Dave East Under Fire For Dissing Lil Nas’ Smash Hit Single ‘Old Town Road’

Published: Thursday 18th Apr 2019 by David

Dave East has been labelled a “jealous and insecure hater” by thousands of Twitter users after he blasted Lil Nas‘ success with the single ‘Old Town Road.’

Full story below…

That  ‘Old Town Road’ shit is fucking wack. I don’t know what  is going on with hip-hop, with rap but… I ain’t no hater, man, but that shit is wack with a cape on it. It’s super wack!”


His biting remarks saw him targeted by Nas fans who believe East is wildly envious of his success and that of his younger peers.





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  1. Lol April 18, 2019

    He’s right tho. The same people praising it and bashing him won’t even remember it a year from now. The only reason ppl support it is because billboard removes it from the country charts. This is not a quality song it’s just trash.

    • Jasmine April 18, 2019

      The people ‘praising it’ obviously like mumble rap and there is nothing wrong with that. Dave East is wrong for hating on another black artist publicly. If he does not like the song DO BETTER. Dave should be working on music that will chart instead of continuing to mess up his good looks with face tats and riding the coattails of younger artists for his own popularity. Does Dave East expect mumble rap lovers to like his music? No. He should focus on gaining popularity within his own prospective consumer base like J. Cole does.

    • Whoops ??‍♀️??? April 18, 2019

      Nah, people love this song. Even if only for a season, they like the song. It’s catchy. That doesn’t mean they think it’s a musical masterpiece or anything. But I think people are looking at motive, especially because he singled out this song when all around music had been trash for a good minute. Coming from Dave, who doesn’t have ONE identifiable hit, he sounding a lil salty. Lil Nas wasn’t even in the business a year ago and on his first try gets a number 1. You could tell me Dave been dropping music for 20 years and I’d believe you because it seem like he been doing this shitt forever and still hasn’t gotten a fraction of that success.

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. April 18, 2019

        @Whoops – I agree with ALL that you’ve written.

  2. Brent Christopher April 18, 2019

    It really bothers me when this supremely younger generation takes the “he’s a hater” route or “she’s just jealous” approach each time a seasoned artist, designer or performer critiques the watered down nonsense that is heralded as TALENT & SUCCESS these days. The crap that charts and sells in this landscape of music across the board is an abomination. Dave has every right to make such truthful statements. He has not made a habit out of critiquing number one rap songs. He is fed up with the BS, much like the rest of us.

    • Jasmine April 18, 2019

      Sorry Brent but I disagree. The ‘watered down nonsense’ is what charts and appeals to the current generation. Simply put, Dave East is a black artist hating on another artist publicly which means he is a jealous hater. You would NEVER see J. Cole, Jay-Z, or Nas hating on these new artists outright publicly. The answer for bitter artists like Dave East is DO BETTER.

      • Brent Christopher April 18, 2019

        Are you or I jealous haters for making accurate observations that may not be supported by the masses? NO! Dave East has no reason on earth to be JEALOUS of this lil Nas character. Talent aside, just stand one beside the other. Dave would be a FOOL to have any desire to change places. LOL! There’s nooooo competition — number one flash single or not.

      • Jasmine April 18, 2019

        Honest question Brent. Would you care about what someone is doing who is 10 years younger than you? Furthermore, would you feel that someone who is 10 years younger than you is your equal or competition?

        Dave = 30 years old going on 31 in 1 month.

        Lil Nas = 19 turning 20 this month.

        Lil Nas should not even be on Dave’s radar. He is too old to be thinking about or worrying about what a little kid is doing. Lil Nas can’t even legally drink yet. Dave is acting like Lil Nas is his competition and that what Dave offers in music would be sell-able to mumble rap listeners. Dave is jealous.

        ‘jeal·ous’ = adjective (‘feeling or SHOWING envy of someone or their ACHIEVEMENTS and advantages.’)

    • !!! April 18, 2019

      Jasmine is on point!

  3. Gee April 18, 2019

    Dave East expressed his opinion as we all do on different things what is wrong with that? It’s sad that we are in times where you can not go against the masses without being labeled a hater or jealous just because a song has topped the charts does not mean everyone has to like that particular song. Honestly I don’t care for the song either.

    • Jasmine April 18, 2019

      You can express you don’t like the song and there are no repercussions because you are not doing it with selfish intent or a hidden agenda! What Dave East is doing is publicly hating on the song with the intentions of gaining popularity from doing so. I bet if Lil Nas had asked Dave East for a feature Dave would be singing the song praises!

      • Brent Christopher April 18, 2019

        The MAJORITY of the commenters here and amongst most other blogs, AGREE with Dave East’s sentiments. His observation is dead on. His statements verifiable & true. It doesn’t take a hater to recognize a pure whitewash. That’s what’s happening in today’s music industry climate. KUDOS TO HIM for being bold & brave enough to say what his male contemporaries will not.

      • Jasmine April 18, 2019

        I listened to the song and it sounds like most other hip-hop songs today (aka mumble rap). I don’t think anyone is debating the quality of the song here. I never said the song was all that! There are no kudos for one black artist belittling the work of another black artist. That is petty, especially since mumble rap is in right now. If you are going to criticize a particular genre of music then do it smartly like Jay-z did in DOA (Death Of Autotunes) in 2009 and Jay got a hit with his song! Dave made a personal attack against a little kid but that kid is going to have the last laugh as he adds up the stacks Dave wish he could get!

