Lil Nas To Take Short Hiatus

Published: Saturday 28th Sep 2019 by David

Lil Nas fans have applauded him for taking a bold step this week.

Full story below…

The chart-owning Pop prince revealed that he intends to step away from the music business for a while following the success of his single ‘Old Town Road‘ and its follow-up ‘Panini.’


His fans, though disappointed, applauded him for placing his own needs before the needs of the industry he is a part of.


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  1. Always September 28, 2019

    Too early to be taking time off, but whatever!

    • Jay Jay September 28, 2019

      Hmmm no. He’s fine. Let him rest and enjoy time for himself. Mental health is important

  2. Danny Bey September 28, 2019

    Before y’all drag him y’all bout “tOo eArLy” and whatnot, understand that mental and physical health are important. Y’all drag Britney and other fallen teenage stars For what the ya re today and it’s bc they never took breaks, no one cared for their well being when they were younger. They were just working to cash out the people who built them up. So kudos to Lil
    Bad for doing what he needs to do and what’s best for him. That’s how you have a healthy life and long career. Being you dad famous isn’t easy so I applaud any means that anyone takes to try to cope with that. Everybody else not in their shoes can honestly s*ck a d*ck. ?

    • Danny Bey September 28, 2019

      *Lil Nas
      *young and famous

      Disregard the typos. I was passionate in my statement lol

  3. Diabetes Unbothered September 28, 2019

    At 20 years old, I don’t care what job you have at that age u should be working like a Hebrew slave. No excuses no breaks

  4. Faf September 28, 2019

    This what happens when y’all make ppl famous that just want one hit and some twitter clout

    • Queen?Bee❤️ September 28, 2019

      Worry about Nicki flop r***** apologist ass sis

      • Faf September 28, 2019

        Worry about ur own r***** sis

        Nicki back on the charts and on ur mind

        Make sure Cardi ain’t getting r**** in prison once that judge sentence her for throwing them bottles at b****** that look better than her ? kiss kiss

      • Faf September 28, 2019

        Oh kiii a queen bee fan . How does it feel to have caresha outrap ur fave ????? #PaypalDiamondSeller

  5. ERIC September 28, 2019

    A break? What has he done in the last year to need a break? 2 music videos, maybe 4 televised performances and some sit-down interviews? If that’s all you have to do to pay the bills, then you’re already on vacation.

    • Danny Bey September 28, 2019

      He’s been touring and making appearances and shows every day as well.

    • Yup September 28, 2019

      His fame was a surprise …that can be a lot to handle especially now with bookings and flying all over the place

    • Jeans September 29, 2019

      #FACTS ????

  6. Miss salt gawl September 28, 2019

    Good for him. Put your mental health first!

  7. Haterz Gon‘ Hate September 29, 2019

    For all the haterz that are asking why he needs a break – when you put pop stars on a pedestal with this unrealistic notion that pop stars are super human you betray your own immaturity and ignorance about how life works.

    Unlike a lot of artists that have a long run up in artist development this probably wasn’t the case for him and his success thrust him into the spotlight with every inch of his life all of a sudden under scrutiny.

    If you’re not prepared for that it can break you. Magazines, interviews, performances, festival stops, studio time, fitness regimes and label meetings all take their toll. Let the guy rest – I’m sure many other artists wish they could have rested after relentlessly promoting a single that was no.1 for 19 weeks (oh wait, they aren’t many artists who have been through that ??‍♀️). People need to chill TF out.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate September 29, 2019

      However – remember all those artists who took a ‘hiatus’ and then miraculously recorded a new album while they were ‘resting’ *cough Ariana* ??‍♂️

  8. #TheTruth September 29, 2019

    From an external point of view, I also think it’s way too early to take time off while he has engagements.

    However if he feels the need to, then I guess he should. He’s doing nothing wrong. People shouldn’t be quick to judge, you never know what’s going on
    in someone’s life.

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