Billboard To Revise Merchandise Bundling Following DJ Khaled Disaster

Published: Wednesday 12th Jun 2019 by David

Billboard is making moves it hopes will make its chart system clearer for artists and fans alike.

Full story below…

The uber successful Khaled is said to have been infuriated after he discovered that his new album ‘Father of Asahd’ was outsold by Tyler the Creator‘s new set ‘IGOR.’

At the heart of his rage? Billboard’s refusal to count 100,000 units “generated” by a bundling deal which saw the set coupled with a fitness drink.

Their concern? Anomalies surrounding the figures he hoped the chart giant would accept.

Now they have decided to switch things up to avoid confusion in the future.

Billboard announced it has reviewed its rules allowing artists to bundle albums with merch and will outline a new policy for 2020.

They are yet to reveal how this new policy will affect musicians hoping to bundle their albums with other goods or services and will come as welcome news to artists who have seen their projects outperformed by competitors who employed the strategy.



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  1. Justme June 12, 2019

    They’re going to revise it by refusing to count it

    • iamdiego June 12, 2019

      thats what im thinking

    • Enough June 12, 2019

      Billboard should not count bundles. Period.

      • Tetey June 12, 2019

        They can’t because sales are decreasing and stores not aggressively selling CDs like in the 90s or 80s. Streaming doesn’t help em either. Last but not least, the music itself sucks these days!!!!

    • Sucks To Be You June 12, 2019

      Awwww… the grandbaby. If you an artist making music just to top the chart, maybe you should re-think about your own artistic values and motives why you becoming an artist at the 1st place! Bye… 😆

      • Chilepleaseee June 12, 2019

        That’s the thing..he’s not an artist. He just slaps his name on songs and annoyingly yells on them.

  2. Meme June 12, 2019

    As they should. Travis did the same and out sold Nicki. It’s not fair for an artist who uses tactics to generate numbers to go up against someone else’s actual sales/streams.

    • Caleb June 12, 2019

      Nicki also used bundles as well and would have been #2 anyway. She even used bundles for a tour that never happened ?

      • King of Kingz June 12, 2019

        Actually them ticket bundles wasn’t counted or added dumbass

      • Latheefa Koya June 12, 2019

        An album/concert ticket bundle works by including a free copy of an artist’s latest album with the purchase of either a single ticket or pair to said artist’s upcoming tour. The fan is usually given a range of options for redeeming the offer, either through a digital download or receiving a physical copy of the CD. It’s only counted as a sale if the customer redeems the offer, so they still have to complete an action beyond just buying the ticket.

      • Caleb June 13, 2019

        @king of Kingz
        Yes it was counted dumbass. Billboard confirmed it at the time. Nicki fans are literally the most stupid people on the planet and believe fake news.

      • Caleb June 13, 2019

        Thank you Latheefa for responding like a logical person unlike the idiot barb who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      • Caleb June 13, 2019

        @ King of kingz
        Billboard already clocked your lies.

        “Minaj also tweeted that a merchandise/album bundle Scott announced on Aug. 16, the final day of the tracking week, also contributed to Scott’s win, despite the fact that she bundled her album with a similar package later that same day. Both packages offered a digital album, along with early access to a venue on their respective tours (with a separate concert ticket purchase required), among other items. The bundles were among the many merchandise/album packages both artists sold via their web sites — offering posters, clothing and other items paired with a digital album.“

  3. Tyty June 12, 2019

    Billboard at this point is nothing but a joke. The very few artists that still sell pure sales are a gem. The rest are pure jokes who if it wasn’t for streaming, bundles and whatever else tactics would never see the inside of Billboard chart.

    • Jasmine June 12, 2019

      It is no longer fair to just count pure sales. CDs are a thing of the past and no one can force the few remaining retailers to buy and sell CDs (Target, Walmart, and Best Buy). Digital sales cannot compete with streaming and illegal downloading because most people are not going to pay 10 bucks or more for something they can just download free or stream for pennies on the dollar. Thus, I believe we are about a decade late in just cancelling the Billboard charts completely.

