Final Numbers Are In: Solange’s ‘When I Get Home’ Album Sold…

Published: Sunday 10th Mar 2019 by Rashad

On a critical and commercial front, expectations were high for Solange‘s follow-up to 2016’s chart-topping third album, ‘A Seat at the Table.’ And, after a nearly three year wait, her answer to the anticipation came on March 1st in the form of the unexpectedly released project, ‘When I Get Home.’  

Boasting guest appearances from the likes of Playboi Carti, Tyler the Creator, Gucci Mane, and more, the 19-track opus earned mixed reviews from critics and fans alike for being spacey, “pretentiously artsy,” its minimalistic production, and abundance of interludes.  That disappointment was projected by industry analysts to be mirrored in the set’s commercial performance as reports had it ‘Home’ would shift nearly half of what its predecessor moved during its first week of availability.

Now, with ‘Home’s first full tracking week in its rear view we can find out if they were right:

Solange’s ‘When I Get Home’

First Week Sales (SPS):  43,000

First Week Sales (Pure):  11,000

Billboard position (debut):  #7


Solange’s When I Get Home is the fourth and final debut in the top 10, as it starts at No. 7 with 43,000 equivalent album units (with 11,000 of that figure in album sales), marking her third top 10 effort.


Solange’s last album, ‘A Seat at the Table,’ entered atop the Billboard 200 in October 2016 with 72,000 equivalent album sales.

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  1. Liam March 10, 2019

    I like the album for what it is and I hate when an artist experiment with their work that’s it is label “pretentious” …..solange will be fine regardless and the visuals help me like the songs even more especially Almeda ?

    • Lmfao_Hoe March 10, 2019

      Agree and omg I’ve been playing the hell out of Jerrod while driving

      • Liam March 10, 2019

        Yesssss Stay Flo and Dreams are lit ? af too ugh

    • Jasmine March 11, 2019

      I think these are very good numbers BUT I think this album will fly out of the charts by week 3 if that. We live in a social media climate and the REVIEWS are not good. People are going to stream this out of curiosity first week but lovers of her last album are not happy with this new album. Solange could have benefited by just sticking with the formula of her last album on this new material.

  2. Nasty Toxic Snatch March 10, 2019

    I’ve always loved her style and the way she carries herself vocally. I wish Dawn Richard also was accepted like this because she’s even more talented!!???‍♂️

    • Meme March 10, 2019

      Agreed about Dawn.

    • MM March 10, 2019

      I dont like Dawns Music. But Her First EP WAS GOOD, I Loved bombs. Goldenheart was good too.

    • thanosoftitan March 11, 2019

      I love Dawn. But I don’t like the direction of her latest effort, but I bought it anyway. Dawn is way underrated.

  3. ohtime March 10, 2019

    Its crazy how her album sales for when i get home are almost half the sales of a seat at the table album. I did not see not one person say that when i get home is a flop #justiceforciara

    • Jazz March 11, 2019

      I don’t mean any harm, but from my observation Ciara sings childish music. She and her husband have no black employees, didn’t celebrate Black History Month and code switch constantly. Its so weird for two 30 year olds. Russell will not appeal like Lebron James and Ciara wont be Beyonce. They don’t stand for anything just chase white dollars, white people, and white spaces. Ciara morphs into anyone she is around. She is known for her modeling, love life, and opening act/tribute act at this point. Level Up could still be pushed but like always she acts like it never exist. I have retired as a Csquad fan. I am sorry, but if an artist doesn’t even stand for the people who look like them, then they aren’t for me. Maybe the Pop crowd will accept her as she so desperately wants.

      • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 11, 2019

        You do know Russe Wilson is one of the highest paid athletes in the world right? Lol you’re comparing him to Lebrun like Russ isn’t more paid then 99% of the NFL league. Lmfao

  4. Kim,Keisha&Pam March 10, 2019

    This album was trash. The end.

    • thanosoftitan March 11, 2019


  5. King of Kingz March 10, 2019

    This issue is ppl just want turn up bops & ratchet twerk music & mumble rap smh the album is different for sure different but it has a chill vibe too it, give it a couple of listens before you judge. It’s very relaxing & calming

    • Dev March 11, 2019

      Clearly thats not true as ASATT didn’t have any of those things and sold better, also, its mainly fans of the last album (new and old) who don’t like this album for what it is and i understand.
      I really like this album but only if i play the whole thing and that is what i end up doing as its only 30 mins long, and although i like some parts more than others i find it hard listening to individual songs as they are way too short.
      Don’t assume that people who are not rocking with it is because of the simple reasons you’ve given.

    • thanosoftitan March 11, 2019

      I don’t like twerk music and I am very selective with rap music. Solange’s latest effort is sub-par. Stop trying to validate her poor numbers.

    • March 13, 2019

      I listened to the album & I agree. It is a great album that stays in it’s own lane. People are just so brainwashed with the twerk & trap kind of music they forgot how to appreciate soul & soothing music. I really enjoyed the album Solange. Thanks for thinking outside the box instead of being a carbon copy.

  6. Nolan March 10, 2019

    The music is weird tbh. I dont understand it.

  7. Letmetruthnu March 11, 2019

    Lol lol I have to laugh she dropped some weird evil Illuminati put a spell on u music & the public rebuked it …I’m sure they have a plan

  8. SNF March 11, 2019

    Jerrod ??

  9. Dc March 11, 2019

    Album is terrible

  10. DIABETES UNBOTHERED ? March 11, 2019

    solange did sell more in PURE SALES than Quavo and Offset lol Nearly Twice as much in fact. This album must be digested u can’t just listen to this on the first listen and expect to like it. Each subsequent listen I find something solid, the interludes is what ruins it. A short 10 track album with only 2 two min interludes would have worked better. Condensing it and making songs fuller would have been solanges best bet. Solange obviously isn’t as smart as bey when it comes to executive producing a body of work or promoting it either.

  11. HOWYOULIKEIT March 11, 2019

    I listened to the album a few times and I love it. Unlike most albums, you actually have to sit down and dedicate your attention to the music. Solange has it !

  12. Rudraksha Barthwal March 17, 2019

    Hey Sam,
    I am a big fan of your work and have been reading everything you post for quite a while now. After getting massively inspired by TheGrapeJuice, I also started my own website called I would really appreciate it if you’d include my link in one of your posts.

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