Report: Beyonce Signs Three-Project Deal With Netflix Worth $60 Million

Published: Friday 19th Apr 2019 by Sam

Beyonce scored a major touchdown this week with the release of her ‘Homecoming’ docu-concert on Netflix.

Together with its 40-track live album, the Coachella centered set is already being tipped for awards in the TV and music arenas.

Queen Bey is already winning, though. Because, according to a new report, she’s entered into a multi-project deal with Netflix.

Details below…

Citing a source with knowledge of the venture, Variety revealed that the singer has signed a three picture agreement with the streaming giant.

The sum? Allegedly $60 million.

Per the report, ‘Homecoming’ is the first fruit from the partnership – for which the big N is said to have spent $20 million for the rights to.

In recent times, the on-demand service hasn’t been shy with its spending; they signed Shonda Rhimes to an exclusive production deal worth $100 million, and are said to have paid Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle $40 million and $60 million a piece for a series of stand-up comedy specials.

Netflix don’t disclose deal or viewership figures, yet multiple sources confirm all parties are extremely happy with the performance of ‘Homecoming’ thus far. And while concrete data has yet to be shared, the ripple effect it’s having on the sales of its companion live album and even 2016’s ‘Lemonade’ (which sit at #1 and #2 on iTunes, as at writing) is more than telling.

Interestingly, Vulture add that HBO – who Bey has collaborated with many times – were keen on ‘Homecoming.’ However, with the Netflix offer being so high, it was difficult to compete with.


While some may wow at the price-point, it’s easy to see the value Netflix and Beyonce find in one another.

The singer has skewed away from the traditional press trail in recent years, thus heightening the public’s desire for insights into her world. That’s has its benefits (see: maximises the impact of the rare moments she does let folk in), but it’s a risky M-O in an era where (for most) being relatable trumps mystery. Put simply, Bey is tasked with balancing mystique with openness. Something projects like ‘Homecoming’ (and similar) helps with immensely. Especially with Netflix’s 150 million subscribers worldwide.

For Netflix (whose end goal is adding to that subscriber count), pairing with the 37-year-old allows them to tap into her colossal fanbase. It also gifts them an effortless cool, given the star’s status as one of the biggest, most revered names in music. Furthermore, it opens up the door for similar music-focal ventures and shows their capability to have cultural impact with the “right” talent.

As such, when unpacked this way, it’s clear why this is huge win for both entities.

With much excitement surrounding Queen Bey’s next studio album, we’re already salivating at the prospect of what could be – especially with Netflix on-board.

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  1. Karter April 19, 2019

    60 ??MILLION?? DOLLARS???!! Chile… “best revenge is your paper” indeed. I ain’t mad at that. Now let the haters and undercover fans seethe in 5..4..3…2…..

    • QueenNickiMinaj April 20, 2019

      Adele 21>>>>> Beyonce Discography

      • Karter April 20, 2019

        Chile… you stan Nicki Minaj, tf you know about a discography??

  2. Tt April 19, 2019

    Yes queen get all your money

  3. Karter April 19, 2019

    And word is: her (non-studio) live album will debut at #7 on BB200 with 40,000 after only 1.5 days of sales (19,000,000 streams) and is expected to reach the top next week after a full tracking week has been counted. Chile.. a NON-STUDIO, LIVE album filled with old songs from a concert she performed a YEAR AGO. I just… ??

    • ??? April 19, 2019

      Lmaooooo spin spin spin, #7 with 40k sales is a bigger FLOP than everything is flopped, nice try bug, issa nother FLOP sweetie lmfaooooo ?? ?? ?

      • Karter April 20, 2019

        I think I’ve said this to you before and I’ll say it again… Seek Help.

    • Clarkson April 20, 2019

      Stop making excuses, Taylor swift, a white girl who can’t sing and has two right legs sold 800k in the first 8 hours of release. Beyonce is old and washed up. Two flops in a rows

      • Karter April 20, 2019

        800k off a live album with music that’s years old that her fans have already purchased??… I think tf not, but go awf or whatever. ?

  4. Beylover April 19, 2019

    The haters a somewhere drinking bottles of bleach! Congrats Bey!!! ??

  5. ??? April 19, 2019

    Lmaoooo but she’s still gonna FLOP with 40k sales next week, that’s 2 FLOP albums in a row lmfaooooo. The roach is done, Netflix is the new Vegas lmfaooooo ?? ?? ?

    • Womder Woman April 19, 2019

      Are you dumb?

      • Wonder Woman April 19, 2019


        Honest question….

      • ??? April 20, 2019

        Lmaooo but did I lie, honest question lmfaooooo ?? ? #HomeFLOPPING

    • TheOneAndOnly April 19, 2019

      40K in less than 2 days is a flop and its a live album at that. ?

      At this point you people are just showing how bitter and jealous you are seeing this woman win.

      • Clarkson April 20, 2019

        Taylor swift sold 800k in 8 hours, there are no excuses for beyonce.

      • QueenNickiMinaj April 20, 2019

        Yes Adele and Taylor Swift slay her alive!!

  6. Dricks April 19, 2019

    1. Homecoming
    2. ???
    3. Destiny’s child film

  7. Clarkson April 20, 2019

    Beyonce about to have the lowest charting album of her career.

    She doesn’t sell singles
    She doesn’t sell albums
    So let me ask you a fair question, what does she do successfully *Bianca del Rio voice*

  8. Clarkson April 20, 2019

    She’s not a smart business woman at all. She is dumb, she needs her father

    Beyonce was paid 4 million for Coachella
    Arianna grande who has not even been in the game for more than 10 years was paid a hefty 8 million dollars.

