Lizzo’s ‘Truth Hurts’ Is Now the Longest-Running SOLO Female Rap Hot 100 #1 Ever

Published: Monday 23rd Sep 2019 by Rashad

Lizzo‘s ‘Truth Hurts’ is not only a breakthrough record but also a record breaker.

The 31-year-old’s slow but steady rise to the top was proven worth the wait when the song – released in 2017 – topped the Billboard Hot 100 at the top of the month (as we reported here).  Besting the likes of Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Post Malone, and a number of other heavy hitters in music to get there, the bop’s buoyancy atop the tally has been supported by a slew of promotional efforts including the latest leg of the rapper/singer’s nationwide ‘Cuz I Love You’ tour.

Adding her name to an exclusive club of female emcees to have topped the charts at least once (see:  Cardi B, Lil Kim, Shawnna, Remy Ma, Iggy Azalea, Lauryn Hill), ‘Hurts’ reign waxes unique as Lizzo (born Melissa Jefferson) is the only rapstress of the lot to have accomplished the feat in her 30s.

Now, in addition to being the oldest female rapper with a #1 hit to her name, Billboard’s announced her inaugural chart-topper is laying claim to yet another record:

Billboard reports:

“With its latest frame on top, the song boasts the longest reign for a rap No. 1 by a female artist unaccompanied by another act in the chart’s history, surpassing Cardi B’s three-week reign with “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” in October 2017…”

Overall, Iggy Azalea’s 7-week run with the Charli XCX-assisted ‘Fancy’ is the longest running female rap #1 .  While we wait to see if Lizzo will surpass that record, we certainly extend congratulations to the burgeoning diva!

Check back later this week to see who joins her in the top 25 on the newest edition of ‘TGJ Chart Check.’

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  1. OurP September 23, 2019

    Its not rap its pop?! ?‍♂️

  2. Jj September 23, 2019

    She is a pop singer

  3. Dc September 23, 2019

    Sad people make up records to break she’s not a damn rapper

    • GarbageBag September 23, 2019


  4. Urg September 23, 2019

    It is a pop song and Lizzo is not a rapper.

  5. only facts September 23, 2019

    Can we get a post about cupcakke saying Camilla Cabello is racist and she’s retiring?!! ? this is MAJOR NEWS!

    • Clarkson September 23, 2019

      But u said shameless and liar were gonna fall out the charts this week.

      Ur a liar and a fraud. A complete clown. Jealousy is ugly as hell. It must hurt u to see someone u hate succeed .

      Seniorita is also strong at number 2 after peaking at number 1.
      Liar has risen 2 spots, and it will continue to rise. Slow and steady

      normani is at the bottom of the charts after all the free promo and shout outs from 100 different celebrities on Instagram and Twitter. U guys are ignoring motivation’s chart performance, frauds ???????

      • Clocked you September 24, 2019

        Wow you’re so hypocritical you call Normani all kinds of names and say dumb s*** about her and Megan Thee Stallion. So you’re jealous of them then huh?

  6. Clarkson September 23, 2019

    Where are the frauds that said camilla was going to fall out of the charts this week

    Liar- 54 (+ 2) *new peak*
    Shameless- 95

    Normani, motivation-58 ( after all the hype and free promo and shout outs from 100 different celebrities)

    Camila is a bad bìtch. U cant defeat a bad bìtch. Liar is a bop. it will continue to rise.
    Too bad u guys are paying shameless dust, cause shameless is a better song.

    As for normani, she better move on to the next single cause motivation ain’t going no where but down.

    • only facts September 23, 2019

      Didn’t cupcakke reveal Camilla to be a racist today? Isn’t there a hashtag #camilaisoverparty?

      • Clarkson September 23, 2019

        Normani a whole racist also. Theres video of normani mocking the way asians talk. Lol shameful.

        Cupcake is a Walmart lizzo. Cupcake also a racist. Making fun of Asian people appearance.

        I come with receipts bìtch. I ain’t playing

      • gina September 23, 2019

        lol now youre just making up sh!t, you have no receipts b1tch, only lies. go to twitter and get receipts on flopmila’s racist ass.

      • only facts September 23, 2019

        There is no video of Normani mocking anyone. And did you seriously just try to justify Camila being a racist? And you claim to be a black woman yourself? The self-hate is real. Cupcakke literally tweeted that Camila is a racist! This is not the first time it’s been said that she has racist tendencies.

        There is no room for racism, hatred, bigotry, sexism, or anything of the like in this world. Saying nothing is showing who agrees with racism.

        In the words of the legendary JVM “It’s 2019 and not caring is not cute.”

    • gina September 23, 2019

      chile, do you really wanna try it with shameless plummeting to #95 and Liar not even peaking half as high as motivation? and didnt you say motivation would fall out of the hot 100? lmao the self drag….

