Azealia Banks Blasted For Telling Gay Men To Avoid Unprotected Sex / Olly Alexander Weighs In

Published: Sunday 20th Oct 2019 by David

Azealia Banks sparked a debate on safe sex within the LGBT community days ago when she condemned Pop culture’s endorsement of PrEP, a pill which-according to its manufacturers- is said to protect users from contracting HIV.

The rapper took to social media to criticise  Frank Ocean for cashing in on it, and urged anyone who puts their life at risk by having unprotected sex with numerous partners because they think are they protected by the pill to seek psychiatric help.

Her advice been met with praise…and intense criticism.

Thoughts and feelings below…

In another video, she revealed that she was concerned that large corporations and shadowy figures were exploiting the gay community for financial gain, and suggested that they were encouraging people to engage in high-risk sexual activity to create demand for the pills for like PrEP and Efavirenz.

Her words were applauded by some and slammed by others.

Olly of the band Years and Years shared…

Was she wrong

Weigh in below…

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  1. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 20, 2019

    The people hating on her are reaching. I dont believe she would call gay people ‘wh0res’ when gays are her buggest fan base. Truth is, Prep is marketed to gays! A straight person asking their doctor to prescribe prep usually gets denied because the medical community deems straight people as a much lower risk of catching H I V. Azalea is entitled to her opinion and I dont think there was any maliciousness in her opinion. It seemed honest and straightforward

    • Swim Good October 20, 2019

      I once asked for a H** test and was told I wouldn’t need one because I wasn’t sleeping with men. A*** isn’t a gay disease but the medical community knows it as a far bigger problem in the lgbt community than it is in the straight one.

      • G-bby October 20, 2019

        Stop it. No professional would tell you that, EVER. And if they did then you should have reported them.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 20, 2019

        G-bby it is very common in the medical community for physicians to deny requests for Prep by straight people! The health detriments of Prep (kidney and liver damage) outweigh the possible benefits for what they deem as low-risk patients.

      • G-bby October 20, 2019

        I’m referring to Swim Good being denied an H** test.

    • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? October 20, 2019

      Jasmine does your cheating husband take prep

  2. ME YOU US October 20, 2019

    No ???? lies detected..?..

  3. IG : mixedboy October 20, 2019

    People take thousands of different types of pills daily with various side effects, yet nobody says anything about that, including H** medications. H** + A*** was once killing people out there, especially in the gay community. Why not take a pill that can stop the transmission 99% of the time? Why not bring awareness to a drug that can save lives? Granted people should be having protected s**, but they are not and haven’t been even before PREP. People on PREP are not just whores who want to f*** raw. They are st8, gay, male, female, Trans, that are educated on it, tested every three months for any side effects and damage to the body, and whom want to decrease their chances of transmission. Oh, and 9/10 the drug is free if you want it. Stop with the “pharmaceuticals” trying to make money bull. Life is about choices. Take the pill or don’t. Stop trying to demean people that choose the former.

  4. Tyty October 20, 2019

    Why would you want to engage in high risk s** anyway?? I mean H** is high in the gay community regardless of a pill meant to reduce risk that’s just stupid.

  5. Only Facts October 20, 2019

    As much as I do not like Azealia Banks, she did make some good points. As a gay man myself, I do not trust prep because it is so new and some people do see it as a green light to have unprotected s** with strangers. Individuals just need to be smart with their decisions and smart with who they decide to have as a sexual partner. But yes, she made a very good point with how the e-cigarettes and caping were marketed as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes and now these young people are in hospitals suffering from irreparable lung damage. I do not trust prep but I do feel like it is a good solution for some people. Azaleas delivery was wrong but she wasn’t completely out of line…

  6. GG October 20, 2019

    Wtf? I actually agree with her! A lot of gay people think that because they are on the pill they can just go HAM! However there are other STDs it does NOT protect from! And it’s not even 100% effective! What a fu*ked up world we live in when we repel knowledge !

  7. Qu3pid October 20, 2019

    I agree with her as well. Just because the pill is to help prevent you from the virus DOES NOT mean just start f****** raw with everyone. Personally I gone trust the pill 100% and even while on it, still WRAP IT UP! Their is a cure for everything but if it’s accessible then the government and others can not profit of the sick. Let that sink in

  8. G-bby October 20, 2019

    At the end of the day GROWN people are gonna do what they wanna do. Taking PrEP does not give the green light to unprotected promiscuous activities. It’s supposed to be taken IN ADDITION to using protection.

