Katy Perry Slammed By Own Fans For Promoting Shoes More Than New Music

Published: Friday 13th Sep 2019 by Rashad

Small talk wouldn’t exactly be the best way to describe the conversation between #KatyCats as they slammed their fave, Katy Perry, for mishandling her latest two singles, ‘Never Really Over’ and ‘Small Talk’ (the first releases from her yet-titled sixth studio album).  While the former initially promised to be a return to chart glory for the 34-year-old with its #15 debut on the Hot 100, the latter – with a #81 peak on the same tally –  never really got off to a fighting start even after its accompanying music video premiered to critical acclaim.

For the tunes to have reached their respective peaks organically suggested, at the very minimum, the buying public was still receptive to what Miss Perry has to offer.  A feat that, if aided with proper promotion – the Cats believe – would give them a much needed boost toward higher peaks and longevity on the charts.  The absence of that awareness building only led their frustration from heated to boiling once it was announced the diva would be taking to television yet again to promote a venture that was unrelated to her new music.

See what we mean inside:


The Grammy nominee was spotted at QVC HQ earlier this week (September 10) pushing her kicks from her shoe collection (as seen in the video above).  While it’s being reported the effort made the singer nearly $1M in less than half a day, the win – as she’s been on the platform multiple times this year alone – wasn’t enough to satiate her hungry fan base.

See some of their responses below:



In Katy’s defense, she has been whelmed by unfavorable headlines over the past months.  From sexual misconduct allegations to losing a copyright infringement lawsuit for her 2013 hit ‘Dark Horse‘ (click here to read), we’re sure she doesn’t want to go on a promo blitz only to have the focus diverted away from her music to those stories.

Here’s hoping her next single, ‘Harleys in Hawaii,’ will not only fare better than its predecessors on the Hot 100 but will also get the promotion that duo of songs was not afforded.

Your thoughts?

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  1. AJ September 13, 2019

    This b**** selling klunk kittens??????

    • Bryant September 13, 2019

      B I T C H ????

  2. china September 13, 2019

    She is more PRODUCTION than Vocals. So work on your shoes hunnie. The music is BLAH

  3. Only Facts September 13, 2019

    LOL Clearly Katy is modeling her career after Xtina. 3 successful albums then the 4th is what killed the career. Witness was Katy’s Bionic moment. Now, this is the equivalent of when Xtina was on the voice and doing oreo commercials for years and years, rather than promoting music.

    Katy. Time is up.

    • Clarkson September 13, 2019

      “Katy is modeling her career after Xtina.”

      Gurl shut ur mouth
      Katy has 9 number 1 songs.
      She isnt modelling her career after a flop called xtina

      She cut her hair and changed her imagine drastically and the public found that hard to adjust to, that’s why she flopped.

      • Carlitos September 13, 2019


  4. Truth September 13, 2019

    Some artist just can reinvent themselves or move with times.. I’m afraid she is one and she knows it.

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