Camila Cabello Explains Unique Roll-Out Of ‘Romance’ Album

Published: Sunday 20th Oct 2019 by Sam

For many artists, the “sophomore” album cycle can be make or break. But that hasn’t stopped Camila Cabello from driving in a unique direction with forthcoming LP ‘Romance.’

Recent months have seen the singer release a slew of songs – at times on a weekly basis – and with videos too.

It’s left many wondering what exactly “the” plan is for the follow-up to her self-titled 2018 solo debut, which featured breakthrough smash ‘Havana.’

Well, during an interview at We Can Survive concert, the 22-year-old opened up about what exactly is at play.

Speaking to 97.1 AMP Radio, Cabello said:

“I think nowadays it’s better to put out songs individually, because I like all the attention going to one song at a time. I feel songs can get lost.”

Watch the full segment:

Thus far, ‘Mila has released ‘Shameless,’ ‘Liar,’ ‘Cry For Me,’ and ‘Easy.’ All of which quickly followed chart-topping Shawn Mendes collaboration. ‘Senorita.’

As for her approach, it does seem very embracing of the streaming era we’re in and definitely gifts supporters exciting moments for more than just the usual 2-4 songs (which, even then, are paced out over several months). There’s also the reality that she’s giving herself multiple chances at snagging another hit.

That said, one has to wonder whether pouring out so much material has the opposite effect and fatigues fans come time to actually drop an album. Which, in this case, still looks like it’s coming.

Enough from us, though. What are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. FAF October 20, 2019

    So basically keep dropping songs until the streams combine to over 1B then drop the album so even if it flops first week, it’s certified platinum

    • What up October 20, 2019

      Exactly. That’s definitely her label’s plan.

      • Gworl Bye October 21, 2019

        Agree. It’s new age payola. She and her label knows that if she releases the traditional way she would flop harder than iggy azalea ?

    • Clarkson October 20, 2019

      Chris brown released an album with 50 songs

      Travis Scott did meet and greet /merchandise bundles for his album

      Lady gaga discounted born this way album for 99 cents

      Taylor swift released several different versions of her album lover

      Beyonce released self titled without any promo

      Rihanna sold 1 million copies of anti to a phone company

      Jay z sold 1 million copies of his album to a phone company

      Nicki minaj did a buy 1 get 1 free deal with her trash album.

      DJ Khaled did a bundle with a drink company to sell his latest album

      everybody has different ways they market their album. Everybody has different ways they roll out their albums.

      • FAF October 20, 2019

        U said all that to say what? Nobody knocked her, dear ?? u telling on yourself with the excuses

      • Gworl Bye October 21, 2019

        And all those people are superstars, camila is not lmao ?

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 20, 2019

      Camilla is TRASH just like her 47 tear old stan T***** Clarkson!? If it cant sing, cant dance, look like trash, smell like wet dog..:WTF are we talking about it??????? RIP Camilla

  2. ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? October 20, 2019

    She should push her Album back Adele is coming

    • Clarkson October 20, 2019

      Tell that to normani.

      Normani has gone into hiding cause she cant compete with the other pop girls.

      Rihanna is coming
      Adele is coming
      Kesha is coming
      Selena Gomez is coming
      Halsey is coming
      Bey is coming
      Gaga is coming
      Sza is coming

      Normani will never ever survive.
      Normani may never have a debut album. How sad.

      • Only Facts October 20, 2019

        Girl Normani’s “motivation” is still on the radio and on the charts. NONE of camilas songs are on the radio, dear.

      • Gworl Bye October 21, 2019

        Normani doesn’t come out until next year, so shouldn’t you be worried about camila not surviving even with a fake relationship, a cling on feature and SNL?

  3. K_man October 20, 2019

    It sounds like she’s doing the Ciara Fantasy ride approach…. really a bunch of songs until one is a hit then we will get the album and then pretend the first 30 songs released never existed….

    • Clarkson October 20, 2019

      Ciara has only one number one

      Camila has two number 1’s.
      Seniorita is one if the biggest songs of this year.

      Pls dont compare Camila to Ciara, EVER.
      Ciara is a baby mana, Camila is NOT.

      • Nicky October 20, 2019


        Ciara is married to the highest paid football player in then NFL

        Ciara has sold millions of albums

        Ciara has a Grammy

        Ciara has performed at multiple half time shows

        Camicky will NEVER enjoy Ciara’s success

        She won’t make it past the 2nd album if it’s ever released. All songs are flopping. Get that through your pea brain


      • Clarkson October 20, 2019

        2 number 1 songs , Ciara can never

        Has Ciara ever performed at the Grammys before, with her weak àss vocals. Lol
        7 days of college and she thinks she’s a business woman. Lol

        “Ciara is married to the highest paid football player in then NFL”

        Gurl , her husband’s money is NOT her money.
        Ciara’s husband will still leave her, wanna bet.

        Ciara has 2 kids with 2 different men, how embarrassing is that? That’s some hood rat shìt.

        Where is Ciara today? She’s selling office shoes and judging a family talent show. Lol

      • YAS BIH October 20, 2019

        Yes pls don’t compare because Ciara has several successful solo singles and didn’t have to do a fake pr rls to get any still relevant after lasting 15years weather it was good or bad, A mother, Wife, Boss, Business women, Owner of a few Business, Model, Singer, Actress, Songwriter, Creative Director Of Nike And Jordan Kids For Finish Line, Executive Producer and one of the top 100 artist and the top 25th digital selling solo female artist who happens to be above Camila on that RIAA list lets see how long racist Camila last and how much she’ll be able to achieve bc it’s looking like ya girl is struggling now and she hasn’t been a solo artist for that long Ciara will be okay her and her husband is cashing big checks over there.

