2019 American Music Awards: Cardi B, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Lizzo, Lil Nas X, & More Score Nominations [Full List]

Published: Thursday 24th Oct 2019 by Sam

It’s that time of year again!

November 24th brings with it the 2019 American Music Awards live on ABC.

As ever, all eyes are on the nominees for the latest instalment of the annual extravaganza, which this year airs from LA’s Microsoft Theater.

And folk need not wonder anymore, because the full list has just been unveiled by Grammy winner Ella Mai.

With the likes of Cardi B, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Lizzo, Lil Nas X, and Camila Cabello nabbing nominations, find out who else scooped nods below…

Artist Of The Year

Taylor Swift
Post Malone
Ariana Grande

Favorite Album Pop/Rock

Billie Eilish – “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”
Ariana Grande – “thank u, next”
Taylor Swift – “Lover”

Favorite Song Pop/Rock

Halsey – “Without Me”
Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus – “Old Town Road”
Jonas Brothers – “Sucker”
Panic! At The Disco – “High Hopes”
Post Malone featuring Swae Lee – “Sunflower”

New Artist Of The Year

Luke Combs
Billie Eilish
Ella Mai
Lil Nas X

Favorite Country Male Artist

Kane Brown
Luke Combs
Thomas Rhett

Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist

Cardi B
Post Malone

Favorite Male Soul/R&B Artist

Chris Brown
Bruno Mars

Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Song

Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus “Old Town Road”
Post Malone “Wow”
Travis Scott “Sicko Mode”


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  1. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez October 24, 2019

    No Nicki nomination? That’s not cool

    • Bussyfellows October 24, 2019

      It’s obvious they’re trying to push her out of the circle. Crazy thing is, the media can’t force feed fans stars anymore and that’s why award shows viewership is considerably lower every year.

      • only facts October 24, 2019

        Or she just didn’t release anything nomination-worthy over the past year. Stop making Nicki a damn victim. She’s not a victim of anything except her nasty attitude and karma.

        Old hag a** h*e. Nearly 40 years old still talking about her p*ssy. Grow up. Give us mature content. Finally give us a CLASSIC rap album. Not ONE of her albums is a classic RAP album. Always has some damn pop sh*t on there. Nobody wants pop sh*t from Nicki (and I don’t care HOW much starships sold, that song sucked, and was popular because it sounded very Katy Perry-ish). Rapping damn “twinkle twinkle little star.”

        Dumb h*e.

      • Glass house October 24, 2019

        Only alternative facts
        Why must you write essays daily about your Queen Nicki?
        What you need to realize is that the reason she isn’t on list is because she didn’t submit to be amongst the nominees

      • OOPS October 25, 2019

        @GlassHouse– you don’t submit
        You have to be top 3 or top 5 in a specific category.
        Nicki didn’t make the cut

  2. ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? October 24, 2019

    No one cares about these fake award shows anymore I guarantee you it will be low ratings in views

  3. only facts October 24, 2019

    I wonder if Camila will perform one of her “buzz singles” at the awards show? Or maybe she’ll re-record “Havanna” and label that as the lead single from her 2nd album. LOL

    • Clarkson October 24, 2019

      Normani was not nominated. Lol
      A flop

      Camila was nominated

      Camila has won 4 American music awards. Lol
      Best new artist
      Video of the year- Havana
      Collaboration of the year- Havana
      Best pop artist

      Normani has never won an American music award and she will never win any.

      • only facts October 24, 2019

        Clarkson, I told you to stop TALKING to ME! Get at me when Normani releases an ALBUM then you can say something.

        Always clinging to Havana and Senorita, but where are her solo songs on the charts and nomination board?! WHERE?! WHERE ARE HER SOLO SONGS?!

        Mad that she’ll never be as popular as Ariana, Selena, Demi, etc etc. NOBODY LIKES CAMILA! SHE IS THE PRODUCT OF PAYOLA!!!!!!!! If she’s not paying for streams and radio play, her songs don’t hit the top 40!

        BYE!!! LOOOOOOSER!

      • Clarkson October 24, 2019

        Lol. Pained much

        Camila Cabello’s “Never Be the Same” was named “Song of the Year” at the 2019 BMI London Awards.

        International queen.
        Dominating America and UK at the same time.

        Selena Gomez and demi Lovato dont have any number 1 songs.
        Camila has 2 number one songs.

        Madonna likes Camila

        Obama listens to Camila.
        Seniorita was on Obama favourite songs of 2019 playlist

        Camila was invited to Kensington palace by the British royal couple prince William and Kate Middleton. That is a huge honour.

        Payola does not work for spotify.
        Havana 1.3 billion streams
        Seniorita 800 million streams
        Liar 96 million stream ( released one month ago)

        Number one album in more than 100 different countries. No record label can afford payola for 100 different countries.

        Where is normani? I can bet u were expecting dancing with a stranger to be nominated but normani doesnt own the song. lol

        Seniorita belongs to Camila, she wrote it. She has more parts in the song than shawn Mendes

      • only facts October 24, 2019

        Dumb would be thinking that Camila Cabello is a star. As if she can actually compete with all of these 4th quarter releases. HA! SNL didn’t help her songs one bit. I wonder if Epic will push her album back and label all of these songs as “buzz” singles, or if they’ll release it and let her flop. LOL!

