Usher Asks Judge To Seal Private Medical Records

Published: Monday 22nd Jul 2019 by David

Usher has urged a judge to seal his private medical records as his unfortunate legal war with the group of people who say he exposed them to sexually transmitted illnesses rages on.

Full story below…

The Blast reports that the philanthropic singer/songwriter asked a judge not to unseal his medical records as he works hard to put an end to the legal fiasco that was ignited when a group of people stepped forward to claim that he poisoned their bodies with STDs.

He says he needs to file exhibits to his motion seeking to compel one of the women suing him to hand over certain information.

Why? His records, and those of of one of the women he is battling, contain previous and current private health diagnoses which is why he keen to protect the both of them from the “significant harm” they would face if they were released.


One of his accusers claims the star exposed him to herpes at a spa in KoreaTown,Los Angeles.


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  1. Jason Lyric July 22, 2019

    Leave my husband alone!

    • Kiki July 22, 2019

      Leave my baby father alone!!!. It’s 2019. Y’all was together in the ‘90s. Imma tell you this one last time or you gonna have to catch me outside. LETS GO! LOL

      • Lil nas tee aws July 22, 2019

        Yuck both of y’all burning.

    • Lina July 22, 2019

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  2. Tyty July 22, 2019

    So basically his been spreading stds.. What a disgrace. With his money why is he exposing himself to diseases and others? Another example of a degenerate.

  3. Sumshine July 22, 2019

    I feel like these women go out here pursuing these celebrities trying to secure a bag. So, they trying to get pregnant, be they number 1 girl/lady Hence, they NOT thinking about protecting themselves they just securing the bag! If he was not Usher and joe blow on the streets this would not be a law suite. They would go get the medicine and spread the word he got that package! So sick of these groupies ?

  4. shadyheb July 22, 2019

    Really See This Y Ppl Can’t Live In Peace.. This Ain’t News Worthy Cause It Ain’t Our Business.. His Medical Records Is Not Our Business Damn. Smdh

  5. Ariana Grande July 22, 2019

    Oh honey, I don’t think it was just women that Usher gave treats to.

  6. LUCKI July 22, 2019

    This is such a sad, sad, SAD situation. Usher will never be able to recover from this.

  7. Abel July 22, 2019

    So he transmitted his boo to those girls…SMH

  8. J July 22, 2019

    Yikes lol #wrapitup

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