T.I. Says Nicki Minaj Shouldn’t Be on ‘Greatest Rappers of All-Time’ List / #Barbz Attack

Published: Monday 7th Oct 2019 by Rashad

‘Bring ‘Em Out’ hitmaker T.I. brought out the worst in Nicki Minaj fans (affectionately called #Barbz) when he proclaimed the recently retired rapstress did not deserve a slot on the ‘Top 50 Greatest Rappers of All-Time’ tally.

Taking to his podcast, ‘ExpediTIously,’ the 39-year-old waxed honest on his thoughts about Hip Hop’s history-making figures while trying to compile a list of the most noteworthy emcees to ever touch a mic.  When the discussion on women’s impact on the genre came forward, the Grammy-winner was adamant Minaj and Lil Kim – two of the most celebrated female rappers in history – did not both deserve listing in the top 50.

“It’s between Lil’ Kim and Nicki [Minaj],” said T.I. “I don’t think we can have both because they are a direct reflection of one another.”

Ultimately deciding on Kim over the Harajuku Barbie, his selection infuriated a number of the ‘Megatron’ maestra’s fans (who took to Twitter in droves to voice their disapproval).  See the reactions inside:

After viewing the above, Barbz were incensed.  See highlights below:


Update: On October 8, 2019, the ‘Top Back’ rapper revealed his full list (which features both Kim and Minaj):


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@theshaderoom @balleralert THIS IS THE FINAL LIST #ExpediTIously created‼️ IF Y’ALL AINT HEAR THE WHOLE EPISODE YOU SPEAKING LOUD,OUT OF TURN AND WRONG AS A MUUUUUFUCKA??‍♂️. Now while IDGAF WHAT NUMBER I AM… (Music doesn’t validate ME or MY EXISTENCE,u can Put me at 51 if u like…MY LIFE AINT GON CHANGE!!!)Y’all can feel free to go back and forth with acts of futility about OPINIONS all you like. I’ll be doing something different & progressive…✌? Oh…& we framed it for y’all to win… How to enter the giveaway: Just Leave a review on the expediTIously Apple Podcasts page and include your social handle #BeEazy?

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  1. K October 7, 2019

    #iggyazalea is the true queenofrap

    • Igloo Australia October 8, 2019

      Queen of Rap for kkk? Yes!

  2. 3215 October 7, 2019

    He is so OLD fashioned, damn
    what impact this b**** ass have? ZERO
    any woman in this game did more than him for rap/hip hop
    he is such a fool for thinking the sun shines from is ass
    go f()ck yourself b****. even Iggy got more impact than u.

  3. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 7, 2019

    So TGJ has sunken to reposting every nonsense black twitter story? What was once a nice UK black music site is now a Regurgitated Black Twitter Copy and Paste site. SMH

    • Queen?Bee❤️ October 7, 2019

      Yet your here commenting on every post dahling. ?

      • CricketyCracketyCoon October 7, 2019


        Every single day. every single post, without fail.

        there is no post on this site that doesn’t have a clarkson or jasmine comment under it so why even waste time and breath to criticize when you’ll just be back here supporting sis?

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 8, 2019

        I am not on “every single post” but my presence is known on the articles i feel like blessing with my comments. I do more than just “support” TGJ. I advise the editors on what to post with comments like this one and they usually follow my advise and words of wisdom / encouragement. There is nothing wrong with an honest / realistic comment. U are the problem if u are too small-minded to understand that

  4. Var October 7, 2019

    The barbz are so annoying

    • Tireant October 8, 2019

      Go suck your mother

  5. King of Kingz October 7, 2019

    He’s signed to Atlantic so why are surprised & the whole convo was sexiest af so you can have 49 n***** but only one female in the top 50 and you pick the one who can’t even chart today smh. Hate her or love her you can’t deny Nicki global international worldwide impact & succes not to mention her rap skills & how many times she’s out rapped some of the same n***** On this dumb ass list on features smh. Tf you need to have a “woman’s list” for, you don’t see them calling this the 50 greatest Men rappers of all time, n**** need to focus on keeping his d*** in his pants & his ugly ass wife

  6. Yolanda October 7, 2019

    In any genre, the copycat can never be the winner: Barbie=Lil Kim, Black Barbie=Lil Kim, Pink CD cover=Lil Kim, Pink and colorful wigs=Lil Kim, Poses=Lil Kim, S** Act=Lil Kim, Queen of Rap Twitter tagline=Lil Kim, etc.
    Nicki is Lil Kim 2.0.
    “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

    • You tried October 7, 2019

      Pink wigs? Lmao Kim did a video with colorful wigs for a song that biggie wrote and then wore blond wigs for the rest of her life but you out that as Nicki copying lmao…I keep saying if Nicki stole everything from Kim then Kim wouldn’t be struggling to get her fake fans such as yourself to purchase her music.

      • ? October 8, 2019

        You sound dumb as f***…Kim wore pink wigs many other times besides the Crush On U video. And ok so what? Biggie wrote for Kim and Wayne/Drake/Safaree wrote for Nicki…blahblahblah. At the end of the day Kim is the original and respective hip hop fans/people wouldn’t be so hard on Nicki up to this day if she would just admit to it. Over here pretending like Foxy was her “inspiration” ha! I chuckle every time…

  7. Pu$$yPopstress October 7, 2019

    Instead of fighting for Nicki specifically the barbs should’ve cliched how misogynist his comments were in general

    So u mean to tell me no woman – not queen latifah or lauryn hill or Mc lyte, not left eye or foxy deserve to be in top 50? Let alone Kim AND Nicki. Regardless if it’s your opinion or not it has to be based on some level of fact

    • Pu$$yPopstress October 7, 2019

      *shouldve clocked

    • MCalling you h*** out October 8, 2019

      For real tho. Only one woman can be on the list? But most of the ones not on the list can rap better than most of them on the list.

