Nicki Minaj Was Not Dropped From Chris Brown Tour

Published: Wednesday 12th Jun 2019 by David

Nicki Minaj was not dropped from Chris Brown’s forthcoming tour…despite claims made by faceless sources within the last few days.

Full story below…

Brown and Minaj were said to be gearing up to build a joint tour but that plan will not come to fruition because the rapper didn’t sign on the dotted line.

TMZ reports...

We’re told Nicki’s the one who decided the tour wasn’t for her, but not because she had beef with Chris. Her reasons were several … she was working on music and a tour would have cut into her studio time, and she just wrapped her European tour and going out on the road again was too much.

Minaj has generated over $100 million from live shows/tours since her debut and is currently crafting her fifth studio album with help from a new team of creatives employed to help her recreate the glory she enjoyed with her first studio offering ‘Pink Friday.’

Hit this link to learn all about Chris’ new tour and how he plans to make it his grandest yet.

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  1. Erica June 12, 2019


    • Jasmine June 12, 2019

      I don’t think anyone thought Nicki was ‘dropped’ from the tour! Chris would not do that to her. They collaborate often and she pulls in a target audience he wants (ie gays, lesbians, and long time Nicki fans who want to see her especially since she did not tour the US this year).

      The question remains where is Nicki and is she pregnant like news reports speculate?

  2. Urg June 12, 2019

    Or she did not sign cause she was knocked up by Mr. Petty….ijs

  3. IG: mixedboy June 12, 2019

    Damn TGS y’all really on the defense of her huh? ???

    • TruthfullySpeaking June 12, 2019

      Ikr the payola is REAL!

    • King of Kingz June 12, 2019

      ?Against ya’ll bum ass hate train, absolutely?

  4. TruthfullySpeaking June 12, 2019

    Oh looky here… A source with a “face” claiming Nicki made over $100 million from her shows when her latest tour was a black-curtain-cover-up FLOP! ??? No receipts and faceless like the haters y’all love to call out. ?

    • Adonis June 12, 2019

      Exactly ?

    • Lana Del Fan June 12, 2019

      Even if she made $10 off the tour she would’ve earned more than you earned in the last three years

  5. Clarkson June 12, 2019

    Liar. What songs? Song that wont reach the top 40.

    She was talking but not anymore *cardi voice*

    • NickiGarbajisCancelled June 12, 2019

      #WhoopDatGirlAss ?

    • King of Kingz June 12, 2019

      ?you’re delusional af u forget chun-li was the last solo top female rap single

  6. King of Kingz June 12, 2019

    Exactly ppl love to make up lies & rumors so glad the truth was reported. She should do a solo tour with Megan, Da Baby, Gunna, MoneybaggYo, & Uzi

  7. NickiGarbajisCancelled June 12, 2019

    So y’all put out a WHOLE lying ass post saying Nicki & Chris concert was a go just give ole girl relevance in Cardi B era? ? They do anything for clout! ???

  8. Adonis June 12, 2019

    Lol “faceless sources” @ me heaux! I was first to ask about her being dropped from the tour under the ciara pixie wig do ? bless your hearts TGJ for creating an entire post to answer my q bahahahaha onika payroll must be nice af lol

  9. Lana Del Fan June 12, 2019

    My legacy can never be undone

    -Queen Minaj

    • NickiGarbajisCancelled June 12, 2019

      “Legacy.” Garbz and their big words. ?Leopard beehive wigs and d***** on stage and chicken wing chains? A whole Lil Kim swaggerjacker who STILL can’t escape her shadow 10+ years later? Girl bye.

  10. Adonis June 12, 2019

    Question: has anyone ever seen a pic of any of the “writers” of TGJ? No? Me neither! So I guess that makes them “faceless”? ?

  11. Tyty June 12, 2019

    She is probably preggers with her r*****/murderer bf. Touring with Chris would have been a good look for her. She is not exactly popular with her American audience these days hence she hightailed it to Europe for a-bit. Her musical career is over anyway.

  12. LUCKI June 12, 2019

    I thought she would be announcing American dates in May? She knows the tour with flop (like her first attempt w/ Future) so she’s gone into hiding. It’s OK Nicki. Chris’ tour won’t do numbers with or without you….. Lol.

    • Caleb June 12, 2019

      What I want to know is if those tour bundles still count for her #2 album since she never actually went on the tour.

  13. shawn June 12, 2019

    well that’s obvious nicki minaj is a bigger star than chris brown by just a few miles but, this was obvious just didn’t work out.

    • Caleb June 12, 2019

      Is she really a bigger star though?

  14. #TeamTinashe Stan June 12, 2019

    But “Wobble” most certainly flopped

    • Just Sayin’ June 12, 2019

      Coming from a Tinashe stan!? U joking right? When last Tinashe released anything at all??

  15. iamdiego June 12, 2019

    so wait…. she’s not doing a US leg at all? I can not!. it’s not fair to the fans. just go to smaller venues and call it a day Nicki. that would be more intimate anyway. Or do a REAL all women tour with the upcoming talent mixed with women who has been doing it for a minute already. bring female rappers togehter.

    • Adonis June 13, 2019

      She would never do that cause she knows people would see real talent and realise she’s nothing more than a gimmick with a big ass ?

  16. MissGuided June 12, 2019

    I knew she wouldn’t announce any US tour dates. Save yourself the embarrassment Nicki. The tour she had planned with Future was flopping badly. A week prior to the cancellation, 100% of the venues had extremely high rates of unsold tickets.

  17. Justafan June 13, 2019

    nah, she was dropped

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