Report: Universal Dishes On New Rihanna, Lady Gaga, & Kanye West Albums

Published: Friday 6th Sep 2019 by Sam

With Q4 looming, the time is nigh for that annual frame that sees some of music’s biggest names unleash new material.

Indeed, with the lucrative holiday season fast approaching, it appears some of your favorite names and ours are gearing up to capitalise on the increased spend from consumers.

And while today’s climate has seen surprise drops become the new norm, it looks as though fans have been gifted early insight into when some of their most anticipated album releases are incoming.

Dive below for details…

In a developing story, it appears Universal France engaged in a press briefing called #OpenSessionUniversal.

With several notable French media in attendance, info has begun to trickle out as relates to releases from the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West.

Per several journalists, it was touted that Rih’s long-awaited ninth studio album is presently slated for a December 2019 arrival:

While Gaga’s follow-up to 2016’s ‘Joanne’ is expected to drop just outside of Q4 – in early 2020:

Interestingly, despite recent word of a possible Kanye drop this month, a project from the rapper is touted as landing in November. Is he doubling up or was the September release yet another tease?

Of course, it is imperative that we stress if indeed these dates are valid they are subject to change. 

That said, what are…

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  1. Xoxo September 6, 2019

    I’m only interested in Rihanna & lady Gaga

    • Andrew September 6, 2019

      Rihanna will have the biggest comeback of all time, get that Jesus comeback bish

      • Oh plz September 6, 2019

        Was using Jesus’ name supposed to be funny or cute? Damn, you clowns are so disrespectful.

      • Andrew September 6, 2019

        Hi bish, I love Jesus ❤️

      • Andrew September 6, 2019

        Peace be up on him ?

      • stormiscomimg September 6, 2019

        Mariah had the greatest comeback in history with THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI, so Rihanna can only be second to that.

      • SMH September 6, 2019

        Nah, Tina Turner had the greatest comeback of all time with her “Private Dancer” album.

    • Clocked you September 6, 2019

      MJB the breakthrough was everything too

    • Conner September 7, 2019

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  2. KeepingItReal September 6, 2019

    Keep konye we don’t want it.

  3. High Price September 6, 2019

    I’ve never been excited for a Rihanna album. But after #Anti… I’m VERY eagered to hear what she has cooked up! You haters can say WHATEVER but that #Anti album is truly a timeless masterpiece. She said she wanted to give us some timeless music and she did just THAT with #Anti. I’m excited.

    • PinotNoir September 6, 2019

      The Sza duet was ?

      • High Price September 6, 2019


  4. Only Facts September 6, 2019

    I need new Rihanna music! Couldn’t care less about Kanye and GaGa. Haven’t like those two in a decade.

    • Meme September 6, 2019

      Kanye nah, Gaga yes

  5. Meme September 6, 2019

    DECEMBER? (Drako voice)

  6. Datredd23 September 6, 2019

    Ugh can’t wait for Rihanna!!! Anti is still charting on billboard 200 and is about to surpass Beys IASF as the longest chatting female album for a black female this decade ! 20 more weeks after that for this century! Yas 460 came back to bite

    • Datredd23 September 6, 2019


  7. Clarkson September 6, 2019

    If Rihanna releases new music, basic girls like normani are finished.

    • INAMAD September 6, 2019

      Shut up!

  8. mase September 6, 2019

    Riri and Gaga yes please.. Now I’m interested in knowing both artist direction.. Rihanna has been gone for so long and Gaga has found success in Joanne and a Star Is Born.. she will return to POP? or will she stick to a more mature audience and keep collecting Grammys?

  9. Abel September 6, 2019

    Nobody is waiting for a Kanye album.

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