      • Clarkson September 23, 2019

        Why are u dumb
        A song is rising on the charts, slow and steady wins the race honey.

        Liar is the hit.

        I never said motivation will fall out of the charts, stop telling lies against me, u frauds were the ones that said Camila will fall out of the charts this week. I have receipts dont make me go back to previous articles and copy your comments and expose u guys.

      • gina September 23, 2019

        lol, why are you stupid?

        b**** i can copy and paste too, i can easily pull your lies if you wanna go there. and #33 is a hit (motivation), a peak of #54 is a FLOP (LIAR), AND #95 is a BIGGER flop (shameless), even with a fake relationship and a FEATURE on a #1 single. dont try it sweetie, you will be exposed and embarrassed like that flop camila you stan.

  7. SMH September 23, 2019

    2019 is The Year Of The Gimmick.

  8. Clarkson September 23, 2019

    U want me to bring out the receipts cause I have the receipts

    Only facts

    only facts
    September 20, 2019


    U WANT THE RECEIPTS, I have receipts bìtch.

    September 20, 2019

    2 Flop Songs
    Projected to fall out top 100
    Nowhere on Apple Music
    Tumbling far down on Spotify and ITunes
    Never invited to A list peer events

    • SMH September 23, 2019

      Wow, you really have that much time on your hands? LOL pretty pathetic, arguing over which song flopped harder when none of them even touched the Top 20.

      • Clarkson September 23, 2019

        Receipts dont lie
        I’m giving u receipts and ur angry as hell. A clown that’s what u are. More receipts coming up.

    • only facts September 23, 2019

      You’re bragging about a peak of #54? lol.

      Focus on cupcakke tweeting that Camilla is a racist.

      • Tyty September 23, 2019

        Don’t argue with this freak it hates black woman but wants us to believe it’s black. You’re wasting your time it has no job or life hence why it’s always on this blog yapping on about Camila. It hates Normani cause it wants to be her.

      • Clarkson September 23, 2019

        Exposed u as a fraud and a liar.

        Camila is rising on the chart. Slow and steady honey

        Havana debuted at number 99 and it took weeks before it peaked at number 1.

        U said Camila will fall out of the charts this week but shes still here. ?????

  9. Swirly September 23, 2019

    I really wish the mods would do something about these trolls who make every post about Camila and Normani. It has become insufferable.

  10. Erica September 23, 2019

    I’m confused this is not a rap song ? And she’s not a rapper

    • Clocked you September 24, 2019

      She’s rapping on the song wtf are y’all upset for ? F*** off

      • Kid September 24, 2019

        Right just haters all around lol

  11. Clarkson September 23, 2019

    more receipts

    only facts
    September 20, 2019

    @Clarkson but its now confirmed that both of Camilla’s song will fall off of the hot 100 after just two weeks. LOL.

    Only Facts
    September 18, 2019

    Liar is predicted to fall to #89 and Shameless is expected to fall completely off the Hot 100 next week.

    Ur a fraud and a liar . I have exposed ur àss.
    When u do clownery the clown come back to BITE.

  12. Paulo September 23, 2019

    to all the “confused” comments maybe you should log off and go listen to the track first? she’s clearly singing and rapping on the song. if that’s not enough for you, newsflash – no one cares!

    props to Lizzo! her current album is so good and she deserves all the success. I’m definitely a new fan

  13. The Real Princess Jasmine September 23, 2019

    Poor CardiB got replaced just that fast ? Lizzo Snatched that Record from Fraudie B

    • only facts September 23, 2019

      Cardi is just fine. Lizzo’s album is only certified Gold, and this is the only top 20 hit from the album. Love Lizzo, but she isn’t coming for Cardi and you know that

    • Dc September 23, 2019

      I’ll wait till Lizzo gets 3 number 1 records and billions of views truth hurts got a loooong way to go 950 million more views to go plus I’ll wait for her singles to go diamond took Lizzo song 2 years to get here ?????

      • Only Facts September 23, 2019


  14. ? Jasmine’s Orange Juice ? September 23, 2019

    congrats Lizzo!!!! You are here breaking records!!!!
    You are a Queen unlike Normani

    Where is Normani in the charts?

    Lizzo is slaying Normani

    Normani is over!

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 23, 2019

      “JasMAN Orange Juice” is the SAME PERSON as Clarkson and all the other “Jasmine” accounts besides me. FYI

      Poor thing needs to get a life.

      • Kid September 24, 2019

        Right lol

  15. Nicky September 23, 2019


    Camicky almost out of top 100

    The other song rose 2 spots bc it was added to the top of one of the biggest playlists but is growing slowly which means people are skipping the song


    This is gonna fall next week like the other song. Flops ????

  16. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez September 24, 2019

    She’s not a rapper though ?

  17. Kid September 24, 2019


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