Nicki Minaj Splits With Longtime Managers

Published: Thursday 18th Apr 2019 by Sam

Nicki Minaj is reportedly on the hunt for new management, because she’s parted ways with her longtime team.

Details below…

Variety broke the news moments ago that the rapper has split from Gee Roberson and Cortez Bryant as well as the Blueprint/ Maverick imprint – all of whom have shepherded the lion-share of her career.

But here’s where things get interesting:

One source says the decision was mutual and amicable, and there was no specific reason for the split, adding that the rapper currently does not have a manager.

A different source tells us that during Minaj’s guest appearance at Ariana Grande’s headlining Coachella set on Sunday night — which was plagued with sound problems — an individual asked where the rapper’s manager was and was told, “There’s no one, she’s looking for new management now.”

Perhaps a new team is exactly what’s needed given the rocky time Minaj has experienced over the last year. Indeed,  the run-up to the release of her latest LP ‘Queen’ was far from smooth and her (attempted) touring endeavours have made headlines for the wrong reasons too.

Say what folk will, but there’s no denying the talent Nicki is. So, here’s hoping whatever changes are incoming help steer her career to better terrain.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rico April 18, 2019

    It’s ok she will hire Kim’s old manager next

    • Tyler April 18, 2019

      She already had Kims old management and PR team.

    • Jasmine April 18, 2019

      Good for Nicki. Time to rebrand and try out new management. Roc Nation is doing well with Rihanna and some of their other artists they manage. Perhaps a new management team could help rebrand her.

  2. Justme April 18, 2019

    She should either manage herself or go with Jay z and create her own label for herself.. she needs young and older people with their ears to the streets.

    • King of Kingz April 18, 2019


  3. Ty April 18, 2019

    The industry is done with Nicki for whatever reasons doesn’t matter what she does with her team. I’d love to know what was going on behind the scenes for her career to just fall apart like this though.

    • King of Kingz April 18, 2019

      ?you sound dumb af , the industry is not done with her @ all

      • Ty April 18, 2019

        You are delusional and stupid if you think Nicki has even a fraction of the power she had 5 years ago or even during her debut years. You barbs are extremely foolish.

    • Jasmine April 18, 2019

      No way. Nicki = money. The industry supports those who can make money. Nicki should get a new management and learn from Bey and Rihanna how to rebrand and make money off of business ventures. Nicki could easily sell wigs, makeup, clothes, alcohol, etc. Sometimes learning from others is the best way to make money quick. She already has the brand and her fans will support. The whole Nicki vs Cardi thing was stupid. Nicki is the older artist so she has to play the role of older artist and use her rebrand herself to make more money bags in music and outside of music. Cardi is a new artist so Nicki should not be competing with new girls in the first place.

      • Ty April 18, 2019

        Cardi b was just an excuse the industry needed to kick her to the curve and she fell for it her ”brand” is only sustained simply because her fanbase is quite loyal however they don’t put money where their mouth is when it comes to a lot of her endeavours she already tried branching out to other things like a clothing line and that flopped.

      • Jasmine April 18, 2019

        @Ty You keep saying the industry wants Nicki gone but where are your RECEIPTS to back up your claim? A more logical explanation for Nicki’s decline in sales is her AGE.

        Historically, NO female rappers have been able to sustain as an A-list celebrity in music post 35 years old. Nicki is 36 and turning 37 this year. The industry is NOT AT FAULT for that. Consumers are just not interested in 35 plus year old female rappers.

        That is why it is important for Nicki to do some rebranding and quickly learn from more successful business women like Bey and Rihanna. It takes humility to learn from someone else but that is the quickest and easiest way to make money fast. Queen Latifah, Lauryn Hill, Eve, Lil Kim, Missy, Trina, etc all fell off in popularity in their 30s. If you are a female rapper you get on some other ways of making money in your 30s because selling records and touring ain’t gonna be like it was in your 20s.

    • Urg April 18, 2019

      For someone who claims that they don’t listen to Nicki Minaj u always coming on her post n cometting talk about an obsessed barb

      • Fancy BISH April 18, 2019

        No hunnie, you’re just obsessed with me…there’s other comments, but yet here you are in my comment box…I would tell you to kick rocks, but you’re on your stage 5 stalker ish ? You’re annoying, but that’s just you being you lmao ? I said what TF I said.