        Dave East calling old town road wack is hilarious coming from a diet lyricists. That N**** think cuz he got a ny accent his bars be hitting, that n****’s raps are trash which is why he don’t have any hits!

  4. Caleb April 18, 2019

    I agree. The song is not that good.

  5. Mark111 April 18, 2019

    This is nothing new, they did the same to Soulja Boy, Issy, Migos and others. It’s the trend to hate on the popular song, but this one backed fired big time. Lil Nas isn’t even claiming to be a rapper, let these new kids cater to their audience. The “this ain’t real music” is so played out and tired. We all pay $9.99, play the music you like and STFU. Dude is a hater, that simple.

  6. joff April 18, 2019

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  7. biancacook April 18, 2019

    he said what he said and thats how he feels. he doesn’t have to agree with the gp. there are seasoned artist who make crappy music but get praise because of who they are, they are selling music off of names.

  8. Theman April 18, 2019

    The song ain’t all that good. Dave ain’t a hater. But the song is a mix of hip hop/country. No matter the audience, it’ just ain’t that good. It really became popular because they snatched it from the country charts. And most new music is trash. They force feed this crap to you. Congrats on the success. But it ain’t great music. Just because you’re not a fan doesn’t make you a hater.

  9. SNF April 18, 2019

    Cant even have an opinion these days… ? The song is cool for the moment. Dats it… Simmer down dummies

  10. Lana Del Fan April 18, 2019

    Kids nowadays are fans of peoples numbers/money/success, not talent. Granted, I don’t think old town road is a bad song, it is definitely overrated af! Dave East is thinking what a lot of people/older rappers are thinking but don’t want to say because they don’t want to look old.

    Realistically, unless Nas delivers a solid follow up single and and even greater album, he’s gonna be a one hit wonder, just like blueface will inevitably be. Talent doesn’t equal popularity,

  11. Donald April 18, 2019

    I never even heard the song. I’m wondering how it’s breaking streaming records and is #1 if it’s not on popular radio or something I only hear about or see about on TGJ

  12. D April 18, 2019

    He doesn’t like the song and that’s his opinion. Just because they have an opinion doesn’t mean he’s hating. Second, I support black artists but not if the music is bad. If the song is not dope to me, I’m not buying it. And third, people are saying that he should support him cause he’s black. Then why are R&b sales so low? Why don’t lyrical rappers not get the respect they deserve?

    • Jasmine April 18, 2019

      1st: ‘Just because they have an opinion doesn’t mean he’s hating.’ Dave is ‘hating’ to gain popularity.

      2nd: ‘I support black artists but not if the music is bad.’ You are not an artist. You ‘hating’ on a song is meaningless because you are not seeking to gain popularity or attention from disliking the song.

      3rd: ‘People are saying that he should support him cause he’s black.’ NOBODY said that. Some people are calling him out for riding the coattailsof Lil Nas to gain attention for himself!

      4th: ‘Why don’t lyrical rappers not get the respect they deserve?’ Supply and Demand. NOBODY is entitled to anything. Respect is EARNED not deserved. If people ain’t checking for CERTAIN ‘lyrical’ rappers then too bad. That has not J. Cole or Drake or Jay-Z or Kanye from being successful! It is Dave who needs to step up his lyrical game! He is not deserving of attention until he renders some hits.

      • D April 18, 2019

        There are actually people who said that he should support him being a black man.

      • Jasmine April 18, 2019

        Those that would have said that probably were looking at the fact Dave is quite older than this kid and older men like Dave should be mentors and role models to artists this kid’s age. Instead Dave is using this kid for attention by ‘hating’ on his hit song.

      • Theman April 18, 2019

        You make no sense. A new artist doesn’t have to have mentor ship because a song isn’t that great. Dave ain’t looking for attention. The song just ain’t that great. Supply & demand has nothing to do with lyrical artists not getting the respect that they deserve. Radio just plays crappy music.

      • Jasmine April 18, 2019

        @Theman Dave East calling old town road wack is hilarious coming from a diet lyricists. That N.igga think cuz he got a ny accent his bars be hitting, that n.igga’s raps are trash which is why he don’t have any hits!

        J.Cole, Drake, Jay-z, and Kanye West are ‘lyrical artists’ who get respect and radio play BECAUSE they earned it. When Dave East can come out with a ‘God’s Plan’ or a ‘Deja Vu’ then he will get radio play. Until then he needs to put in some time at the studio or better yet hire a ghost writer cause his lyrics are TRASH.

      • Theman April 19, 2019

        They also have better teams & their music is more appealing to radio. Dave can rap too. You can be competent in your craft without being the greatest. The song is still only mediocre.

  13. D April 18, 2019

    Dave East: Unforgettable (Freestyle) >>>>>>>>>

  14. Marie Laveau April 19, 2019

    i mean, is he not allowed to have an opinion? many people on the internet call something trash, flop, or terrible if its not their fave. So what’s the difference? He doesn’t like it, and its fine. https://youtu.be/F39YZWndle8

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