Summer Walker Sets R&B Streaming Record

Published: Tuesday 15th Oct 2019 by David

Summer Walker is a streaming giant.

Learn how and why below…

Walker’s debut album ‘Over It‘ impacted stores last week and has set a record set to place an enormous smile on the fanbase’s face.

With 134,000 units moved (14,000 of them being pure), Walker earns the biggest streaming week ever for a female R&B artist and bags the highest first-week figure an R&B female singer has seen since Beyonce‘s ‘Lemonade.’

The project picked up 154 million streams in under seven days.

Elated, she used Twitter to thank her fans for making it happen.

wowwww ..Over It is the biggest debut album from a female r&b artist in over 10 years and had the biggest streaming week for a female r&b artist ever. Thank y’all so much for the love & support.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2bad2bme October 15, 2019

    This is old news now. No shade but this generation loves to celebrate mediocre singers and songs.

    • Shayla Queen October 15, 2019

      Like Beyoncé and her songs/albums?

      • Jason October 15, 2019

        So pressed when it comes to THE Queen of the industry. She doesn’t need to sell anything to make y’all seethe, so she continues to win!! Thanks for contributing to her legend! ?????? ??????

      • Shayla Queen October 15, 2019


        I don’t have to be “pressed” or “seething” to dislike someone’s music and think it’s subpar. I’m entitled to an opinion. It’s actually a mental health issue if you think that Beyoncé literally is THAT great, that any human being ever born MUST find her amazing.

      • Jason October 15, 2019

        You don’t have to like her, but to call her boring and overrated is just a reach. There’s not an artist that serves excellence at her level so consistently. But you’re entitled to be wrong. ? I honestly don’t care, but you had to be interested since you took time to bash her… What was that about mental health? You seem confused.

      • Shayla Queen October 15, 2019


        “Excellence at her level.” That’s subjective, honey! Just because that’s what you THINK, doesn’t make it FACT. You think it does. Seek help.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 15, 2019

      The record labels do not invest good money in writers and producers anymore so this is the end result. Look at how solid Bey’s first solo CD was. That was very expensive to make. Look at how solid Toni Braxton’s first CD was. That was a brand new artist getting to work hand in hand with the best producer / writer at the time (Babyface). Look at how solid Whitney’s first CD was. That was Clive Davis paying top dollar for the best producers / writers.

      These new artists dont have huge budgets so the only result will be mediocre. Every solid singer needs their perfect match in terms of writers / producers. Here are some examples of perfect matches:

      1. Aaliyah & R. Kelly
      2. Aaliyah & Missy / Timbaland
      3. Justin Timberlake / Timberland
      4. Toni / Babyface & David Singleton
      5. Michael Jackson / Quincy Jones
      6. Michael Jackson / Teddy Riley
      7. Janet / Jimmy Jam / Terry Lewis

      Nowadays its Summer Walker & whoever can produce on the cheap!

      • The Real Jasmine’s Grape ? Juice ? October 15, 2019

        Shouldn’t you be on a treadmill instead of on a blog site owned by a Gay Man ?? Miss Beach Whale ?

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 15, 2019

        Shut it TROLL. I bet your MAN boobs are bigger than my female breeasts u demon BEAST scum. I’ve known Sam since 2009 u troll and I am ALWAYS welcome to comment on TGJ because I am the REIGNING QUEEN B. Look at U thirsting for MY attention daily. U NEVER see me giving attention to your desperate comments. U commented on that Lil Kim post 6 times saying the same desperate nonsense because u are thirsty for attention. I effortlessly get the attention u desire which is why u copied my user name.


        Get mental help u desperado!

      • Shayla Queen October 15, 2019

        You’re absolutely correct.

        And ignore that trashy fake Jasmine. You’re just feeding it the attention it so desperately craves and encouraging it to hang on for dear life.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 15, 2019

        Thank you Shayla. I am going to ignore that thing from now on. Hopefully it will disappear from dehydration since it is so damn thirsty for my attention and everyone else’s attention.

      • Interac October 15, 2019

        It’s summer walker and her boyfriend London on da track.

    • FAF October 15, 2019

      She’s not mediocre at all her voice is amazing and she plays guitar

    • Lanafan1 October 15, 2019

      Summer is very talented. You’re insane

  2. Gworl Bye October 15, 2019

    Have no idea who she is.

    • Lanafan1 October 15, 2019

      Girls need love too.

