New Video: Madonna – ‘Dark Ballet’

Published: Thursday 6th Jun 2019 by Rashad

It’s here!

After ample teasing, Madonna‘s revealed the fifth and final buzz track from her new album, ‘Madame X,’ before its arrival on shelves June 14!

Titled ‘Dark Ballet,’ look inside to see the latest the Queen of Pop’s cooked up:

Cinematic to say the least, ‘Ballet’ – riddled with religious iconography and references to the martyr/burning at the stake of Joan of Arc (as reenacted by rapper/activist Mykki Blanco) –  comes as the second of the five singles that precede Madge’s ‘Madame X’ album.

Much like its predecessors, the Mirwais-helmed cut is adventurous and lush with production but not exactly the radio friendliest of tunes – a quality that does not bode in favor of its parent project which, to date, has had little buzz ahead of its arrival.

Time will tell if ‘Ballet’ will turn the tide.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine June 6, 2019

    I wish this was her 1st single. Out of the singles released so far this one has the best music video.

    • Turn To Jesus June 6, 2019

      High ranking Illuminati witch trying so hard to be “artsy”, ballsy and relevant.
      Sad to see her these days diluting her legacy. RIP Grandma X!

      • Perez Hilton June 7, 2019

        She is old and obviously there is no light to be found in her. Its the same ole’ same ole’ from them….nothing new. I pray our Lord God to continue to open tbe eyes of the blind.

      • Madonna Exposed June 7, 2019

        I’m not a Christian but even I thought she was weird and she is becoming the elite puppet just like Bey. The X , crossed bones whatever eeeuww. ☠️ Skull and Bones satanic church society anybody? It’s part of the Illuminati code of practice to put their intentions out there ‘in plain sight’ and this was an astonishing example…

      • Madonna- The Kabbalist W*tch June 7, 2019

        she is anti church/christian and she makes it obvious now cause she wants to please her beast, secret society music industry master, boss @ devil whatever they may call it.
        ask kanye he knows…remember the kanye-jayz melt down ?

      • Time Do To Some Knitting, Grandma! June 7, 2019

        Boring AF! Cant watch till the end.

      • Lulu Benitez June 7, 2019

        This song sucks! Recycling from her American Life circa.. repetitive lyric and bad melody! Are you on meth?

      • RIP Madame X June 7, 2019

        Even if it’s “album of the year” quality, i don’t see a Madonna album having legs in 2019 unless she does a ticket bundle like Cher.. ?

      • Mimie June 7, 2019

        I have to change the Channel after listening half of the song dahlingsss ??????

      • Kakadre June 7, 2019

        Where’s all that hyped Portugueese influence? According to these five new songs Portugueese just invented autotune. ? Instead of using all those beautiful instruments from Mediterranean area these songs are just boring and overly autotuned crap.

        I really miss those times when I used to find happiness, lust for life, in Madonna’s music. This new ‘era’ seems just like another continuation to this one big repetitive MDNA-RB era.

    • Yawn June 7, 2019

      No thanks! Every single “event” from her has to have some occult ritual attached to it… so blatant now. Evil Madonna has a new “character”, Madame X, who she is now pushing. She’s so trite, so cliche, so out of touch with the music industry. Just a puppet surrounded by a bad team. So BLASPHEMOUS!!

      • Mindy June 7, 2019

        She needs 2 retire already she’s 61! Now she’s definitely a Kabbalist witch!

      • Madonna- The Kabbalist W*tch June 7, 2019

        Beyonce too…high ranking “priest”. 3rd masonic degree…maybe?

        🙁 🙁

      • Layola June 7, 2019

        Nothing could save this era. Just give up.

      • Moodona June 7, 2019

        She is sabotaging her own album by wearing that stupid eye patch. Yes. Yes we know you are anti- Christ but you dont have to prance like thar. You are 61 not 16!

