Beyonce Congratulates Tyler Perry On The Historic Launch Of Tyler Perry Studios

Published: Sunday 6th Oct 2019 by Sam

Tyler Perry broke new ground this weekend with the opening of his own studios.

Aptly named Tyler Perry Studios, the Atlanta based space is the first operation of its kind to be fully Black owned.

The launch ceremony was attended by a who’s who of Black Hollywood – with one of the most notable guests being Beyonce. 

Clearly moved by Perry’s monumental venture, Queen Bey took to social media to share an impassioned congratulatory message.

Her words below…

Happy Sunday. Congratulations to Tyler Perry on the opening of his studios. I could feel our ancestors’ presence. Surrounded by my heroes, I watched Denzel, Queen Oprah, Spike, Whoopi, Sir Poitier, Will, Halle , Dame Cicely and our angels John Singleton and Diahann Carroll honored. The Armand de Brignac crashed against each soundstage as fireworks lit up the sky. Generations of blood, sweat and tears, success, excellence and brilliance. It makes me so proud, so full, I could not stop crying. Thank you my Virgo brother for so much love and passion put into every detail. My prayer today is that you will take it all in. You inspire me to dream even bigger.


Speaking of, check out the Queen in action from the evening:

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  1. JaZzy Da Bi Asian TGJ STAFF SUPPORT #TROLLminators October 6, 2019

    So did every other person that attended.

    • SMH October 7, 2019

      Exactly. Just another pointless post from the beyonce cultists.

  2. Only Facts October 6, 2019

    She’s not the only one to congratulate him. Pretty biased post…

    I love bey so don’t come at me

    • Boss Up October 6, 2019

      Thank you! ????

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 6, 2019

      AMEN. I agree 100 percent.

  3. Danny Bey October 6, 2019

    Y’all really came on here to be angry about this post. If Beyoncé bothers you that much why take the time to comment?? Weirdos.

  4. Queen?Bee❤️ October 6, 2019

    Who cares for real??????

    • Danny Bey October 6, 2019

      You do

  5. IG : mixedboy October 6, 2019

    Beautiful message

  6. Nicky October 6, 2019

    The Queen! Beauty, Immense Talent, Grammys, Humility, Millions of records sold

    Relevant since 1997.

  7. Boss Up October 6, 2019

    ?She’s not the only one who congratulated Tyler through an IG post. Countless other celebrities in attendance also did. You guys are so far up Beyoncé ass that you missed moments such as Jennifer Hudson opening the studios with a soulful rendition of “The Impossible Dream” that had the room in a roar and Mary J Blige’s mini concert that had everyone up off their feet! Be journalists and cover the whole event! Cut out the bias!

  8. eric October 6, 2019

    I thought he already had his own Atlanta film studio.

    • You tried October 6, 2019

      He did have a studio but now his studio

    • You tried October 6, 2019

      He did have a studio but now his studio has the resources and huge enough to compete with Warner Disney etc

    • Detruth October 6, 2019

      Me too?

  9. Jamon_84 October 6, 2019

    Come on!! Oprah Winfrey, who is bigger and more powerful was there, Whoopi Goldberg, Cicely Tyson, Patti Labelle, Ava, Gladys Knight, Halle, Denzel, Phylicia Rashad and so many other influencers and legends. No offense to Beyonce because she didn’t ask you so write this post, but a post with all the stars. That’s how all the professional blogs are doing it.

  10. Are You Kidding Me? October 6, 2019

    All these Black celebrities praising him….have been begging Hollywood for scraps instead of doing it on their own. Beyonce could open up a film studio.

    • King Khia October 6, 2019


  11. Are You Kidding Me? October 6, 2019

    That braid is everything. #WillowWhipMyHair

  12. King Khia October 6, 2019

    Bey’s build-a-body looks exactly like La La Anthony’s.

    • SMH October 7, 2019

      Lmao I said the same exact thing.

  13. Jasmine The Real Princess October 6, 2019

    Beyoncé looks very ugly and tacky in those pics.

    • You tried October 6, 2019

      Way to be so vile and negative on something so positive. That bad energy is gonna eat you alive.

      • SMH October 7, 2019

        But did they lie?

  14. YAS BIH October 6, 2019

    She congradulated him so what kind of news is that but anyways I love these edited pics of her I seen the unedited pics and it was very different from this.

  15. Chris Plummer October 6, 2019

    Sorry I would never support the woman of a man who says we are past taking A knee. The movement to unite the black community against social injustice just to replace it as a song and dance for white America! We are looking for a strong black women who can stand against ignorance! Start at home honey!

    • MissImpartial October 7, 2019

      I agree with you. ?

    • Gworl Bye October 7, 2019

      All Of This. This puppet and her c00n husband gets NO support from me.

  16. Queef October 6, 2019

    Queen Bey came through to support another royal.

  17. Kevon October 7, 2019

    She looks all stuff up … girl watch your choice of eating

  18. SMH October 7, 2019

    Lmao I said the same exact thing.

  19. Gworl Bye October 7, 2019

    Where tf did she buy that fake ass body? It looks even more fraudulent than the last time we saw her.

  20. Meme October 7, 2019

    She looks good but she needs to slow down on the surgery.

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