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES ??‍♀️Not 37 year old TROLLmine nor TRASHmine June 12, 2019

        Tell’em TROLLmine!!!

      • Tyty June 12, 2019

        I’m not saying streaming is all the way bad but when they counting you tube views, bundles etc…. where Does it end? You have artists who do well in pure sales but losing out to artist who selling 2k pure sales but hitting number one cause they have higher streams. To me, that isn’t fair.

      • Tyty June 12, 2019

        Just look at how Chris brown rolls out his albums past couple years just so he can cheat his way into platinum plaques despite not really having hit songs/albums like he used to.

      • Mariah June 12, 2019

        I agree with Jasmin… welcome to the digital era. Get on with the program sore l00sers.

    • Caleb June 12, 2019

      You think billboard is bad? The RIAA’s system is even worse!

    • Layola June 12, 2019

      Yup, I havent checked Billboard since they add streams. 🙁

    • Tetey June 12, 2019

      Bundles make sense for artists—who typically make most of their money touring—as they give fans an extra incentive to purchase tickets. In 2017, most acts that implemented this strategy fell into one of two categories. The first is an artist in their “greatest hits era,” with a large fanbase and a history of popular music but less excitement about new material. The second is an artist who produces hit singles but doesn’t have a history of moving many albums. Acts like The Killers, Linkin Park, and U2 fall into the former category, while Kesha and The Chainsmokers exemplify the latter. Artists and labels are on the hunt for new ways to capitalize on their biggest fans and score that coveted No. 1 debut. Welcome to the digital world honey.

      • Jasmine June 12, 2019

        I think it makes sense. Let’s face it. When artists release an album the intention is to TOUR in today’s market because THAT IS WHERE THE MONEY IS. Record SALES are dead. IT is TOURING that gives them money bags! There are so many artists that are on tour year after year because that is how they earn their income, even the ones who cannot afford producers to make new albums. I think tour bundles SPELL IT OUT and is another example that the music industry has long changed from traditional sales way back when Sam Goody and Tower Records existed. Billboard Charts are EXTINCT imo because they have not kept up with technology. It is NO LONGER ABOUT album SALES but rather yearly income earned by artists year over year.

        You have popular artists like Beyonce and Chris Brown, who people ‘hate’ on her record sales who pull in major money when they tour. Then you have artists like Drake with great streams and good sales whose money is made from the combination of both. Then there is Adele who sales great but often cancels large parts of her tour so her money is being made more on the music sales side. You also have legends like Celine and Britney who make the bulk of their yearly income from touring (aka touring Vegas) and not music sales. BILLBOARD needs to accommodate these factors (and other factors) by changing their chart logic to be based on yearly / monthly revenue rather than just music sales.

      • Jasmine June 12, 2019

        For many artists like, DJ Khaled, a new album is nothing more than a TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT! Thus, landing in the top 5 is very important to them!

      • SMH June 13, 2019

        Honey, you can rationalize this mess all you want. PURE SALES is what matter most, that’s how The Legends became Legends, they didn’t need all this streaming and bundling nonsense, their MUSIC is what sold their records. These so called “artists” need a ll this mess so they can feel like they acheived what the Icons that came before them achieved without doing the work. Billboard is supposed to count MUSIC SALES and music sales only, not t shirts and coffee cups. If these “artists” cant sell their music without public assistance, because face it that’s all this is, then they need to find some talent instead of cheating the system for a chart position.

      • Jasmine June 13, 2019

        SMH you are living in the past. Music albums do not sell anymore like they used to. It does not matter how talented the artist is. The same talented artists of the past cannot sell a fraction of what they used to because music album sells are a thing of the past.

  4. Brent Christopher June 12, 2019

    NOTHING should count towards Billboard charting other than the number of albums physically or digitally purchased in a solid unit. PERIOD! Our legendary entertainers & artists of the 1980s and 1990s era of music, sold HARDCORE PHYSICAL UNITS to seal their chart positions. None of this streaming bullsh|t or bundled concert ticket crap or sweatshirt/coffee/earring back bought by consumer nonsense should count for anything! I want YouTube views removed as well. GET RID OF EVERYTHING aside from a full album purchase and really see who appeals to mass audiences.

