Mariah Carey Says The Masses Aren’t Ready For Her Incoming Memoir

Published: Friday 11th Oct 2019 by Sam

Mariah Carey may be gearing up for a big holiday celebration, but she’s giving insights into her plans beyond the festive season. Namely the release of her eagerly awaited memoir.

As reported, Mimi was honored at Variety’s Power of Women luncheon and while arriving opened up about what folk can expect from the book.

Based on her words, it appears the prolific songwriter is readying a page-turner.

Details below…

Speaking on the arrivals carpet, Carey described the project as cathartic and asserted that the world isn’t ready for what she’ll be diving into.

Peep the interview (which featured a random moment of Mimi hilarity at the end):

As one of modern Hollywood’s most successful and intriguing stars, there’s no doubt her story (especially the untold corners) will make for rivetting reading.

We’re buzzed? Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. #TheTruth October 11, 2019

    That’s a book I’ll buy. Other than her great career and all the ups and downs, she’s a talented writer so it should be worth the read.

  2. Are You Kidding Me? October 11, 2019

    How many of your faves can write a book without a ghostwriter?

  3. biancacook October 11, 2019

    im buyin it cuz i know she will be real and not a book full of how great and blessed and powerful she feels.

  4. Only Facts October 11, 2019

    I’m living Mariah even more these days. But Mimi is wrong for shoving the legendary Diane Warren out of the way in that red carpet. Please look it up. Lol. Love Mariah

    • Kurtz October 12, 2019

      That was a joke they’re friends.
      Why is everyone making a big deal out of this ?

    • Reuben Walton October 12, 2019

      *on that red carpet

  5. DLOC October 12, 2019

    Mariah’s book will put many on blast!!

  6. Kurtz October 12, 2019

    This book will be beyond EVERYTHING!!!

  7. Rashad October 12, 2019

    As long as it’s new and honest. Don’t need to hear about the CT house with Tommy she paid for half of or how the label wanted her to look and dress in her early career yet again or rehashing the same story about the glitter era. I want to hear about her siblings, her true thoughts on Her chart rivals Madonna, Janet and Céline (we heard about Whitney 1093 times) and her thoughts on being wrongfully shut out at the Grammys multiple times

  8. Kris October 12, 2019

    As usual, Mariah thinks more highly of her life story than the rest of us, I have already heard her lie about her breakdown. She is just a self absorbed narcissistic b****.she “had” a voice, now she is already a washed up clown.

    • memariah October 14, 2019

      Well, the day you achieved the fame she has and can write your own Memoirs, then you can post your bitchy comment.

  9. I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht October 12, 2019

    B****, you claim that you were friends with Whitney Houston were you guys snorting coke together……..

    But your her friend Mariah. Why they just say her…Mariah Carey you are not friends with Whitney Houston you were jealous of her because she is more beautiful and more talented than you…

    • I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht October 12, 2019

      Friends let friends snort coke.
      Whitney Houston was your close friend but yet you claim that you never snorted coke with her . write the book because the interview was refused to ask her any real question

  10. I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht October 12, 2019

    Book??? Robin Crawford’s book is coming out this month… Now she wants to ride Whitney Houston’s tail again..with herbook …

    now that Robin Crawford’s book is out…she just wanna compete with Whitney Houston. Friends

  11. Tom October 12, 2019

    As a massive Mariah Lamb I am so excited to read her memoirs!! I love everything she has to say and share with the world including her wisdom, music and kind words, she is a true legend and inspiration ?????xx

  12. Nathan October 14, 2019

    Can’t wait for the book to come out!

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