    • Tina June 7, 2019

      This is so clear for me now. She is so much evil and darkness. What is she doing at the Eurovision anyway? She is an American and it is, as the name suggests, a European event. For some reason Eurovision do have a tradition of breaking up the show after all the contestants in the competition has presented themselves, with a professional and popular artist performing, but traditionally it has always been European acts and even typically former winners of the contest. Actually, typically the last years’ winners. They go out of their ways, breaking the traditions of their own show, just to present their High Priestess and her demonic shite. That is interesting. Madonna is a hidden transgender, by the way. She is a creation in the image of their inverted and androgynous lesser god, best represented by Baphomet. Lucifer is however also, in reality, an androgynous god, hidden under many aliases, as Queen of Heaven. This show was family entertainment in my childhood. The streets were empty, when this show was on, just like today during Super Bowl in USA or Football World Cup in Europe. Madonna’s performance absolutely was not the only disgusting part of this show, for instance, the Icelandic contesters showed up in full SM bondage gear on stage! Another male act performed before a downward pointing triangle, which actually is a blatant symbol for the guy being an FTM transgender, and then he shoots to heaven. Basically, they blatantly show people, what they are, who they serve and also, how they plan to beat God and bring about their counterfeit salvation, by turning themselves into gods in the image of Lucifer. This show should be x-rated! I really hope, that people are not letting their family, their children, be entertained by this s***. But, I, of course, know, that they do. People already let their children watch pornography online or Hollywood violent movies full of explicit scenes as well or for that matter just Disney, which is brimming full of magic and subliminal messages. It is an increasingly sick world we are living in, and Christians seriously shouldn’t let these media influence their children anymore.

    • Lil Jay June 7, 2019

      She is so delusional. I think anyone who cannot see that this is some sort of ritual and its very satanic definitely needs to wake up. Funny how she said this at the end of the song Future ! Well madonna i am awake and i dont like you.

      Iam glad i did not watch this Satanic illuminati Scumbag Circus ,even though my Country Won i did not watch it,what has the world become 1 big Satanic transgender Circus,Boy must be Girl and Girl must be Boy its disgusting. As if we dont know she is promoting gender-less agenda for NY Pride this year. This woman is so predictable.

      • Wake Up! June 7, 2019

        Truth!! ????????????

    • . June 7, 2019

      Another flop is coming. This is not ‘art’; pure Occult new world order gender blurring garbage anti-religion/ jewish/muslim/ hindu/ jesus christ/church sheer garbage! ??

    • Wake Up! June 7, 2019

      This era is a done-deal. Maybe ticket bundle could save her face on Billboard 200 next week. ????

      • Frenchie75 June 7, 2019

        Screaming!!!! ????✌️

    • Veronica June 7, 2019

      She thinks she is kind of savior/warrior and thats sad!

      • why why why? June 7, 2019

        This era is messy after announcing her theater tour. :lol

    • Cici La Rue June 7, 2019

      Grandma just want to stir controversy but .. ???

    • Jasmine June 7, 2019

      Well I though the video was artsy but after reading these comments I wish she would just make better music and leave this dark stuff alone.

  2. CakeLikeGaga June 6, 2019

    Again…spiritual filth. Time to retire, Nonna! 🙁

    • Wake Up, Madonna fans. June 7, 2019

      It’s all so vile. Couldn’t watch beyond the gist of it. Thanks for the video, can’t believe this sort of stuff is on the mainstream music these days. ?

  3. BeyHive June 6, 2019

    Nah…tis too dark and moody. Next?

    • Wake Up! June 7, 2019

      This autotune Queen needs to hang her wigs! ????‍♀️☝?

  4. Madame Flop June 7, 2019

    ?? Blessings to the brothers and sisters in Christ, remember we battle not against the flesh (other people) but powers and principalities in high places. Pray for one another and against the devil and his influence. Soon we leave the world and it will be left to the wicked one to have his short but destructive time. Love you all in Jesus name.

    • thry June 7, 2019

      hahahaha f****** delusional nuts who believe in fairy tales. damn do you all have a big surprise waiting for you. drink the Kool aid please!

  5. RIP June 7, 2019

    Humanity needs to wake up fast it was like watching a satanic ritual on Youtube. Bye Madonna your era is over.