    A white girl with a horse ponytail who cant dance is earning more than the *queen* of music, shameful

    • Uni29 April 20, 2019

      Actually you’re dumb! She was paid $4 million per week which would total $8 million. Ariana was paid the same for both weekends. It’s said that that’s the standard pay rate. And you do know that she’s the only artist who has the exclusive rights to her Coachella performance and sold it to Netflix as a part of a $60 million dollar deal. Tell me again how is she stupid. I must ask what exactly do you do and what is your net worth?

  9. Alex April 20, 2019

    Dummies on this post calling her live album a flop while their faves can’t sale what she did with a full week of tracking?? Lmao!! The Beyhive are amongst the elite. We don’t argue with the lessors. You’re really gonna be mad for the next two years. Award season ain’t looking to good for your TALENTLESS faves. Lmao!!

    • NotoriousTruthTeller April 20, 2019

      But does she have an Oscar?

    • QueenNickiMinaj April 20, 2019

      B**** you’re ghetto as f***. She aint on Aretha and Tina level.

    • ??? April 20, 2019

      Lmaoooo 40k issa FLOP roach, yeah you roaches are the elite- the elite morons, more dumb than any other fan base in history. And that’s public record, just like HomeFLOPPING and its flop sales lmfaooooo ?? ?

    • Alex April 21, 2019

      All three of y’all can find the nearest bottle of bleach and drink up. Lmao!! Along with your WACK ass faves. I said what i said

  10. QueenNickiMinaj April 20, 2019

    Omg, Queen Nicki outsold her ass, lol

    Queen 78k first week
    Homecoming (with all this buzz and inflated streams???) 40k

    She is not even on Nicki Minaj 2nd week sales. Lol

    • Karter April 20, 2019

      Let’s compare shall we?? Nicki Minaj’s 4th album opened with 78k of sales, meanwhile, Bey’s 4th album opened with over 300k after it was leaked a whole 3 weeks before it debuted. Mrs. Minaj is only 10 years in the game and already declining, no number 1 singles yet, no Grammys yet, canceled shows left and right… meanwhile, Ms. Carter is 20+ years into the game, has reached the top of the charts 10 times, 23 Grammys, most awarded artists alive and selling out stadiums. Hun, Nicki ain’t on Bey’s level, she ain’t on Rih’s level, hell she ain’t even on Ciara’s level so keep it cute. ?

      • QueenNickiMinaj April 21, 2019


        Queen Nicki is the most charted female artist of all time more than Beyonce and DV combined. Lol

        Nice try

      • Karter April 21, 2019

        @QueenNickiMinaj where’s the glory in being “most charted” when the majority of those charted songs are features, none of those charted songs have reached number 1 and none of those charted songs have won her a Grammy? Lol, played yourself. Like I said, keep it cute. Nicki vs Bey is not a comparison Nicki would win… stick to the Cardi B(s) and Lil Kim(s) that she’s used to competing with.

      • Alex April 21, 2019

        @Karter We don’t talk to the help!!!! Lmao!!

      • Karter April 21, 2019

        @Alex “the help” ???

  11. USA April 20, 2019

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  12. Ty April 20, 2019

    Beyonce is 37 thought she was younger lol..but on a serious note!! What is it about her she even managed to evade the dreadred ageist curse that plagues many artists its like she just thinks up more and more ways to empower herself and elevate her stardom. She really studied the business well and how to avoid all its pitfalls. It’s pretty amazing. Many artists could learn a thing or two from her.

    • ??? April 20, 2019

      Lmaooo like what, putting out two FLOP albums in a row? Yeah they could really learn a lesson from her alright lmfaooooo ?? ?

      • Ty April 20, 2019

        Two flop albums that got her a 60 million dollar Netflix deal, OTRII 250 million dollar tour gross, Adidas partnership, Role in lion King plus soundtrack. Yes she really is ”flopping” and ”struggling”. You tried though poor lil tink*

  13. Ratedxxx April 20, 2019

    Adele is about to come for that axx..
    She better not release anything when adele

    Because she’s going to show the world
    How big of a fraud she really is..
    And when Madonna start touring..bish better hide…because Madonna can outperform her fraud. Axx too

  14. QueenNickiMinaj April 20, 2019

    Beyonce flops on this one

    Ciara’s Jackie sold more in its first week sales

    Even Kelly Rowland’s Dirty Laundry sold more lol

    • ??? April 20, 2019

      Lmaooo xtina outsold this flop too lmaooo ?

      • QueenNickiMinaj April 23, 2019

        Exactly gurl lol

  15. Jeans April 20, 2019

    I feel like the formation tour on Netflix will be one of those projects

  16. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 20, 2019

    She is not 37 years old

  17. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 20, 2019

    If Whitney Houston were still here……..Netflix would tell Beyonce bi tch we are recoding Whitney on a three year deal……..

    After 20 years this B**** still have not the wind like Whitney

    • I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 20, 2019

      Whitney Houston voice was for the GOD s….. Church girl hit the highest notes, .,

  18. Truth hurts April 20, 2019

    Beyonce has not been 37 for a good five to ten years.

  19. ROCK April 21, 2019

    My opinion..
    Beyonce lost it when she parted ways with her dad.Matthew had ears for good music.I just heard the ‘before I let go’ song.Pure trash.
    Music is the main thing…all this videos and documentaries are just bells and whistles.I haven’t enjoyed Beyonce music since 2009.
    The GO knows this and she will keep flopping.No one is buying except the shrinking beehive.She doesn’t do interview or promo.Just drops the forgettable music under any sudden spark of interest and pays it dust.Its not a boss move.Its bad business.I believe she focuses on touring now,singing the same 5 songs over and over again.Soon her tours will start to underperform as well.

    • kiki April 22, 2019

      No lies were detected. Just facts!

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