Watch: Offset & Cardi B Bring ‘Clout’ Live to ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Published: Thursday 18th Jul 2019 by Rashad

Fresh from dropping a reported $400,000 on the birthday party of their 1-year-old daughter, Kulture, proud parents Cardi B and Offset had their sights set on blazing the ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ stage (July 17).

Giving viewers yet another live rendition of their duet, ‘Clout’ (featured on Offset’s debut solo album, ‘Father of 4’), the duo’s hot performance and colorful fashions sent fans into a frenzy as they took to the streets of Los Angeles.  Also joining the show’s host for a hilarious segment of ‘New Lyrics for Old People’ where Kimmel interpreted their slang-laden tune in layman’s terms, look inside to catch both performance and interview if you missed their original airings:

[photo courtesy:  APEX/MEGA]


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  1. China July 18, 2019

    Cardi, needs to jump into her Acting career ASAP///the public has discovered she has ZERO rap talent — this is the point when she crosses over to Acting. Her singles do get radio play but she’s now visually absent from the Top 10. This rap gig is just about up……..

    • Goodie July 18, 2019

      And I see no lies here. 👏 I do like her new album and her singles Money and Press that she didn’t write though. And I guess her old song Lick that she obviously wrote. But keep spilling facts sis. I agree that even though she’s on the charts, she’s slowly slipping because her attitude and cockiness is being slowly brought into light.

      • China July 18, 2019

        lokey love her crazy personality. She takes a vicious industry and makes it funny and chill and off the hook. but its a short span career. So she needs to make them MOVES now before they expose her fully. Her personality is whats poppin

  2. Gee July 18, 2019

    Congratulations to Cardi for being on the Hot 100 for two years straight as of this week. Her hustle is no joke she went from the trenches to topping the charts. Even though some people don’t like her what you can not deny is that she is true to herself which is respectable in my opinion.

    • I hate bllccck n whyyyte July 18, 2019

      Yup and the party is so glad you posted that b*******

      I thought b**** came outta no where like Nicki Minaj. But we saw she was on reality TV Vh1 for years… We kept trying to figure out why y’all keep lying saying it like she new…..she not new.

  3. AdeleFan July 18, 2019

    Cardi i is the only n lizzo are the only female rapper to hit top 10 this year. Cardi is the only the ONLY female rapper to go platinum this year. Yea so please explain to me how is she fading. She has 8 top 10’s in two years that’s more than most female rappers period. She not being in the top 10 this week doesn’t mean she’s fading it simply means her songs are old.

    • REN July 18, 2019

      This week? The only song she had in the top 10 this year was “please me” and that was because of Bruno Mars.

      • Urg July 18, 2019

        Actually it was after the Grammy win why it was so sucessful. Other song for her that were released this year are not charting so well e.g Press is falling again and Wish Wish dissappared after 2 weeks

      • Ynglife July 18, 2019

        She had a song called Wish Wish? I never knew that

  4. AdeleFan July 18, 2019

    How did Nicki came outta nowhere and she had mixtapes n young money behind her? Lil nas x came outta nowhere cus he just blew up outta nowhere. Cardi never had a popular male rapper behind her to cosign fo her success

  5. Sweetnothings78 July 18, 2019

    Love her. She’s funny AF

  6. AdeleFan July 18, 2019

    Cardi b had 4 top 20 hits this year, That’s without an album 😂😂.. Press was #16 n it basically was out since February. Wish wish is not her song yet y’all only tie it to her, It peaked at #16 n spend more than 2 months on the charts. So explain to me how is she falling when she’s the most successful female rapper of 2019

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