Janet Jackson Supporters Complain To FCC About Adam Levine’s Nipple Baring Super Bowl Performance

Published: Sunday 24th Feb 2019 by Rashad

It’s been three weeks since Maroon 5 took to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta to deliver what many are calling the ‘worst Super Bowl Halftime Show’ in recent memory (click here to watch), but that hasn’t stopped critics from  weighing in on more controversial aspects of the performance – namely the portion that saw the group’s frontman, Adam Levine, perform shirtless.

Cries of ‘foul’ and ‘gender inequality’ rang over Twitter at the time of the incident as many recalled the backlash superstar Janet Jackson received when her breast was accidentally exposed during the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime show.  In an attempt to score justice for the Pop icon, some took to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – the United States’ “primary authority for communications law, regulation, and technological innovation” – to complain.

Details inside:

Our friends at THR report: 

More than 50 people filed [formal] complaints with the FCC about the Maroon 5 frontman’s decision to take off his shirt during his halftime performance, according to documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter on Friday [February 22].

The backlash pales in comparison to what Jackson faced, and that’s precisely what most of the people who contacted the agency are upset about.


Granted, while the outrage over Jackson’s breast baring reportedly sparked letters and emails from over 500,000, it should be taken into account the incident occurred pre-social media.  During Maroon 5’s show, many opted to use the hashtags #JusticeForJanet, #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay, and more on various outlets to discuss their disgust with the bias (in place of email or letter sending).

As of time reported the FCC has not announced any plans to penalize the ‘Animals’ performer for his exposure.

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  1. DanYiel Iman February 24, 2019

    ✌?? stop showing y’all TITZ!!

  2. Fancy BISH February 24, 2019

    Leave Adam’s tittiezz alone ?

  3. Chilepleaseee February 24, 2019

    I hope the same people complaining would allow their 12/13 year old daughters to walk around topless just like they allow their sons

    • February 24, 2019

      True! I love me some janet but there is a big difference in a male nipple and female nipple. This world is becoming ridiculous with things now. Leave the man be…..his show sucked anyway from what a number of reports said.

      • Bey and Rih lives February 24, 2019

        What’s different?

      • Lanafan1 February 25, 2019

        What’s the difference?

    • Lanafan1 February 25, 2019

      A 12 or 13 yr old is a child lol. Stop sexualizing children.

  4. Honeybooboo February 24, 2019

    Men n****** Vs female n******….. case closed!

  5. biancacook February 24, 2019

    ppl just complain about any ole thing. this is apples and oranges. women have actual breast and wear bras to support them. men just have a chest. just dumb. as much as i love social media and blogs i really feel it is was better before. when everyone has a platform these types of things happen.

    • Lanafan1 February 25, 2019

      You sound dumb. “Women have b******!” That’s your argument? ??? They’re n******.

  6. Theman February 24, 2019

    Stop the silly goofy complaining.

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