    • iamdiego June 12, 2019

      I agree. sales are low. streams are not even helping as much as they did a few yrs back. I think its time to change the certifications. at this rate 100.000- silver 300.000-gold and 750.000-800.000 should be platinum (pure sales only). anything over 1.000.000 should be considered multi platinum. Diamond albums should sale over 7.000.000 and call it a day. im pulling these numbers out my ass btw lol. It just sucks because the earlier artist (who actually had talent) put in so much more work for less money, reconition and “success”

      • Andy tan June 14, 2019

        So so true. I miss those days when real talent were at the top of the charts. Only a few artists nowadays can be considered talented.

    • Mariah June 12, 2019

      You can’t it is a digital age dahlingss. CDs are dead…might as well cancel internet and wi-fi…duh.

  5. Clarkson June 12, 2019

    He is a fraud. 15 million followers on Instagram but only 300 comments on posts, 10 thousand likes and 5 thousand video views, how is that even possible.

    I just hope he’s career is over after this.

  6. SNF June 12, 2019

    Smh. Sounds like Nicki

    • SMH June 13, 2019

      Yeah, and she was right.

      • Caleb June 13, 2019

        Yet she played by the same rules as everyone else. She didn’t like them only once she didn’t win using the same rules.

    • June 12, 2019

      yup, they love to hate Nicki.

    • Caleb June 13, 2019

      … except Nicki and Khaled are saying the opposite things if you pay attention.

  7. Urg June 12, 2019

    That’s rich coming from some of y’all Nicki haters. When ole girl called out Billboard for their bs y’all said she was bitter and an angry black woman but not Khaked fat a$$ b****ing nothing and all of a sudden streaming is a bad thing when y’all support the stream king and queen ijs…

    • Missy June 13, 2019

      What are you talking about. Maybe not in this post but when this news was announced he got the same s*** Nikki got. Anyone who cries about not getting the number one spot is spoiled and garbage. This is what happens when egos outweigh talent.

    • Caleb June 13, 2019

      But they are on the opposite ends. He’s saying bundles with merchandise SHOULD count, whereas as she allegedly believes they SHOULDN’T count (even though she did it herself.)

  8. Latheefa Koya June 12, 2019

    Billboard is now corrupted to the max/heavily manipulated by record companies. They should revise their chart tallies. It is a joke really….

  9. Fact June 12, 2019

    Over one third of albums that topped the charts last year had concert ticket bundles attached. That’s sad….

  10. Shane June 12, 2019

    Nobody buy the (physical) CD or an album, that’s why.
    It is what it is….

  11. PMSL June 12, 2019

    Millennial…. entitled syndrome… shite music, but they want that #1???

    F*ck off…. 😉

  12. #TheTruth June 13, 2019

    Did Tyler have a bundle himself ?
    Because if he got to #1 without one, he is indeed #1.
    Khaled just get over you damn self, that’s pathetic.
    Those bundles are just fake extra sales. People get a copy of an album for buying something else in the first place, when maybe they don’t even want it. There should be a way to see if those people indeed downloaded the album to make it count in the sales.

  13. I hate blaccck n whyte June 13, 2019

    Billboard should not do that,

    you’re saying bundle his CDs with his merchandise and then it goes on Billboard to number one. F** no they need to separate their other merchandise from their CD sales. so billboard can get an actual measure of how many records you actually truly sold.

  14. Amie June 13, 2019

    Where was this energy for nicki Minaj

  15. JanStan June 13, 2019

    I think the solution is pretty simple. They need to track music the same way they track movies: box office. Calculate how much money a single or album made (whether through streaming or physical) and that determines its chart placement.

  16. ShayTheeDoctor June 13, 2019

    I just know that the industry owes Nicki an apology… when she said this, she was dragged.

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