Ciara Electrifies ‘Kimmel’ With ‘Thinkin Bout You’ [Performance]

Published: Friday 17th May 2019 by Sam

Ciara made sure to leave her fiery footprint all over the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ stage tonight.

The singer, who is hot on the promo trail for new album ‘Beauty Marks,’ was joined by dance troop The Lab as she put on a full-on concert extravaganza.

Earlier shared were the off-screen performances of ‘Level Up’ and more. But now, with the credits rolling on the televised edition, CiCi’s showing of current single ‘Thinkin Bout You’ has been unleashed.

All the action after the jump…

Ciara, in trademark form, dominated that stage. From the choreography (!), to her swag, and overall stage presence, yet another epic offering.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Haterz Gon‘ Hate May 17, 2019

    We root so hard!!!!!! And then it’s pancake flat……..🥞🥞🥞😭 Props for setting up your own label and for your undeniable choreography and stage presence talent – however the fact that TBU just doesn’t excite and what Ci really needs is someone to consult her creative direction and solidify a LANE because TBU is not a pop ‘n’ lock and glide track – it’s s happy go lucky Playful choreo roadtrip/nightout/hangout with yo girls vibe (think JJ Escapade).

    The live creative direction is in conflict with the video and the track. Yes we could just overlook it and accept it for what it is but when you’re served confusing creative direction from an artist it’s just jarring. 🙄

    • Jasmine May 17, 2019

      Why are ALL her dancers non-black? I’m all for diversity but damn she should not abandon black dancers because she is black. It actually makes her stage performance less relateable. With Ciara it is the small factors that are hurting her sales. Little things like no black dancers, elementary school lyrics like ‘Yummy yummy all in your tummy’, lack of sexxy stage costumes, not sexxing up her performances with heels like Beyoncé, and lack of hip-hop influence.

  2. L May 17, 2019

    She is so slept on. I’d feel bad for her, but I know she rich asf. Still she deserves so much more kudos and recognition for what she does. She is such a damn professional.

  3. Clarkson May 17, 2019

    If she was white she will be selling 800k first week.

    • truthtea May 17, 2019

      If she were Beyoncé, Taylor, or Adele, she’d easily sell that without even having to promote it! It’s sad because the album is her best in years!

    • I love Big Black C** May 17, 2019

      Not true. Even 42M black people in US don’t support her.

  4. Gee May 17, 2019

    When Ciara came out she filled that void that we missed after Aaliyah passed away. Nowadays I feel like even though she can blaze a stage something is just not connecting with mainstream America anymore even when she flirts with pop no one really pays attention.

    • eric May 17, 2019

      Sorry, but several have attempted and none have filled that void.

  5. Just saying May 17, 2019

    Beauty Marks is #1 on iTunes rnb congrats keep doing your thing! The haters will eventually wake up!

  6. I love Big Black C** May 17, 2019

    Love all of her heavy promo, super C is super hardworking even she went independent label. Good luck to her! Meanwhile Ashanti & Mya never learned….

    • Jasmine May 17, 2019

      I strongly disagree with bringing Ashanti and Mya for comparison. They are both independent artists and from a business perspective they do what makes smart business sense. Why would an independent artist want to spend so much money on promotion like Ciara is with no return in profits from album sales. Ciara is almost begging people on the audience to buy her album. Sh|t ain’t that serious. Ashanti and Mya know their money comes from performances and appearances so they are not going to spend lots of money promoting an album that won’t sell. Technically, Ashanti and Mya sold more than Ciara with their last albums so you shading them is mean spirited and idiotic.

      • Just saying May 17, 2019

        But her album is #1on iTunes so I’m confused

      • Jasmine May 17, 2019

        It did not make top 20 Billboard. Even newcomer Lizzo did that. Ignore the iTunes Charts. They are meaningless and Ciara did not make top 20 on iTunes Charts either. The iTunes RNB charts where she likely charted show sales of albums that sell pennies on the dollar compared to the overall chart. That is why Ciara is missing from Billboard top 20.

      • I love Big Black C** May 17, 2019

        Gurl bye. Ciara is more popular and more recognition than these two solo flops. Ciara shows u haters what’s the real marketing, unlike Ashanti and mya refuse to spend $ on promotion instead of just put out a song not even performing at all. Where the hell is her god damn album after put out say less which is a year ago already. They never can dance like Ciara neither.

      • Jasmine May 17, 2019

        So according to you, Mya and Ashanti ‘refuse to spend $ on promotion’. ‘never can dance’, and ‘just put out a song here and there’ yet u decided to compare to Ciara to them???????????????????????? You are grasping at straws to praise Ciara at other artists’ expense. Ashanti and Mya tour and make their money that way. I like all of them. They are all unique and talented in their own way. Why can’t you just appreciate all of them for what they are and stop worrying about other people joining you in being fake. Sorry, not sorry. Being fake is not in my DNA. If an artist like Ciara does all this promotion only for their albums to flop over and over again the real problem is fake people like you because you talk a lot of talk but where are your dollars at when it comes to buying Ciara’s album?????????????????? Artists don’t flop if they have loyal money spending fans.

  7. Fast_Persuader May 17, 2019

    This song is actually one of her best performances. She sounded good, it was smooth, didn’t feel contrived or forced at all.

    Plus to my ears, this song but has legs for commercial appeal down the road.

  8. Gee May 17, 2019

    Logically speaking being an independent artist is in most cases tougher because everything rests solely on the artist themselves. Personally Ciara needs to build a core sound again that resonates with her fans and supporters and stick to that sound for a while so that she can become familiar with streaming and buying audience. Because she can be up there with Bey and Rihanna but she has to make some changes, that help her stand out.

  9. Maxx May 17, 2019

    I loved this performance of the song.

  10. Erica May 17, 2019

    I hate her stage costumes, it’s not appealing the gays wants sass, heels, s*** clothes, the tennis shoes all the time and those outfit take Away from the performances. She should have been feminine like in the video for the song

  11. Jason May 17, 2019

    Why did she need all the dancers just to walk around, and then do a 16 count dance break?! It would’ve been better with a couple girls, and higher impact choreo! 🙄

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