Missy Elliott Completes New Project

Published: Thursday 18th Apr 2019 by David

Missy Elliott is ready.

An exciting report below…

The entertainer’s last full-length album ‘The Cookbook’ dropped in 2005 and is now gearing up to be followed by a release she says she recently completed.


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I just finished a long project I been working on since last year & this my mood “Keep On Movin” I’m bout to show yall I’m on some next ish???????????

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It has been a very intense no sleep 5 weeks working on this since last year. I been sick on and off from weather change and this pollen has been kicking my ass but it will be all worth it! I’m excited.


Fans can expect to learn more about the release and how Missy intends to release it. If it is a new album, the set will stand tall as one of many major projects R&B music lovers can look forward to hearing this year.




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  1. JAY BEE April 18, 2019


  2. Interac April 18, 2019

    She completed like 6 projects by now lol! A Dave Meyers x missy elliott mini movie would be an amazing roll out.

  3. #TheTruth April 18, 2019

    Missy is my fav female MC.
    Now take notes people, she was a real innovator. Her visuals were top notch and not about fake big a**es, twerking and all that BS.
    Unique flow and style.
    I know she ended up having serious health issues that’s why she took a step back.
    She’s been trying to have a successful release since 2012… she had a dual release with Timbaland, « Triple Threat » and « 9th Inning » : both flopped hard.
    She disappeared again then came back with that Pharrell prod « WTF ». Great vid but great flop as well. Then she only dropped songs here and there but nothing that picked on radio/charts.
    I still love what she does and she’s keeping her own style.
    The issue is that the new generation doesn’t know her. Her audience isn’t the strongest when it comes to streaming.
    And her style and sound isn’t what masses like in Hip-Hop now.
    I really wish her lots of success she deserves it. And no matter what the numbers are, I’ll still enjoy it nonetheless.

    • QuayBandz April 18, 2019

      You Do Know That “WTF” Was An R&B/Hip Hop Top 10 Hit On Billboard And Reached #22 on the pop charts barley a flop seeing how it managed to chart higher than most female mc’s who have a new millennium following and streaming to their credit and still can’t manage to even get in the top 40 ??‍♂️ but do see your point I just hope the new generation can appreciate her craft and artistry.

    • Queen Missy ?? April 19, 2019

      You poor little tink tink. You don’t know what a flop is do you?

      • #TheTruth April 19, 2019

        I was not shading her, I started saying she’s my fav.
        But let’s keep it real. She was a huge catalogue of hits and WTF, even if it picked at a decent position, was not exactly a hit to her standards.
        Otherwise you already know they would have released the album a bit after.
        And I stick to what I said regarding the fact the newer generation doesn’t really know her and she might have issues with streaming.

  4. joff April 18, 2019

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  5. Fast_Persuader April 18, 2019

    C’mon Missy! My attention, my body, my coins are ready! ❤

  6. MessyBoots April 18, 2019

    The REAL Queen of Rap imo

  7. Tt April 18, 2019

    I’m so ready for missy come on bby I need to hear this

  8. Keith April 19, 2019

    Liked @TheTruth’s analysis. I’m ready to see what Ms. Elliott has been working on. Her musical presence is sorely missed in the current musical landscape…

  9. XYZ April 19, 2019

    All for her albums are great, but honestly she did not release anything really interesting since the cookbook. All of the singles she had weren‘t all THAT. With that being said, I hope she has her mojo back and I will definitely listen to what she is going to serve

  10. LUCKI April 19, 2019

    While I love Missy and consider her a hip hop legend, she is stagnant musically. Most of the singles she released over the years have been duds. Missy was known for innovation but lately she’s been slacking. It’s weird because her work with other artists such as J. Cole, Jazmine Sullivan, Fantasia and Keyshia Cole over the years bopped, but her solo works fell short. Maybe she should work with co-writers who could assist her in creating better music. Personally I would like to hear more R&B from her.

  11. GNDC April 19, 2019

    Missed you baby girl. Looking forward to the album. ??

  12. anton williams April 20, 2019

    She bet not play is this time she better release the album I have never been so disappointed in a artist before but if she do again my faith in music and her will be lost for ever missy you cant keep playing with my feelings you have made us wait long enough

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