  6. eric June 7, 2019

    Please stop, Madonna.

  7. Wake Up, Madonna fans. June 7, 2019

    Sheeple think this is cool..artsy..its clearly demonic..rebuke satan!!! P.s…my autocorrect just capitalized

  8. Madonna Exposed June 7, 2019

    just stop, grandmother. 🙁

  9. Madonna is anti Church June 7, 2019

    This ol hag is promoting gender-less agenda. Sometimes called gender neutrois or gender neutral. It is a big thing now and she is the puppet. She even says at one point : they are so naive. They think we are not aware of their crimes ? She is talking like how we people have to think, kind of ..oh look we know the Christian +church are bad! Putting that kind of thinking in people’s mind so they ll be like ..YEAH they are bad those (Christian) Church.

    • Madonna- The Kabbalist W*tch June 7, 2019

      Madonna is anti-religion at the same time promoting her “religion”. So funny… lol

    • Lanafan1 June 7, 2019

      People can think for themselves

    • thry June 7, 2019

      yeah Christians should stick to molesting children and covering it up! and murdering jews. The Christian and Catholic Church are pure evil, there is a reason Satan and Hell only exists for them, it’s their creation, it’s part of their brainwashing.

  10. Erica June 7, 2019

    PLizzz…just stop nana!

  11. Sally June 7, 2019


  12. Ropeburn June 7, 2019

    Love it! What makes it even better is the fact that she’s got y’all so damn pressed that y’all made up a bunch of troll accounts to flood the comments with talk of “Illuminati!” ?

    • Mimie June 7, 2019

      Is there going to be one song on this album that isn’t auto tuned all to hell? I love you but this auto tune is awful. How can you go from Rebel Heart, one of the best albums you’ve ever done, to this lackluster mediocre autotuned mess?

      • Ropeburn June 7, 2019

        I agree that it doesn’t make for the best sound. But it’s a vocoder effect, not autotune. She’s doing it on purpose like Cher in “Believe”, and T-Pain and Future in just about everything they put out. It’s a style choice. It’s not on Crave though. And that’s the best of all the singles.

    • Karter June 7, 2019

      @Ropeburn Thank you lol… people don’t understand that these artists do stuff like this to get people’s attention and get them talking. Clearly it’s working lol… whether they like the music or not, they’re talking about it, it has their attention. These folks don’t even know what the real Illuminati is/was, they just running their mouths.

      • eric June 7, 2019

        Doesn’t matter what people are saying if they aren’t buying.

      • Karter June 7, 2019

        @Eric That’s also true, I’m definitely not one of the buyers lol, I’m just making a point. You really think that at this point in her career, Madonna is concerned with people buying her records?? She’s just trying to keep her name in the spotlight… decades later, she’s STILL one of the highest selling artists (male or female) of ALL TIME, I doubt she cares about sales at this point in her career.

  13. Sally June 7, 2019

    Tiresome old diva. Just go away Olddonna! ??

  14. Olly June 7, 2019

    Flop! Her worst era.. mmmmmm. ??

  15. Timer bell June 7, 2019

    She is not getting my money. No!!☝?

    • thry June 7, 2019

      how much dope did you have to sell and how much c*** did you have to suck for that money? keep it, you’re not worthy enough to give her your money gutter rat

  16. Boytoy1814 June 7, 2019


  17. Time Do To Some Knitting, Grandma! June 7, 2019

    It’s official Gaga is the new Queen of Pop!

    • thry June 7, 2019

      oh wow thanks for that laugh. Lord Gag hasn’t even achieved 1/4 of Madonna’s success. she’s not even worthy of wiping her ass

  18. GuyOseary June 7, 2019

    sit down, your time is up.

  19. Truth June 7, 2019

    Sadly Madame Flop has no legs aka hits!

  20. Wake Up! June 7, 2019

    Her worst album in her career. Bye!!!!

  21. Aladdin June 7, 2019

    Satanic w**** !!

  22. What The Fcuk June 7, 2019

    This Kabbalah witch is a joke!

