Taylor Swift Nears 1 Million Sales Of ‘Lover’ Album – Before Its Release

Published: Tuesday 20th Aug 2019 by Sam

Taylor Swift continues to defy the odds.

Because while streaming has seen the music industry shape-shift with a swiftness few could have predicted, the Pop titan is marching to the beat of her own drum and reaping rewards accordingly.

Full story below…

Speaking to Variety, Monte Lipman – President of the singer’s new label home Republic Records – said:

“The anticipation of this album is extraordinary, with pre-sales quickly approaching one million copies globally.” 

Impressive, no doubt. But it does beg the question of whether the star can repeat the million-plus debuts she’s become well-accustomed to in the US. The last of which was 2017’s ‘Reputation.’ 

The signs at this point are encouraging due to Swift’s savvy embrace of her strengths with the physical format and smart partnerships for retail.

See, while ensuring she’s locked and loaded with tailored activations on the big streaming platforms (a la Spotify), the 29-year old has mounted a merch-intensive push on her site and has teamed with Target to sell four versions of the ‘ME!’ led LP in stores.

On top of this, she’s also paired up with Amazon for a robust roll-out, which includes tie-in’s with Prime + Alexa, as well as front-of-shop exposure, and even ‘Lover’ branded boxes – which are being used regardless of the order’s content.

So, suffice to say, she’s playing no games.

Still, there’s no distracting from the fact it remains a streaming led market nor the fact that pure sales are down 30% (industry-wide) in the 15 months that have passed since the songird’s last album dropped.

And with Swift’s newest music not necessarily comparing to the the likes of Ariana Grande on the streaming front, it’ll be interesting to dissect how her numbers stack up.

Will physicals effectively save the day? And if so, how does that fare for longevity at a time when streams, playlisting, discovery, and virality go hand-in-hand when building out a resonating campaign.

Stay tuned!

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  1. The Truth August 20, 2019

    I am so over this b****. And I used to LIIIIIVE for her.

    UGH! Go away! GO AWAY! GOOOOOO AWAY!!!

  2. truthtea August 20, 2019

    With no hit song on the chart right now, meaning no #1, I need receipts of this!

    • The Truth August 20, 2019


    • Faf August 20, 2019

      #2 isn’t a hit now????

      • truthtea August 20, 2019

        Hunty, by Taylor’s standards, all of her leads and 2nd singles from her albums were all at #1 leading up to her album releases. She is known to beat her own record! Why do you think Lover was released last week? Because it went to #1 on iTunes now is quickly falling down. She’s going to have #1 album I just don’t like her being shoved down my throat!

      • iamdiego August 20, 2019

        exactly. these ppl are crazy. i dont even care for her or her music.

    • Erica August 20, 2019

      Number 2 is hot sis, if you going to be like that with her you got to be like that with all the girls & that’s something a lot can’t even hit

      • truthtea August 20, 2019

        That’s when the song first dropped you fool! All of her singles if not most have hit those high spots and remained there for weeks on end!

  3. The Truth August 20, 2019

    The last album was trash. This new music is trash. You only came out in support of the LGBTQIA+ community because the last album FLOPPED!

    She is a leach, a mean girl, a user, and the epitome of privilege. And like I said in my last comment, I was a fan of her.

    • Faf August 20, 2019

      Wrong “welcome to New York” was 3 albums ago “boy and boy and girl and girl” she beeeeen supported lgbt

    • Clarkson August 20, 2019

      How is Taylor swift a mean girl.
      She warned us about Katy Perry, we didnt listen, now see
      She warned us about nicki minaj, we didn’t listen, now see
      She warned us about kanye west, we didn’t listen, now see

  4. Bey Best August 20, 2019

    white supremacy at its finest

    • Shayla Queen August 20, 2019

      Oh shut up. People buy what music they like. Maybe you should quit your whining and do the same.

    • #TheTruth August 21, 2019

      Oh please, that is getting tired.
      How many black and latin artists are succeeding on the charts ?
      How many white artists have flopped lately ?
      Stop playing that card every single time. Because it’s not helping the cause when it’s an actual case of privilege or racism.

