Iggy Azalea Struts Into iTunes Top 10 With ‘Started’

Published: Saturday 4th May 2019 by Sam

Iggy Azalea is off to a soaring start with new single ‘Started.’

The catchy cut was hatched as the latest taste of the rapper’s sophomore album ‘In My Defence’ – and folk are eating it up.

Details below…

Unleashed yesterday, the song has sped its way up the US iTunes tally.

As at writing, the bouncy bop sits at #10 on the chart. Thus far, it’s peaked at #9.

Of course, there’s still the streaming and radio component that’ll factor into the song’s Billboard performance. But she’s definitely off to a commendable start. Especially given that she’s an indie act.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sean May 4, 2019

    She deserves better, the industry has done her WRONG

    • Jasmine May 5, 2019

      How so? She is not entitled to success. She has to earn it and her biggest problem is lack of authenticity and relateability to her target consumer base. She should hire Ariana’s manager. Ariana is not trying to act or sound black so she is more relateable to her target consumer base.

      • MusicBoss101 May 5, 2019

        Ariana does try to be more urban, black and appeal to that audience with her imagery. Who are you trying to kid and fool!

      • Jasmine May 5, 2019

        Nope Ariana is being just like the white 20 something year olds. This, they relate to her and some blacks like her too because she is not trying to act black. Furthermore, Ariana is from the USA where it is quite common for youthful whites to listen to urban music.

        Iggy is from Australia. She don’t fit in trying to act and sound like a black person.

  2. Karter May 4, 2019

    Is it me or does her hips and thighs NOT match her body?? They look so disproportionate to the top half of her body.

    • Lisa Rhee May 5, 2019

      Green eyed monster. I would happily swap my body for hers. I bet you’re no oil painting?

      • Karter May 5, 2019

        @Lisa ..bitter much? So pressed that you typed the same comment twice lol. I love it! Be better, dear. ?

  3. Nicki Maraj May 4, 2019

    She’s Old she needs to give her Ghostwriters & Fashions to Bhad Barbie the new generation isn’t feeling her on Billboard . The people want Meg the Stallion & Bhad Barbie Go Bestie & Meg is here to take CardiBs Spot

    • Jaylen May 29, 2019

      Bhad Bhabie can’t even chart on the Hot 100 LMAO. Sally Walker charted at #62, and Iggy gets way more streams than Bhad Bhabie. Also, Iggy has 7.5M+ Spotify listeners while Bhad Bhabie only has 4M (and decreasing, surprised she has that much tbh) With that I can conclude that AlOT more people are interested in Iggy than they’re bhad bhabie.

  4. KA May 5, 2019

    She put in work tho can’t even hate, the song is alright nothing fancy.

  5. Lisa May 5, 2019

    Green eyed monster. I would happily swap my body for hers. I bet you’re no oil painting?

  6. Ty May 5, 2019

    Iggy isn’t bad or good she is mediocre she is unlucky because she has nothing to hide behind so her mediocrity is there staring you in the face. She can’t even use her race and imitation of black body to muscle into the hip hop culture. So unfortunately she will never progress further than she is right now. And meg the stallion will fill up whatever position Iggy was trying to.

    • Karter May 5, 2019

      @Ty That’s the truest assessment of Iggy that I’ve read.

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