R. Kelly Enters Not Guilty Plea In New Sexual Assault Legal Horror

Published: Thursday 6th Jun 2019 by David

R. Kelly would like the world to believe that he is an innocent man.

How? By entering a not guilty plea in the new round of sexual assault and abuse charges he is facing.

The disgraced singer is accused of raping several children and learned that the police may have unearthed more recordings of him molesting them…much to the horror of those in his inner circle as they are now being looked into.

Kelly was hit last week with 11 felonies related to sexual assault and various abuse in Illinois. The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office charged him with 5 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, 4 counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault and 2 counts of criminal sexual assault.

In legal docs, Kelly is accused of forcing contact between his penis and the alleged victim’s mouth and committing an act of sexual penetration on a victim listed only as “J.P.” The alleged incident occurred in January 2010, when the victim was under the age of 18.



Today he stood before a judge and entered a not guilty plea with hopes doing so will see him avoid jail time.

His crisis manager Darrell Johnson maintains that he is innocent.

His victims say otherwise.



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  1. The fact June 6, 2019

    You signed a deal with a devil and you will pay for it and thats music industry.

    • Janey June 6, 2019

      … in the US because Illuminati/Maison runs the banks, government, business, sports and etc. Even more interesting many artists join “elite” club to gain power and money. Smoke them out and repent before they ruin and corrupt the youth!

      • Yolanda June 6, 2019

        Too late because music these days is like cancer in the society!

      • Jesus Is The Only Answer June 6, 2019

        When you ignore Jesus.. you pee on girls but still you pretend you are innocent with crocodile tears? How convenient Liberals?

    • Medina June 6, 2019

      I was just talking to someone about this!! We suspected some MKUltra thing going on..google it it is rampant in hollyweird. It would honestly make sense, all the crazy things he did or was it a “ritual” I tell people, gurllll don’t trust celebrities and artists or the music biz, it’s darker than we can imagine. Poor Britney, Demi, Aliyah….and those women. ????

  2. Urg June 6, 2019

    R. Kelly is sick AF but Kim Foxx is desperate and that J.P. chick is a proven liar who wants to sell her book.

    • John Vidal June 6, 2019

      The Meaning of YG’s Video “In The Dark”: Is it About Blood Sacrifice?

      vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/… #conspiracy #conspiracytheory #Illuminati

    • Ex-American Idol Contestant Who Refused To Submit To The Beast June 6, 2019

      Im sure people like Beyonce or Rihanna got peed on their head during a casting call. It happened a lot in the entertainment business. If you want to know more just check out Britney’s Casting Couch video. It is sad lonely world…. they are controlled by these so called handlers and ask to “serve some big fishes”. Brit’s latest drama “against her will” may be because “they” dont like being exposed like that and they try to ruin her!

      • Showbiz411 June 6, 2019

        Im sure people like Beyonce or Rihanna got peed on their head during a casting call


  3. Turn To Jesus June 6, 2019

    US music industry is so filthy, demonic and full of satanic worshipper like this man. No wonder so many are f*cked up worse than animals!

    • Clarkson June 6, 2019

      U want the D***, confess

      • Turn To Jesus June 6, 2019

        We Christians do not talk like an illiterate petulant child like you and your crossed dress dad..

      • Turn To Jesus The Original Son of God not a Son of A Crossdresser Like Clarkson June 6, 2019


  4. Jasmine June 6, 2019

    If u have criminal felony charges u have to enter a not guilty plea to force the prosecutor to either prove the charges or offer a plea deal. People only plead guilty or no contest if they already got a plea deal or if they want to start their sentence early. If the prosecutor’s case was tight he would already be in trial. Adding new charges means they are still trying to build a case against Kelly

    • Latisya June 6, 2019

      Thts not the point bcause it is a syndicate… it is a time bomb. He is not the only one…it is a question who manages to sweep his secrets under the carpet.

    • Jasmine June 6, 2019

      At one point in time he had money. He was careless (aka recording tapes with underrage victims) but now that his money is gone no one is keeping secrets. This will play out one of two ways: 1) Suicide or 2) Plea deal for shortened sentence. His pleading ‘not guilty’ really does not mean anything except for a possibility of another bail hearing.

  5. You Have Been Warned!!! June 6, 2019

    He is not the 1st and he wont be the last. Expose them all because music industry in America is a morally corrupted institution based on s**, drugs and rock n roll. Now even worse with anti-religion, new age religion and underground group called illuminati with their new agenda gender blurring bla bla bla. Please vote for Trump and MAGA!

  6. …. June 6, 2019

    Jesus is the only savior.

  7. Ebony Awaken June 6, 2019

    MK Ultra is real and it takes a dumb stupid filthy girl like Rih or Bey. They are willing to do anything (even when they get married) for the sake of money and fame. The latest victim of Hollywood superficial happiness is Cardi…. ???

  8. Think!!! June 6, 2019

    this is what they called “ selling your soul to the devil” .. whoever survives will get her reward of being famous and promoted as a singer/ actress whatever, but she lost her moral and dignity willing to do anything. wonder only certain people/artist dominating the music charts in america and many didnt make it even if they have some talents?

  9. Showbiz411 June 6, 2019

    Americans need religions and stop buying music or support showbiz!

  10. Sadx3 June 6, 2019

    After I read Vigilant Citizen . Com then I understand this whole damn thing…, they are all Satan worshipper!

  11. Dont be fooled by these so called artist June 6, 2019

    Abuse, blood, pee, s*x s****, explicit lyrics, symbolism, Orgy parties, music videos … part of showbiz devil worshipper rituals and their practices.

  12. Yolanda June 7, 2019

    From Kim Foxx’s bio: “Sometimes fighting through tears, she talked about, among other things, hiding in the bathtub from stray gunfire when she was growing up in Cabrini-Green, being sexually assaulted at age 5 by a relative…” Soooo, will Kim press charges against her relative? Or…is Kim taking her frustrations out on R. Kelly? Hurt people hurt people.

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