  23. What The Fcuk June 7, 2019

    She is becoming a sad joke of the year. This is not art, this is downright copycat christianity.

  24. London lad June 7, 2019

    Had to stop watching. Yawn. Nothing new. This s*** isn’t even controversial anymore. Sick of these vocoder vocals. One decent song I’ve heard so far from this era with swae lee.

    If she would just fall all the way back, she would give her back catolouge the legacy it deserves, now she’s just desparate

  25. Blaine Kelleys June 7, 2019

    Here i thought her use of catholic imagery was completely played out and ineffective for over a decade…yet there’s a whole mob of people in the comments actually getting their panties in a bunch over it. LoL!

    Y’all are ridiculous talking about Lucifer and the Illuminati; it’s not that deep and the general public doesn’t even bat an eye at her attention craving antics anymore. Yet you loony tunes are actively CHOOSING to give her views and then sitting in a comment section loosing your minds. LoL!!!!

    It’s not like this is being broadcast on your television. Simply scroll past it and keep it moving.

    Or better yet, go do some community service since you’re such great Christians and concerned about society.

    • Lanafan1 June 7, 2019

      Thank you!

  26. My 1 cent June 7, 2019

    She is becoming a sad joke of the year. This is not art, this is downright copycat christianity


    Agreed! Christianity can survive with her, but she cant survive without mocking Christianity. She is the one who needs to stay awake!

    • thry June 7, 2019

      Christianity is too busy molesting children and covering it up to be bothered by her.

  27. Buy Gaga’s Shallow June 7, 2019

    She needs to sing live better. A video is just an icing in the cake. Autotune much!

  28. Duanne June 7, 2019

    She cant make good music like she used to. Maybe she should not be allowed to have so much freedom when it comes to her music/album. Sad because she is becoming petty and uncreative.

  29. Ike June 7, 2019

    Of course she needs to release something like this because she cant sing but still want to be the center of attraction! ??‍♂️

  30. No thanks June 7, 2019

    Such a lousy song! ???

  31. Octavio June 7, 2019

    Recycling from her American Life era.

  32. !!!!!! June 7, 2019

    just stop, grandmother. ?
    just stop, grandmother. ?
    just stop, grandmother. ?

  33. Lalala June 7, 2019

    Vegas, here she comes!!!!

  34. Frenchie75 June 7, 2019

    Wtf is Dark Ballet? ???

  35. Veronica June 7, 2019

    her religious and warrior references are starting to look meh and tiresome!

  36. Repost June 7, 2019

    Humanity needs to wake up fast it was like watching a satanic ritual on Youtube. Bye Madonna your era is over.

  37. Tyty June 7, 2019

    Well, the Catholics are a bunch of Satanists. Nothing new Madonna we already know they worship the devil anything else?

    • .. June 7, 2019

      LOL…Christianity is the world’s biggest religion, with about 2.1 billion followers worldwide. It is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ who lived in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago.

      Sit…and read your Kabbalah’s comic book.

      • Tyty June 7, 2019

        Obviously not too bright are you or did you miss the part where I specifically said Catholics? Last time I checked Christianity has different subgroups that read the same Bible but follow different practices. Learn to read to comprehend not read to reply that’s the difference between me someone with intelligence and you a dummy.

      • Tyty June 7, 2019

        Catholic church are a bunch of kiddie fiddling Satanists and you will deal. I don’t give a f*** keep worshipping your synagogue of satan could care less.

      • Madame Flop? June 7, 2019

        I hope satanists fans will buy her albums in bulks next week! ?

      • The Navy June 7, 2019


      • thry June 7, 2019

        the world’s biggest con! so many brainwashed lunatics believing these fairy tales.

    • Cici La Rue June 7, 2019

      Autotune and religious reference = Boring!!

  38. Mary June 7, 2019

    (Dark Ballet) has a great video which I guess she forgot to turn up for ??‍♂️? and in my opinion, one of the most bizarre tunes she’s ever released. Really not sure about it at the minute but maybe it will grow on me.
    Defo the worst track on the album so far.???‍♂️??‍♂️?
    I love all the others on the album so far!