  5. Geri-Atric August 20, 2019

    I was up in arms until I saw “globally.”

    Nearing 1 million across the globe is not that much of a feat

    • Priss Personified August 20, 2019

      But is your flop fave doing it? Riddle me that.

      • Clocked In August 20, 2019

        Hmmm what if their fav is Adele lmao

  6. juni August 20, 2019

    wow people have so much hate in their harts its soooo sad!

    good for her. shes out here giving nothing but positive vibes and your guys still HATE

    Um shes had like 3 singles that have done good or have represented something Positive!

    Color folks quick to hate on a white girl For No Reason

    • juni August 20, 2019

      and i am a woman of color too sooooo

      • Jasmine August 21, 2019

        U are a coooon. Why are u trying to condemn people for having an opinion about a white woman? Demi Lovato, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lawrence, Britney Spears, Adele, etc are all white women celebs most people on here love so this is NOT about race moron! This is about Taylor!

  7. Tyty August 20, 2019

    Find that hard to believe her last album did under 5 million worldwide.. Considering she hasn’t managed to bag herself a bonafide hit single either me thinks will be seeing inflated numbers.. Smokes and mirrors ?‍♀️? And the gays won’t by your albums just cause you put some rainbows in your songs…

    • Clarkson August 20, 2019

      Trust me gays would.
      If u support gays, they will support u by buying ur product.

      Look at nick jonas, his solo material is crap but he still sold alot thanks to the gays. He showed support to the gays and the gays repaid him back by buying albums and singles and concert tickets.

      • Tyty August 20, 2019

        Don’t comment on anything I leave on this blog you disgust me.

  8. Cory August 20, 2019

    She’s coming off of the biggest US tour in history. I’m not even a huge fan but is anyone shocked that she can pull 1 million units opening week? She learned how to sell physical units much like Adele.

    ME! and You Need to Calm Down would have both entered at #1 if it wasn’t for Old Town Road. He had the top spot locked for 19 weeks! Nearly 5 months!

    Taylor scored two #2 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 before the album drops and y’all want to call her a flop. While Beyonce was attached to the biggest movie of the year and “Spirit” couldn’t spend more than one week on the chart and peaked at #98 and despite her HUGE name her last 3 albums/projects all missed the top of the Billboard 200.

    • Dc August 20, 2019

      ?????????? Bey hive mad ????

      • Clocked In August 20, 2019

        Not really but you tried. Nobody expected Beyonce tonhave a number 1 song maybe get in the top 40 but that’s a hard maybe. The billboard is filled with pop, country and trap/rap…Spirit doesn’t fit

      • Cory August 20, 2019

        No one said #1. But if Beyonce is the “Queen” of the world (which is how she’s marketed by her team), you’d expect her to at least reach the Top 50 with a new song just out of curiosity. Even Katy Perry’s “comeback” single had a decent run and though not great it hit top 15, the second single is #81 this week still higher than Beyonce.

        Beyonce is still attached to the biggest movie in the world, yet, she couldn’t move any units or streams for any of the Lion King music.

        “The Carters” project – which should have been a massive hit – bringing two of the worlds biggest stars together (at least according to their team) – it still tanked and fell right of the Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot 100.

        Joining forces with Netflix should have helped as well and once again, did nothing for her another project that fell right down the charts.

        Yet the Bey Hive wants to hate on Taylor? Beyonce could never release music the same week as Taylor and I’m not even a fan, but be real!

      • ROCK August 20, 2019

        You told no lies.
        The problem with Beyonce is her recent releases have no replay value.Its been downhill from 2011.
        The music sucks so after a while the general public stopped caring.
        I could see through her not so smart moves of attaching her recent releases to big events,hoping it will sell off of that.It doesn’t work if the music sucks.She should have been able to move at least 300k with the name Lion king but she couldn’t because the music sucked.Spirit was painful to my ears Only Bigger made sense.Then she has this now annoying habit of dropping a surprise release and never promoting.Its almost like she don care or she is lazy at promoting.So the crap keeps flopping and the beyhive keep giving excuses for her.
        I wonder what marketing they will use for her next studio album.hahahaha.
        She better ‘re hire her dad because he has ears for good music.
        Why do I care?because I want Beyonce to be the one with a million sold first week.I want her to be the big album seller because I feel she has the all round talent for that.But the woman is a bit too dumb to be bigger.Maybe she is hoping to tour again.Fingers crossed that may flop too.

