Janet Jackson Gets Fierce With ‘Feedback’ At ‘Metamorphosis’ Las Vegas

Published: Sunday 11th Aug 2019 by Sam

Janet Jackson has been slaying Las Vegas with her ‘Metamorphosis’ residency and is proving she’s as potent as ever.

Having played to sold-out crowds since May, the high-octane spectacle is drawing to a close. But Ms. Jackson is ensuring she’s serving just as much electricity now as with the first show.

Case in point this epic performance of hit single ‘Feedback.’

Watch the Pop queen in action after the jump…

Loving Janet’s iconic command of the stage, as well as the song’s updated choreography.

With such rave reviews, we can easily see another leg being added and/or another tour in the works.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Erica August 11, 2019

    I loved Janet but she’s not as precise as she use to be & it’s understandable I mean the lady is 50+!!

    This was a reach tho she wasn’t keeping up with her dancers & she kinda dumb the choreography down

    • Martaevia La’Wayne August 12, 2019

      We wasn’t watching the same thing

    • Teet August 12, 2019

      it’s understandable but you decided to make the comment anyways?!! And she still dances circles around most

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN August 12, 2019

      I was actually at the show Saturday and she was amazing. A lot of energy great show. She did a fantastic Job!!!!

      • Danny Bey August 12, 2019

        I was at the Saturday show too! And I was so blown away, especially this being my first time seeing her live!!! I was so in awe

  2. Banks no tyra August 11, 2019

    Go head grandma janet

  3. pat August 11, 2019

    she’s doing just as much as she wants to do..enough for her and her fans to enjoy it then still have energy for her baby

    • Banks no tyra August 11, 2019

      Beyonce had 3 kids and a miscarriage, what’s grandma Janet excuse

      • High Price August 11, 2019

        That she’s old enough to be Beyonce’s mother probably…… … AND we KNOW Beyonce ain’t no spring chicken no more so that makes Janet how old?!?? Now come again Bee-otch? ?? ??

      • Pat August 11, 2019

        Beyonce choreo is already dumbed down

    • Banks no tyra August 11, 2019

      Ummmmm beyonce hasn’t dumbed down anything beyonce is everything Janet trying to tire herself out to be, with them unflattering costumes, she lazy she tired and her fans will accept anything Janet can be be blunt ivy sir and rumi great grandma, she can’t, madonna sitting back having the last laugh

      • Truth August 11, 2019

        There would be no Beyoncé with Janet. Point black period. Let me guess your a millennial?

      • Truth August 11, 2019

        There would be no Beyoncé without Janet. Point black period. Let me guess your a millennial?

      • JOHN DOE August 12, 2019


      • step it up August 12, 2019

        Agreed. Janet has stayed consistent but would like to see her evolve

      • Deyzz August 15, 2019

        Correction, there would be no Janet if it wasn’t for Michael, let’s not get it twisted.
        Beyonce is in a league of her own. She was born a star. Her stardom was destined! She does not half step.

  4. Jorge August 11, 2019

    Choreo by London very own Dean Lee!!! Only international choreographer on the creative team

  5. Deyzz August 11, 2019

    Boring. Even the dancers look dull.
    Nothing to prove.

    Janet go take care of the baby. He needs you more than us.

  6. take the heat August 11, 2019

    Mannn i love Janet and I also love good drag performer but that ant supposed to be Ms Janet. She was so on point after giving birth 2 years ago. Can we get Paris back and some rehearsal time?

    She out here flapping her hands like Britney and stomping around through gils 3 x microwaved choreo like a bad drag impersonator. Enough with Gil man – tired choreo and lack of creative direction. Even the old girls like Kylie Minogue & JLo have the vision to keep it fresh.

    And the outfits… Someone stop the unflattering costumes. We get it you want to cover up but let the 2009 Balmain shoulder look go and bring back Kim Bowen – she made you look like the rock and roll hall of fame inductee you are goddammit!

    • Patthepuss August 11, 2019

      Janet’s look has been dated for the 15 years at least. And unfortunately I think it is Kim putting her in all these awful cover ups. At least it was Kim who styled Janet in all that drapey ish for her Unbreakable tour.

      I’ve actually met her main stylisy and he’s some sixty something y.o queen who still thinks that mullet dresses are the look. He also styles Mimi a lot which makes sense given how dated her image is as well.

      • Patthepuss August 11, 2019

        Sorry about the spelling mistakes. A b**** is old and tired.

      • Get it August 11, 2019

        Kim Bowen is the most seasoned stylist in Janet’s index – check her credits and portfolio.

        Kim nailed the cultural references in the got til its gone video and the unbreakable tour book. Sure her on pants weren’t the best onstage but check every other look from the tour book to the album artwork. It was in proportion, rock and roll and appropriate.

        Cassandra Hawthorne is her current stylist – has had no known clients & no working portfolio other than metamorphosis… Her designs are straight from the sewing catalogue at best.

        Robert Behar stylist to Mariah Carey… Says it all really. Hook the icon up maannn. C’mon!

  7. Keith August 11, 2019

    I can see why people might not be impressed with this two minute clip, but as someone who just saw the show 4 days ago, I can attest to the fact that seeing it live is a WHOLE ‘NOTHER STORY. The choreography really pops, the staging is PHENOMENAL (which this video – nor any of the others actually captures)…this is easily one of the highlights of the LIVE show. Ask anyone who’s actually SEEN the show and not making judgments from internet clips…

    • Truth August 11, 2019

      Thank you I saw the show this past Wednesday and it was fire ?

    • feedback August 11, 2019

      We live in a day and age where we don’t need to go to the show to decide if we like what we see. I mean tickets to her show have just been released in my country today and even I’m on the fence & I’m the biggest fan gal.

      Sure the lighting is amazing at vegas but when old girl comes to my town in a potato sack I’m not sure if I want to go. Glastonbury was panned, dead on arrival. Most of the festival dates weren’t well-received either. Youtube it and pay attention to the crowds if ya don’t believe it.

      • Pattxyz August 12, 2019

        Her show was great and full of fun and bring back days with good old songs. If you think you wi’ll not like her show, then stay home. Let someone who really looks for the show get the ticket

      • step it up August 12, 2019

        Thats all great news for the Diwali light show in vegas. But check her out in broad daylight at Glastonbury.

        Sis was trending for filth for her phoned-in performance. Ant no european tour tickets to be sold or bought after that sis. and that’s facts. #stepitup

      • Keith August 14, 2019

        @feedback: I like to witness things with my own eyes. If I was a fan and one of my faves came to my country/state/city after a long absence, I would try my BEST to have my own unique experience. IJS…..

    • Danny Bey August 12, 2019

      FACTS!!!! You need to see the show in person!!!

      • Kimberly August 14, 2019


  8. Sunny August 12, 2019

    Janet looks gorgeous! Let’s respect this legend. She’s been entertaining for decades and still looks and sounds great.

  9. Kimberly August 12, 2019

    Seen Janet 11 times including Metamorphosis concert. She’s the BEST, period! Even at a smooth 53! Don’t get it twisted!

  10. latisha August 14, 2019

    slayed it Ms. Janet

  11. Rhonda August 16, 2019

    I was at the show Aug. 9th
    The show was amazing and she never missed a beat!!!
    Love her!!!❤️

  12. Dever r Linsey August 16, 2019

    I went to the show on August the 14 and this show has so much energy it speaks volume to the Queen Janet Jackson for a great show. I love that your in love singing and preforming on stage your a different person on that stage i feel everything you are sending out to your audience. Love ❤️ you Thanks again my love ?

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