Sheila E. Shares Fascinating Prince Stories On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Published: Friday 4th Oct 2019 by David

Sheila E. made her way to ‘The Breakfast Club‘ to offer her fans a fresh look into her life as she uses the joys, scars and laughter of the past to create something new spiritually and musically.

Said fans will know that the highly gifted singer/writer/drummer rose to fame alongside her good friend Prince and offered the world her unique perspective by way of song for much of the 80s.

Now, she is using the lessons she has learned to inspire the next generation of musicians and create what may be her best work to date.

It’s an exciting time for an exciting musician.

Watch below…


Wouldn’t be right if we didn’t revisit that performance…would it?

Your thoughts?

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  1. DC3 FOREVER October 4, 2019

    Prince music was and still is very dated. It all has an 80’s sound and is very messy. It’s all over the place. Just because you play music good does not mean you make good music.

    • Ramsey October 5, 2019

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    • Anne October 5, 2019

      The 80s sound is the best imo. I still love Prince and Sheila’s music.

    • olusheyi banjo October 6, 2019

      You wouldn’t know good music if it hit you in the face. STFU. You’re probably under 21 (that accounts for your musical taste)

  2. Keith October 5, 2019

    Sheila E. is underrated and undervalued. Glad to see she is still inspired, making music and performing.

  3. Anne October 5, 2019

    Good thing Angela was familiar with Sheila’s music. As a DJ and host, Envy should have done his homework. Other than that it was a good interview.

  4. Melissa McLaughlin October 5, 2019

    Love Love love Sheila E and Prince. Grew up on their music. Always wanted to be her. ❤️💜♥️🎶🎵🎤🥁👑

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