    • SMH January 29, 2019

      Clearly you care about her enough to write several comments on her post. Sit down.

      • Monica’s Dove January 29, 2019

        If I truly cared, I would purchase her music which I haven’t soooooo be gone.

    • Lew January 29, 2019

      Hey @Monica’s Pigeon your one of the bully trolls that Kehlani is referring to. As a Monica stan you have no right to talk about sales, relevancy or anything related when Monica has not seen a billboard chart in 10 years.

      • Monica’s Dove January 29, 2019

        Lmaooo y’all are so bothered by my comment like it isn’t a fact. Tinashe is a one hit wonder, any receipts to prove otherwise? All this emotion and no logic. Go stream her music, or watch Rent and get off my dyyyyck.

      • Lew January 29, 2019

        Your negativity is not needed on this post. How do you come troll on a post that’s speaking against bullying? Isn’t Monica an Instagram Evangelist? I don’t think she would be happy with one of her Pigeons being rude and nasty to a talent artist such as Tinashe. When was Monica last hit exactly???

      • Monica’s Dove January 29, 2019

        Why are you so concerned with Monica? Isn’t this post about Tinashe? Monica’s career spans the course of 25 years. Tinashe had ONE HIT FIVE YEARS AGO…….

      • Lew January 29, 2019

        Get a life b****.

  3. Paulo January 29, 2019

    Love Kehlani and Tinashe both. I love how North-Americans act so cocky yet are so ignorant to anything taking place 2 inches from their face… Rita Ora already ‘made’ it, like it or not, just not in this side of the Atlantic.

    • oh NO Justin WHAT IS YOU DOIN BB January 29, 2019

      no she didn’t nor she wont, stop playin yaself

      • Paulo January 29, 2019

        4 #1s in the UK and counting… you the one playing yourself against the receipts

      • Jasmine January 29, 2019

        Nobody cares about the UK charts. This is a UK chart and mostly all the posts are centered around American stories.

      • Paulo January 29, 2019

        No one cares what your crusty ass has to say either and still here you are. Rita is a hit act in Europe regardless of the stupid crap you choose to believe

      • Jasmine January 29, 2019

        SHUT UP Paula the F.AG. I’m not tolerating your verbal abuse!

  4. oh NO Justin WHAT IS YOU DOIN BB January 29, 2019

    don’t compare Rita BOra’s a$$ with Tinashe. Tinashe has worked too damn hard for that sort of denigration…

  5. Incognegro January 29, 2019


    You all are to blame with the way you frame stories about her and other artist. You play an objective news source, but happily report on her woes. I agree with Kelani, Tinashe is dope, and there is more to her than what we were given a chance to see. Hopefully if she goes independent or finds another label, we will get to experience the artistry she showcase in her mixtapes and Aquarius.

    On a related note, we also have to get out of this witch-hunt group-think mentality. It’s cute these days to be shady or harsh, but the energy you put out is what you get back – me mindful of your energy and space, because you will be shocked at how your mood could be a side effect of how you see yourself. Try a little positivity for a change.

    • SMH January 29, 2019

      Agreed to all of this. TGJ is the main site that loves to broadcast Tinashe’s failures. Tinashe is a great artist, she is to be commended for still keeping it going in this generation of bandwagon hoppers and fake woke people. Lets be honest, NOBODY is selling major numbers of anything right now, Tinashe is far more talented & no worse off than any of these streaming basics who have the industry machine behind them and STILL can’t sell an album past 100k.

  6. Meme January 29, 2019

    WHy this ho3 always gatta have something to say.

  7. Meme January 29, 2019

    I mean it is what it is. Beyoncé and JayZ 2 of the top artist in world flopped and we just act like that didn’t happen. Tinashe is young and new with not even a fraction of the fan base as Beyoncé, so it’s ok.

    I do want y’all to know that homegirl music is everything. There isn’t a single new artist that I connect with music wise than I do with Tinashe. And I’ll rock with her and spend my coins any day.

    I think what she needs to do is stop going after mainstream success because it wouldn’t happen. Take a page of FKA Twigs book. Stay underground and do your shows. Your core fans like me, will be there. I’m dying for a Tinashe concert.

    • DanYiel Iman January 29, 2019

      Beyoncé & Jay Z didn’t flop but coming from a flat alto leader like yourself a-k-a (Ri-Whine-A), give it a BREAK!!✌??

  8. Liam January 29, 2019

    I don’t get the hate for her but Tinashe is one of the few girls who slays a stage while giving live vocals from what I see she has a lot of talent plus her pen game is dope

  9. Janeeva January 29, 2019

    Y’all ARE APART OF THE DAMN PROBLEM!!! Y’all posted that damn article singling her out like she’s the only person that was in the musical! She wasn’t even the main character so stfu

  10. DanYiel Iman January 29, 2019

    I mean it’s not always light & your right in the music business…??‍♂️

  11. Hillary January 29, 2019

    This blog has to be one of the most hypocritical sites on the net. You guys literally just published an article implying that Tinashe was the cause of low ratings on a musical that had an ensemble cast, which included many celebrities who have more star power than her (and thus, should be more responsible). The musical also aired while the SAG awards were on. Don’t try to compliment her now when you guys always set her up to be dragged with misleading article titles. You guys always pick favorites and resort to high school bullying to try and portray your preferred artists in a good light. You tear down Rihanna to prop up Beyonce. You tear down Cardi to prop up Nicki. And lately, you’ve been tearing down Tinashe to prop up Normani (Don’t come at me with “But Normani has a hit, they aren’t in the same lane,” because y’all know damn well Tinashe is every bit as talented as Normani). And what’s perhaps the most foolish part of this, is that you guys delete comments that don’t align with your views. You guys have been operating for YEARS and want to act like y’all are unaware that one of the primary duties of professional journalism is creating a forum for the public to give their take on your work. But instead you guys delete comments and exploit the competition of those you stan for. It’s tragic. If you’re going to take shots at people, don’t hide your hands when people point it out.

    • Paulo January 29, 2019


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