  4. Kara April 18, 2019

    If she really wants to revapm her career she needs to drop the attitude and the muderer boyfriend next cause neither is helping her image or career

  5. Logonoyo April 18, 2019

    Well she really has no one to blame but herself. It’s been said she’s hard to work for and she mistreats her people. She doesn’t speak to anyone with any type of respect because she’s “queen” ?

  6. Tt April 18, 2019

    All I can say is Karma is real.
    Maybe she should apologize to lil kim.

  7. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 18, 2019

    Nicki call me…

  8. Bey Best April 18, 2019

    The Cari B effect on Minaj is really strong…lol

  9. #TheTruth April 18, 2019

    This is what happens when you think you’re that b**** after having a few successful singles… she’s full of herself, vulgar and overrated in my opinion.
    Now « we love everybody » and I wish her the best.

  10. King of Kingz April 18, 2019

    ?it’s about damn time???????? Been saying she needed a whole new team cuz they dropped the ball completely ??? & ?had her out here looking crazy, booking fake shows to China & s*** smh. She should def sign with Roc Nation Managment and another successful manager. Next ditch the BF & start to rebrand her self & image she can start doing that with her documentary by letting her guard down . She’s doing a great job @ taking a break from social media & needs to keep it up & needs to continue to make moves in silence. Once she gets her a new team reassembled & announces the US tour, she should def add Meg the Staillion as an opener for sure.

    • QuayBandz April 18, 2019

      Even tho im Cardi fam I actually agree with what you said I loved Nicki until she started presenting herself as petty & mad smh which is sad cause all jokes aside she’s a dope lyricist I just wish she went back to the fun light hearted chick that everyone fell in love with. And stop the queen ish let ya legacy and craft speak for itself. Cardi literally came out praising nicki and I think the whole social media thing just blew everything out of proportion. Both dope artist tho and both are winning in their own right. Stop the hate ?

  11. NickiGarbajisCancelled April 18, 2019

    YAY! ??????? ????????????????????

  12. Rico April 18, 2019

    Honestly sis needs a break from the music. I say take a hiatus. Feature in a few films. Give the fans a tour (doesn’t have to be big). Fix the issue with lil Kim. Y’all two make a huge banger… I see it easily for Nicki to reclaim her throne!!

  13. joff April 18, 2019

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  14. B2B April 18, 2019

    Nicki is prime example of why you don’t listen to the critics. Everybody says she needs to make rap, oh she does pop, this and that! Thing is, because she is a dope lyricist she ca. Do any sound! She doesn’t have to be Lauryn or Missy! Go back pop Nicki!

  15. Jez April 18, 2019

    Good for her. Hopefully she will learn her lesson and stay in her lane cause there is no doubt about her talant.

  16. Monica’s Dove April 18, 2019

    Nicki is washed up and dated. She had a great run. Longer than any other female rapper. After 10 years, I’d say she’s done well. Other female rappers are breaking through and they’re younger and more current than Nicki. That’s just the way the industry works. I hope she has a plan for her future outside of music,tbh.

    • LUCKI April 19, 2019

      LoL. This is rich coming from a Monica fan. She and Nicki are friends too. Birds of a feather…????

  17. Adonis April 18, 2019

    People saying she needs to revamp her image wtf is she gonna do? The chile is on her tenth year with this Barbie image I don’t think she has it in her to be that creative frankly! ??‍♂️ Also don’t nobody give a fawk about no 40 year old Barbie, which I’m sure is the reason she flopping! And I think people r finally over the way she looks and her booty too so time to cover up and let ur “talent” do the talking nicki which I highly doubt she can do

  18. My third eye April 18, 2019

    Nicki should start her own record label.

  19. Gee April 19, 2019

    This is the time Nicki needs to plot her next moves she needs a team that can help repair her image first and foremost. Also she needs a team that understands her brand and where it needs to go in the new phase of her career. In my opinion we need The Nicki that can bridge the gap between both her hardcore hip hop fans and pop fans. Despite her missteps this last era she is still a major force in the entertainment industry she just needs to take a step back and reinvent.

  20. titi April 19, 2019

    Change in attitude would probably go along way!

    Humble yourself woman!

    you f****** up that legacy! your WAY to TALENTED!

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