  39. Erica June 7, 2019

    This is the cheesiest piece of crap I’ve ever seen !!!!!

  40. why why why? June 7, 2019

    Madame X is also a comedian these days. :((((

  41. Father Mathew June 7, 2019

    Heavenly Father, I ask You in the name, and through the Blood of Your Divine Son, to rebuke Satan for taking captive that which belongs to You.
    I ask Jesus to place His Crown of thorns around (Name the person) so that those with wrong influences will lose interest and depart.
    Mary Mother of Jesus, place your mantle of love around, (your son and/or your daughter.)
    St. Michael, protect them.

  42. RIP Madame X June 7, 2019

    Album: Madame X

    Apple Music:
    #16 Brazil (+3)
    #27 Italy (+4)
    #30 Spain (-4)
    #32 Mexico (+13)
    #39 Norway (+8)
    #44 Netherlands (-4)
    #62 Russia (+10)
    #68 Belgium (-5)
    #76 United Kingdom (+6)
    #80 Ireland (+11)
    #89 Germany (+5)
    #89 Turkey (+13)
    #96 Switzerland (-2)
    #97 France (+11)
    #114 Australia (+63)
    #131 Denmark (-30)
    #166 Austria (-27)
    #194 Thailand (NE)
    #235 Canada (+6)
    #343 United States (+12)


  43. Madame Flop? June 7, 2019

    This era is a done deal!
    people don’t watch videos to listen to the radio,

    • Cici La Rue June 7, 2019

      Right.. art or not this era is messy. Good luck.. if i were you i retire like Cher!

  44. The Navy June 7, 2019

    Sick and tired of her religious and political theme. Just sing, b*tch!!! ?

  45. Matt June 7, 2019

    I’m not too impressed with Dark Ballet. The best release so far is “Crave.” At least Crave is an actual song. I noticed that those of you calling Madame X a masterpiece are the younger, millenial fans. Those of us who have followed Madonna since her beginning in 1982 aren’t impressed because we KNOW she can do better because we’ve heard better out of her.

  46. Buddha June 7, 2019

    Dry …esp on Top 10 hit just like her wrinkly p*ssy juice!

  47. A witch needs a broom and big meat June 7, 2019

    She needs a big European uncut cheesy d*ck again then she will become creative again.

    • Moodona June 7, 2019

      Omg!!! ???

  48. Truth June 7, 2019

    This Kabbalah witch moved from US to Portugal bcause Americans are fed up with her obnoxious and larger than life attitude. Her ego is bigger than her actual hit on Billboard. Time to hang your saddle, Nana!

  49. Moodona June 7, 2019

    Grandma with a flop attach to her eye patch.. so silly and delusional.

  50. Caleb June 7, 2019

    This was beautiful. She should continue making art like this since chances are she will not be making hits anymore and that’s okay. She’s already legendary.

  51. Caleb June 7, 2019

    Who are all these weirdos who have never commented before suddenly popping up calling everything satanic?

    • JOHNVIDAL June 7, 2019

      Absolutely appalling comments section LMAO I´m not liking anything Madonna is releasing but dammit it has nothing to do with being so uneducated to live your life through the rretarded beliefs about satan LOL My Gosh half of America is the lowest of the low when it comes to ignorance.

      • Seth June 7, 2019

        It’s clearly the same person trolling and writing 80 comments. I think the song is ok but the video is disturbing and interesting. She should have been in it more though

      • Caleb June 7, 2019

        It’s crazy I have never seen a single comment from most of these names and then suddenly on every Madonna post there are 10 freaks talking about satanic rituals. ? ? ?

  52. Kathy Young June 7, 2019

    The name of the person who is doing all these multiple Madonna posts is named Joseph Mora.

    • Kathy Young June 7, 2019

      He’s a psycho who spends hours a day bashing Madonna online because he loves Janet Jackson so much. Janet would be ashamed to have fans like him.

      • Caleb June 7, 2019

        I love Janet too but would never go to these extremes ? ? ?

  53. Liam June 7, 2019

    This was lit and I love the song ?

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