  8. Steph Delz October 8, 2019

    What people have to remember is that it’s still a male dominated industry so if you try to put female rappers on a list with male rapoers then you create a situation where many of the best female rappers fail to get proper recognition. Their very own list should be created because artist like Rah Diggah, Jean Grae, Missy Elliott, Da Brat, Eve, etc. need to be recognized.

  9. Carlos October 8, 2019

    The garbitchs are all in their feelings ??? the truth has to be hurting the Garbz.

  10. SeBron Toney October 8, 2019

    Y’aawesll are crazy ?? ?

  11. MCalling you h*** out October 8, 2019

    So why couldn’t they both be on it?

    • Kurtz October 8, 2019

      They both on mine though
      Their flows are different. Kim is better
      But Nicki above ..
      Trina. Eve. Meghan The stallion. Cardi.
      But she below. Missy. Lauryn Hill & Foxy.

  12. YAS BIH October 8, 2019

    True facts were spoken and she shouldn’t she’s a Lil Kim clone she knows it and her fans know it that’s exactly why they stay pressed and up in arms about the Queen Bee, everytime Kim name is mentioned her weirdo fans are their given their unwanted opinions that’s why real rappers and true hip hop heads don’t deal with Nicki or give her respect because she’s just a rip off from the original.

    • Detruth October 8, 2019

      I agree. I mean she did body pretty much any song she was on as a feature but she definitely copied Kim swag and everything from the beginning.

  13. Kurtz October 8, 2019

    Lil Kim is a better rapper period. Is Nicki Dope yes. Did she sell more records yes. But that doesn’t make her a better rapper. Kim is by far better
    Y’all will deal.

    • Detruth October 8, 2019

      She got more streams Kim sold more physical copies

  14. Gworl Bye October 8, 2019

    Kim sucks too. Neither one of them belong on a greatest of all time list.

    • Lil’ Kim Is The Real Queen October 8, 2019

      You have lost your mind if you think Kim shouldn’t get respect as paving the entire lane for the modern rap girls careers. Kim is a hip-hop ICON. From the streets respect to the catwalks of high fashion…KIM DID IT FIRST…and with classic rap songs to back it all up. Justin Combs mom, Misa Hylton Brim helped style Kim and they had every young woman in New York dressing like Lil’ Kim. Mixing street with high end fashion. And it’s been documented. I’ll pull out a video that will rock the Barbz worlds…lol. Nicki is a clone. Inferior clone. Beyonce has dressed as Lil’ Kim and Janet Jackson for Halloween before. She slayed both icons looks. Beyonce would never dress as Nicki….lol. That is what T.I. is talking about in a nutshell. She’s not iconic!

  15. Gworl Bye October 8, 2019

    Foxy Brown is a FAR better rapper than both of those plastic h0es and that’s a fact.?

    • Lil’ Kim Is The Real Queen October 8, 2019

      Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim are iconic with flows men respect with a whole heart. Nicki is inferior to both. Nicki is not iconic. She’s an inferior evolution of Kim and Foxy. Owning the pink Lil’ Kim Hardcore CD and the blue Foxy Brown Ill Na Na CD at the same time is something 90’s teens will remember forever. FACTS!

      • Lil’ Kim Is The Real Queen October 8, 2019

        Never forget the icons Foxy, Kim and Da Brat rocked together on a classic remix for Total. It’s so good I could cry….Nicki bye….LOL


      • Fancy BISH October 8, 2019

        #FACTSOFLIFE ?

  16. Only Facts October 8, 2019

    Now here’s the thing, I’m no Nicki fan (any longer), but she is definitely one of the best rappers and definitely deserves her spot on this list. Everyone can outrap T.I. HE doesn’t deserve to be on the list.

    And why does it have to be Kim OR Nicki? I’m tired of men pitting women against each other. There’s room for 529 female rappers, just like there’s room for 529 male rappers. Sheesh. T.I. you are a joke..hence the reason your name hasn’t been seen on any chart or awards ceremony in years.

  17. I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht October 8, 2019

    F*** you…..tip….. are you a f****** hating ass Niger you’re just mad that b**** is not stopping Nicki Minaj…

    you f****** hate and ass f****** n***** she is one of the greatest rappers of all time you are hatin ass motherfuker

  18. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez October 8, 2019

    Come on Tip. You know you’re wrong for that.

  19. Swirly October 8, 2019

    No female rapper has topped HARDCORE. That album became the blueprint for almost every female rapper after Kim. That’s all I’ll say regarding this topic.

  20. JaZzy Da Bi Asian TGJ STAFF SUPPORT #TROLLminators October 8, 2019

    98% of real hip hop fans would definitely agree. Not pop chart, billboard fanatics but actual rap culture enthusiasts and people actually of the culture.

    • October 8, 2019

      you love to troll, don’t you?

  21. Beam Me Up Scotty October 8, 2019

    I think both deserve to be in the top 50. Missy Elliot as well.

  22. eric October 8, 2019

    These are the same people who lose their minds every time 50 says something stupid. By now people should realize it’s just an opinion. It doesn’t have to be taken so seriously.

  23. Johnbosco October 9, 2019

    That’s b******* TI u gotta respect ur self and the truth will set you free.. Tomorrow now some m*********** will say is cardi.. Y’all gottat be honest about ur self


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