Billboard Hot 100: Normani & Sam Smith Storm Into Top 10 With ‘Dancing With A Stranger’

Published: Monday 22nd Apr 2019 by Sam

Normani and Sam Smith have done it.

Proving that slow and steady can indeed win the race, the pair’s single ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ (which was unleashed in January) has grinded its way into the coveted top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. 

Dive below for details…

On this week’s tally, the hypnotic hit officially became a top ten hit after jumping from #12-#7.

So what powered the surge during this tracking week?

A consistent radio slayer, ‘Dancing’ enjoyed a 15% increase in spins, bringing its multi-format audience to a whopping 84.1 million.

It also racked up 12,000 digital downloads in the US and was streamed 16.1 million Stateside too.

The feat sees the song become Normani’s highest charting solo effort to date; it’s also notably her second overall stay within the top ten as a solo act, with last year’s Khalid collab ‘Love Lies’ preceding. That song, which was also a steady burner, peaked at #9.

Overall, it’s the starlet’s third appearance in the top 10 when factoring in Fifth Harmony’s 2016 smash ‘Work From Home’ (#4).

For Smith, it’s his sixth Hot 100 top 10.


With an eagerly anticipated performance at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1st incoming, higher heights may be in the song’s immediate future.

In any case, regardless of what does or doesn’t happen, the track’s success puts both in amazing positions for their next move.

Normani, who is touring with Ariana Grande, sees her solo launch benefit in earnest, while a bonafide hit no doubt re-cements Smith as a force heading into his third album campaign.

Congrats all round!

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  1. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez April 22, 2019

    Well deserved Normani!

    • QueenNickiMinaj April 22, 2019

      Well deserved Sam Smith

      • Danny Bey April 22, 2019

        The bill says Sam Smith AND Normani. It ain’t just Sam’s hit

      • Lou-Andrew Rodriguez April 23, 2019

        We all know it’s Sam’s song too BUT he’s already big. It’s nice for Normani to get this exposure too.

  2. jacob April 22, 2019

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  3. RihannaIsMadonna April 22, 2019

    Queen of Sleeper Hits

  4. pat April 22, 2019

    ironic, but whites will make her a star and blacks will catch up later…kinda like they did with rih

    • SNF April 22, 2019


  5. DMA_Moon April 22, 2019

    I can’t wait for this performance‼️

  6. QueenNickiMinaj April 22, 2019

    Congrats Sam smith, u did it yourself!!!
    No need features

    • Echo April 22, 2019

      Says a Nicholas Stan. And after a million features, the clown 🤡 still doesn’t have a #1 on the Hot 100. The jokes writes itself! 😂😂😂😂😂

      • QueenNickiMinaj April 22, 2019

        U never compare Queen Nicki to Jovanni
        Her non number one hits made history and bigger than Jovannis top 10

    • Ty April 22, 2019

      Evidently, he didn’t do it himself if he has a feature on the song. I can’t fathom how some of you go through life being this stupid? Your fav is the queen of million features yet none have gone to number 1. Delusional much?

    • Lou-Andrew Rodriguez April 23, 2019

      You’re a Nicki fan, why you hating on Normani!?

  7. iamdiego April 22, 2019


  8. Truth teller April 22, 2019

    Her second top ten in less than a year. You go Normnani!

  9. Jeans April 22, 2019

    Go Normani!

  10. Brent Christopher April 22, 2019

    Happy to see another beautiful, black TALENTED woman arrive on the pop scene with celebrated artistry. She is carving a new lane for modern day starlets & I am down for the cause. CONGRATS NORMANI!!

  11. Barb-wire April 22, 2019

    Whatever. 🙄

    TGJ, make a post Megan thee stallion making her first BB100 with Big Ole Freak. She’s the new it girl rapper and very talented too.

    She’s coming to snatch our wigs.

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