Rihanna Covers Vogue Hong Kong

Published: Friday 30th Aug 2019 by Sam

Cop a gander of Rihanna!

The leader of the Fenty empire covers the September issue of Vogue Hong Kong.

RiRi’s stylish feature, which was lensed by Hanna Moon, arrives as she releases the latest additions to her Fenty luxury clothing line. It also comes ahead of the September 20th presentation of her Savage Fenty lingerie line, which – in a landmark move – will be broadcast live on Amazon Prime. 

Before then, peep more from the Bajan belle below…

She did that!

And while we’re applauding her entrepreneurial efforts, surely we speak for most when asking: where’s the music at?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme August 30, 2019

    all Of these covers leads me to believe that are album was suppose to be done and released. It’s weird for her to have these covers with nothing to promote. Her covers normally coincide with music

  2. Adele4Life August 30, 2019

    For the past 10 years you’ve been calling her a model. Now that she basically embraced it, you’re winning over more music.
    Sit yo ass down and worry about tour flopping fav.

    Where a Beyonce s lion king soundtrack on the charts? What ever happened to that single that was supposed to be the new Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

    • Clocked In August 30, 2019

      Yikes you are pressed! Beyoncé will come out with music in due time can’t wait to see your meltdown in the comment section.

  3. Clarkson August 30, 2019

    The only thing beyonce has more than Rihanna are Grammy awards. Rihanna beats beyonce in every other thing

    Rihanna has 14 number 1’s
    Beyonce has only 5. *we don’t count that ed Sheeran duet*

    Rihanna has more money than beyonce

    • Beylover August 30, 2019

      You don’t count Beyoncé’s collaboration with Ed even though half of Rihanna’s single are features ????

      By the way Beyoncé has more #1 album than Rih
      Beyoncé has higher box office gross than Rih
      Beyoncé has way more concert ticket sale gross than Rih
      Not just Grammys…. Beyoncé has more BET, VMA, and plenty more awards than Rih
      Then there is TALENT….. I could go on but, let’s not play Beyoncé like she is 2nd fiddle to Rihanna.

      Beyoncé always has and always will be the SUPREME!!!

      • Meme August 30, 2019

        Half of Rihanna’s #1 are not features. The majority of her #1’s are her own singles from her own albums. She didn’t jump on a song that was already on the path to the top of the charts to get a number 1.

        Also the songs that Rihanna did feature that hit number 1 like monster, love the way you lie and love your life….we’re all hits because of Rihanna’s voice that made those songs big. Those songs would have not been number 1 without Rihanna. Unlike Perfect that would have hit number 1 with or without Beyoncé.

  4. Urg August 30, 2019

    At this point if music come from Rihanna it just come but it is clear that she is not interseted in it anymore…ijs

  5. Tyty August 30, 2019

    This broad is hoping people will just give up on asking for music by longing it out… She doesn’t care about dropping music. Even if she did you would be lucky to see a performance.

    • Jeans August 30, 2019

      With 30+ top 10s under her belt, she can retire now. Her mark on music is cemented. But I am ready for her to bring new music. If she continues to wait, the world will move on….

      • Tyty August 30, 2019

        One last album for the road is not too much to ask. But Rih is very stubborn. She owes her fans some music before retiring.

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