      • Gworl Bye October 16, 2019

        I’ll say it again, have no clue who she is.

  3. June Nelson October 15, 2019

    who is she?

    • Lanafan1 October 15, 2019

      Girls need love too.

  4. YAS BIH October 15, 2019

    She better be lucky she’s young new and in the streaming era.

  5. Clarkson October 15, 2019

    Damn, just look at the comments.
    U guys really hate talented girls dont u.

    U will rather stan an untalented backup dancer than a talented rnb singer who is doing big things for the rnb genre.

    • Truth, a REAL sissy October 15, 2019

      Who is she?

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 15, 2019

      Shut it T***** Clarkson

    • SMH October 16, 2019

      Kinda like the hate you have for Normani, a talented R&B singer that’s actually doing something that mainstream audiences actually know about?

  6. TtTt October 15, 2019

    Biggest debut release since Keri Hilson, wow how time how flown… congratulations…

  7. Maxx October 15, 2019

    I don’t know her.

  8. Queen?Bee❤️ October 15, 2019

    Wannabe SZA mumble singer. I’ll pass on garbage ?

    • Lanafan1 October 15, 2019


      • Queen?Bee❤️ October 15, 2019

        It must suck to be a Lana stan …. depressed AND illiterate. You read correctly b****

  9. The Real Jasmine’s Grape ? Juice ? October 15, 2019

    None of the Old R&B girls show her any love

    • Shayla Queen October 15, 2019

      Off with you!

  10. High Price October 15, 2019

    Damn, the State of R&B is really sad… . Smh. Interesting how the articles outside this blog say she’s the first R&B female artist in OVER 10 YEARS to debut this high with those numbers but this Blog compares her to Beyonce? Lol.. And Beyonce didn’t even drop Lemonade 10 years ago. Why did TGJ do that? Where did the comparison come from? I honestly don’t even think Beyonce would clarify herself as an “R&B” artist.

    Also, this blog says “Streaming” record lol. But streaming wasn’t even popping for real “OVER” 10 years ago. That’s over a decade ago, a different era. I don’t think you could compare. In today’s climate, a sell is a sell. Whether streamed or bought “pure”. She’s THE FIRST “R&B” FEMALE artist in OVER 10 YEARS to CRANK these numbers. Give the girl her just due. I think people are more so irritated that she really come out of nowhere. Quiet storm vibes for real. I definitely wasn’t expecting her to do this, let alone I didn’t even know her album came out until the day of.

    • Clarkson October 15, 2019

      Lemonade is not an rnb album
      Its comprises of Rick, raggea, country, pop, rnb etc.

  11. October 15, 2019

    something shady is going on with these streams. certain people are doing some strange things on the charts even if you haven’t heart the songs the way you should.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 15, 2019


      I been saying that for over a year that “streams” are FAKE.

      Out of curiosity I searched for “Summer Walker” on youtube just now and NONE of her videos have 50 million views so she is not that popular yet. It’s like her team faked these numbers. Something is not right here. Earlier this year Bey, Kanye, and Jay-z got EXPOSED for faking Tidal stream numbers! I understand the importance of appearing like a streaming force but when u have to fake numbers it is sad. It is better if the music industry just reduced the cost of physical albums so that people started buying physical CDs again than doing all this unethical inflated hype BS. When you inflate the importance and significance of mediocre singers the REAL singers are the ones who are squeezed out of the industry!

      • IAmKingBishhhh October 15, 2019

        One Of The Best & Realest Comments I’ve Seen No Cap ?

      • Lanafan1 October 15, 2019

        “Girls need love too” has 53 million views.

      • Lanafan1 October 15, 2019

        The remix track of her and Drake has 43 million views

    • Interac October 15, 2019

      I agree with this. So many don’t even know who she is so 154 million streams seems weird.

  12. Tori October 15, 2019

    Naw folk…something is off about this, this streaming s*** is out of hand. She doesn’t have a fan base and the general public don’t know who she is. Her song is played on the radio every other day so she’s not getting consistent radio rotation….is she signed to Atlantic Records?

    • Interac October 15, 2019


  13. Suxmycockiness ? October 15, 2019

    Idk how most of you don’t know her. Most of the music lovers I talk to love her. I guess the ATL and Cali are going hard for her.

  14. Jasmine The Real Princess October 15, 2019

    Who? Flop!

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