    • iamdiego August 20, 2019

      there is nothing to learn. they either buy it or they dont. all she does is show up.

  9. Faf August 20, 2019

    There’s no need for her to do all these partnerships she’s going to go platinum it just seems like a waste of money and tactics they could use on a new artist or someone who could use a comeback like Janet or Mariah

    • Priss Personified August 20, 2019

      Theres no comeback for 80 years olds boo

    • Cory August 20, 2019

      Regardless of partnerships or whatever she’s doing herr album will still might be the biggest selling album of the year (unless Adele drops something new).

  10. Queen Lizzy (Of England) August 20, 2019

    They think we’re stupid.

  11. Erica August 20, 2019

    Britney still has the biggest first week sales of the girls in U.S and Adele has the biggest first week period

    • Clarkson August 20, 2019

      Two white girls.
      U guys just cant stand a white girl winning

      • Erica August 20, 2019

        Huh? I didn’t say anything shady?? I was just stating facts, even tho Taylor got a couple millions first week sales she still sit behind these two

  12. Dc August 20, 2019

    Queen of music ??????????

  13. Clarkson August 20, 2019

    She has a very personal relationship with her fans, she invites her fans into her home, they bake cookies together, they party, they listen to a sneak peak of her new music etc. U may think all these things are corny but it helps alot in the long run. Many of her fans buy 10 to 20 copies of her new album just to boost sales.

    That why beyonce is flopping, her fans ride or die for her but she doesnt even acknowledge them, she pays them dust.
    Gays have been supporting beyonce since dangerously in love era but how many times has she acknowledged the gays, only once or twice.

    • busy bee August 20, 2019

      Bey fans don’t care about that personal s***. Bey shows her appreciation by putting on amazing productions. That’s all we require of her. I swear her haters are bigger fans than the Hive.

      • Naïme August 20, 2019

        Looool that is why they sent death threats to a woman they thought was flirting with her camel.

        Amazing productions ? Since when ?

        EIL, Lemonshit, The gift are anything but quality music.

  14. 2bad2bme August 20, 2019

    White folks support their own regardless if they’re wrong or if their music is wack. That’s my problem with them, they don’t keep it real.

    • Shayla Queen August 20, 2019

      Coming from a Beyoncé fan, I CAN’T! ???

  15. aj August 20, 2019

    This is exactly like Rihanna circa 2010 onwards.

    All Taylor has to do is to take a dump and everyone laps it up.

    • ROCK August 20, 2019

      Rihanna?The one who struggles to sell a million for 2 years?

  16. Pat August 20, 2019


  17. L’ORANGE August 20, 2019

    I don’t believe it. She is buying her own records

  18. Gio88 August 20, 2019

    I hope somehow people will open their eyes and pay less on her music and more on the other millions of underrated artists who deserve way more attention

  19. Jasmine The Real Princess August 20, 2019

    Im tired of this white trailer park nazi trash

  20. Theman August 20, 2019

    It is super impressive that she sales this greatly. Awesome.

  21. Woah Vicky August 20, 2019

    So she’s stood a million of her album already and it hasn’t even been released yet.

    That’s called winning

  22. Shayla Queen August 20, 2019

    Taylor is THAT b****! Keep hating!

  23. Ropeburn August 20, 2019

    Yaaasss! Princess Mayo is here to show you heauz how it’s done.

  24. ROCK August 20, 2019

    Back to Taylor swift,this is what disposable income does.A single fan can buy 20 copies of that album.They don’t care.
    Black people just yap.They hardly buy music or tickets or anything.But they sure know how to criticise.

  25. Ronna Simmons August 21, 2019

    Gotta give props to her. She’s doing amazing work.

  26. 8 Stars August 24, 2019

    Is that worldwide sales

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