  9. Steven de la torre October 20, 2019

    Frank should be promoting safe s** along the board to everyone prep, condoms etc. He is promoting have all the s** u want on prep. I’m just like wtf. It doesn’t protect from the other diseases. He must be getting bareback all day and night long. He’s doing those orgy parties and partying at the same time. I think it’s all for his personal gain in my eyes selling merchandise.

  10. Jamie October 20, 2019

    Y’all pay her too much attention. Her entire being has been irrelevant.

  11. Detruth October 20, 2019

    I can’t stand this troll but tbh I’m bi and not one of those gay dudes that say bi to seem less gay my last relationship was with a female. I didn’t listen to her rant but I haven’t trusted prep from jump. It’s too new and like someone mentioned e cigs now killing ppl. If you wanted to get rid of a bunch of gay ppl why not give them a pill to “stop” H** infections. It would need to be out ALOT LONGER before I remotely trust it.

  12. beyhivesunlimited October 20, 2019

    Hey Normani is not lying here
    She spill the truth!!!
    Let’s stream Broke with Expensive Taste and Motivation

  13. Theodore October 20, 2019

    Every medication out there has some kind of side effects. I understand the perspective Azealia is speaking from however it is just that a perspective. There is no logic behind it just homophobia and a one sided POV. She is making a statement with no facts and compiling every gay man into one community. She’s reinforcing a stigma of prep and prep users as opposed to promoting safe s**. Let’s remind ourself that Azealia while extremely intelligent has always placed herself in a place where her words are click bait and attention grabbing. Azealia needs a hug and if she truly wanted to be an advocate and wanted any real white light than there are organizations she can affiliate herself with and better ways for her to make a difference and speak out more effectively. She instead gets on livestream and speaks aggressively and negatively. The people who say “she speaks facts” Have to also do some more research in order to educate themselves on really what she is saying. The delivery behind her message is almost hateful to the lgbtq+ community even though she herself identifies as an ally.

  14. BravoHunk October 20, 2019

    This same lady who was promoting her a*** bleaching cream by telling gay men to have more s**, has the nerve to call gay people addicts, and gay people continue to support her. Her message would have been valid if she had told people to use condoms but instead she chose to enforce a stereotype that all gay men who are on prep want to get raw dogged and we are all s** addicts. S** shaming is never cute and she is no better than the homophobic people who allowed gay people to die of A*** instead of promoting condoms in the name of abstinence. Any person who supports this lady is trash as well.

  15. Nycicon October 20, 2019

    I see no lies she definitely has a big point

  16. Lanafan1 October 20, 2019

    I agree with her as well. But it’s not even just gay men out here having unprotected s**. Nor is it just them that take prep. This is a conversation that everyone needs to have. Take all precautions to keep the number of STDs down. And also unwanted pregnancies.

  17. Swim Good October 20, 2019

    GBby I’m not lying. The doctor explained that because I’m straight and slept with a woman I was low risk and the Chances of me having it were low. Basically, she said that women and bottoms are at the Highest risk. Im from the uk where the healthcare is free but I was so scared I paid 130 pounds for a same day test because I couldn’t bear to wait a week. Please, bareback s** isn’t worth the risk or your life. Don’t do it.

  18. K October 20, 2019

    She is stupid along with her fans anyone with KNWOLEDGE knows that it is a safety net meant to be used in CONJUNCTION with condoms not dokey to have raw s** that isn’t even how it marketed..condoms do break#stupidhoe

    • Swim Good October 20, 2019

      But most people aren’t using it that way. You can lie but we all know people think prep gives them the pass to go raw. That’s why STDs are rising.

  19. Swim Good October 20, 2019

    And no shade, there is a hepatitis outbreak because p*** has normalised rimming. It’s time all of us look Within and ask why we’re so addicted to dysfunctional s**.

  20. GJ October 20, 2019

    Ugh she sounds like what people who are against birth control say. Prep is supposed to be used along with condoms, your doctor and any health expert will tell you that. It’s a safety net like birth control is and she herself had a pregnancy scare earlier this year from some Russian man and could have gotten H** or any STD too.

    • Josh October 20, 2019

      She also owes credit card company money ???.

  21. Gurlwepa89 October 20, 2019

    She’s speaking the truth!! The salty, promiscuous homos just can’t face the fact but rather face against the wall and get ram by randoms.

  22. Moti25 October 20, 2019

    For once I agree with her. People are out here sucking random d*** and swallowing hella nutt. It’s outrageous!

  23. ME YOU US October 21, 2019

    She said nothing bt the truth..only gay people who would be upset…would by proxy would be a degenerate…

  24. Nehemiah December 3, 2019

    She was wrong in my humble opinion!! She cant point the finger at anyone because she herself does mad drugs (LSD)!!!!!

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