      • Nicky October 20, 2019

        Yes She has performed at the Grammys.

        Next question ?


        Please stop embarrassing yourself

        Camicky is A FLOP. Karma wins! You and your fave LOSE!!!!!

      • FAF October 20, 2019

        She has performed at the Grammys

        Lie again bozo

        23 mil records sold

        Platinum songs 15 yrs later

        And didn’t date a f***** for relevance

      • You tried October 21, 2019

        Didn’t date a what FAF??

  4. Clarkson October 20, 2019

    Nicki minaj liked a video of Camila singing her song. Lol
    Nicki wants that collaboration with Camila. She knows Camila gives other artistes number 1’s. She gave young thug his only number one song, she gave shawn Mendes his only number one.

    Nicki ain’t standing normani again. She knows normani is a flop after all the hype and free promo, she dodnt go anywhere.

    Lizzo also standing normani. She was so excited to meet Camila. Two queens who have number 1’s.

    Liar has more streams than motivation. Lol

    Shameless has the same number of YouTube views with motivation and it will probably over take motivation in some few days.

    • Clarkson October 20, 2019

      *nicki ain’t stanning normani

      *Lizzo stanning camila

    • Are You Kidding Me? October 20, 2019

      You are so fake. You constantly drag Lizzo and were glad she got knocked down from #1, now she’s a queen?

  5. Haterz Gon‘ Hate October 20, 2019

    Is that ClarkThing seriously thinking we are impressed by its crystal ball a** licking of Camickys mediocrity and rubbishing of others artists who’s legacy and talent exceed Camicky’s limited potential? It needs to remember that it is the only one trotting out the same psychotic devotion post after post which is indicative of someone with severe mental health challenges. Anyways. Some of us have fulfilling lives to get back to that don’t consist of poorly choosen mediocre idol worship. As you were. BLOOP. ????‍♀️

    • Clarkson October 20, 2019

      People who have fulfilling dont come on blogs to tell everyone they have fulfilling lives.
      You are sad and pathetic. Sorry for u

      • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? October 20, 2019

        U should suck Camilla uncut coocckk and drink her yeast infected discharge

  6. Nicky October 20, 2019

    Karma Wins!!!!!

    This basically means. She will continue to release flops so the label won’t invest in a full album roll out. All the songs will have been released.

    She’s DONE. No one likes her since Normani stepped on the scene. She can’t even go top 40

    What a FLOP


    • Clarkson October 20, 2019

      No likes her? Lol

      Nicki recently like a video of Camila jamming to her song

      Lizzo was so excited to meet Camila at this concert

      60 million monthly listeners on spotify

      Liar 88 million streams.

      Grammy nominations coming. Seniorita- record of the year, song of the year, best pop collaboration.

      • Nicky October 20, 2019


        Camicky is DONE

        4 Flops in a Row from one Album!!!

        She’s done. SNL , 38 Million Followers. Nothing helped. Songs tumbling. No traction.


  7. Dc October 20, 2019

    Well with the way these songs are failing on charts it’s clear this did not work

  8. Clarkson October 20, 2019

    Camila Cabello’s “Señorita” ties her own “Havana” for the longest run at #1 on the Worldwide Apple Music chart (120 days each).

    Now I see why the girls are mad MAD.

    When ur faves achieve this, come speak to me. Periodt

    • Jasmine The Real Princess October 21, 2019

      Call me when her solo singles manage to do the same and shîtmila doesn’t have to depend on having or being featured.

  9. Nicky October 20, 2019

    Karma is an ultimate B i T C H

    Revenge is sugary sweet!!!

    Goodbye Camicky. You’re Done!

    Maybe your 5th and 6th single will go top 40!!!!


  10. Paulo October 20, 2019

    Her plan is obvious – cling to Shawn Mendes and the duet desperately, put out half the songs before the album is out to collect streams and assure this project a certification out the gate. It’s basically chart cheating but if it counts for Post Malone then I can’t be mad at Crowmilla for trying.

  11. Only Facts October 20, 2019

    LOL. ‘Mila, it’s BACKFIRING big time!

  12. Jasmine The Real Princess October 21, 2019

    When is Shîtmila finally being deported back to whatever drug lord prostitution ring she came from?

  13. Thanos of Titan October 21, 2019

    Um, why is she being afforded so many chances to flop?

    ? My only fear is that she is using resources that could be allocated to someone who is actually interesting and not over exposed. ?

  14. Gworl Bye October 21, 2019

    Lmao. This is the DUMBEST excuse for a failed rollout that I ever heard in my life. Hopefully Normani’s team won’t be this clueless when it’s time to release her album.

  15. MAM November 14, 2019

    I didn’t know normani fans could actually count as camila fans bc they’re that obsessed. I hope both fandoms stop with the karma thing bc that’s just stupid. Both their fandoms are the worst I’ve ever encountered though Normani’s is just on another level. This is why I miss the time when people literally didn’t care about the charts and just enjoyed the music. No fandom wars happening that time too.

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