        You’re a loser, Camila is a LOSER! Go away!

        Always talking about damn #1’s yet GaGa’s most ICONIC song (Bad Romance) didn’t even hit #1. YOU are less than smart and so ANNOYING!

  4. Dc October 24, 2019

    Where meg the pony ?

    • only facts October 24, 2019

      Doug won’t be relevant this time next year. No versatility. Only raps about Cash and A**.

      She’s got strong knees though…she’s got that going for her.

      • Dc October 24, 2019


    • Glass house October 24, 2019

      2 dumb resident TGJ haters…were you ever relevant?

  5. Clarkson October 24, 2019

    Guess who scored a nomination? Just guess?
    Camila cabello bìtches.

    Guess who didnt score a nomination?
    Flop normani. Lol

    Camila is going to attend the show while normani will be sitting at home watching like a loser.
    They dont nominate flops.

    • only facts October 24, 2019

      Dumb would be thinking that Camila Cabello is a star. As if she can actually compete with all of these 4th quarter releases. HA! SNL didn’t help her songs one bit. I wonder if Epic will push her album back and label all of these songs as “buzz” singles, or if they’ll release it and let her flop. LOL!

      You’re a loser, Camila is a LOSER! Go away!

      Always talking about damn #1’s yet GaGa’s most ICONIC song (Bad Romance) didn’t even hit #1. YOU are less than smart and so ANNOYING!

      • Clarkson October 24, 2019

        Oh number 1’s dont matter, why? Cause ur faves cant get one? Lol

        Bad romance had impact. It hit number 2.
        Gaga didn’t need another number 1.
        Poker face and just dance already hit number one. Sit down

        Normani will never have a number one.

        Camila is competing with the other pop girls.

        Camila scored a number 1 this year, Taylor swift a main pop girl didn’t score a number one this year.

      • Only Facts October 24, 2019

        You think Taylor Swift is the #1 pop girl at the moment? No, that’s definitely Ariana.

  6. YAS BIH October 24, 2019

    These award shows are all about popularity idc I don’t even watch them anymore im not a fan of Normani but she should have at least been nominated for something she’s so talented but im not surprised these shows been trash for a while im confused why Beyonce even being nominated she haven’t even been doing well with the music she put out I guess they just want more ppl to watch.

    • Dc October 24, 2019

      Actually it measures sales and radio play try again

  7. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie October 24, 2019

    And the Payola jumps out again! Atlantic is being so obvious, it’s not even funny anymore. Whew Chile! The b**** been flopping all year. Too bad they can’t make another campaign “FoR ThE culture” for flop ass Knotty B.

    • Dc October 24, 2019

      Try again the AMA track sales and radio play mad hatin ass ha ha

    • Only Facts October 24, 2019

      Are you mad that Doug Strong Knees Megan isn’t nominated? MEGAN THEE STALLION WONT EVER BE MAINSTREAM B*TCH!! She’s a mixtape thot bucket. A** and cash. What else is she talking about??

      You think Megan will ever be nominated for a Grammy?? Lol. The kiiiii

      • Clarkson October 24, 2019

        Camila has 2 Grammy nominations

        Havana live (had no features or remix) – best pop solo performance-
        Best pop vocal album – Camila

        She also opened the Grammys this year

        What does normani have? 3rd place on dancing with the stars

      • Dc October 24, 2019


  8. Dc October 24, 2019

    Why Lizzo not favorite rap American music awards got it right she’s no rapper

  9. Nicky October 24, 2019


    Camicky is riding Shawn’s wave


    No solo hits this year. Poor girl. Album will be DOA.

    • Clarkson October 24, 2019

      I actually agree with you. Camila is a flop. Glad Senorita was nominated because the other songs were flops. Camila will never be a star. She’s jealous of Normani and so am I actually. I’m a troll and ugly. Nobody likes me, and that’s why I like Camila because nobody likes her. I’m sorry I’ve caused so much confusion on this site. I’m a flop and I stan a flop. Camila is also very unattractive

  10. Clarkson October 24, 2019

    I am so glad that Camila got nominated for Senorita, because lord knows her other releases this year were flops. That’s right. I stan a flop that can’t get a top 40 hit. I wish she’d have a baby by Flavor Flav…that way she’d at least be somewhat interesting.

  11. Paulo October 24, 2019

    So no noms for Truth Hurts but one for Juice and Lizzo for Best Soul/R&B? OMG what are they playing I hope her team at least bought one of these for her ?

    • Clarkson October 24, 2019

      Truth hurts was released in 2017 .
      They dont honour old songs.

      The Grammys have agreed to nominate truth hurts cause it was not submitted back in 2017.

      • Dc October 24, 2019

        But i don’t get how she was nominated for new artist but ok

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate October 24, 2019

      Because she is now signed to a major label and this entitles her to be eligible for a New Artist

  12. Clarkson October 24, 2019

    Camila ain’t sh*t

  13. Clarkson October 24, 2019

    2 minutes later…Camila still ain’t sh*t

  14. Clarkson October 24, 2019

    Camila ain’t gon’ NEVER be sh*t

  15. ERIC October 24, 2019

    These awards shows are becoming less and less meaningful. The nominations are boo boo.

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