Azealia Banks Meets Andrew Yang

Published: Thursday 28th Nov 2019 by David

Azealia Banks is strengthening her ties to the political world.

Following the headlines she made for endorsing Donald Trump, the innovative scribe revealed that she recently caught up with Democratic hopeful Andrew Yang!

Yang is running up against Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and is celebrated by those who feel his time in tech is his unique selling point.

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Wait. Repost with my company logo in the frame ya tu sabes?

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  1. Jasmine The Real Princess November 28, 2019

    Damn she ugly AF

    • Clarks00on November 28, 2019

      And built like a teenage boy with breast implants

      • Jasmine The Real Princess November 28, 2019

        If only Camila had some implants as well though…poor her being stuck in a boy‘s body ?

      • Clarks00on November 28, 2019

        Well Camila has been getting money without implants for now. Im sure she will get some if investors stopped putting money into her projects. Camila has curves though so her body is not shaped at all like a boy. Azalea has no curves.

  2. Only facts November 28, 2019

    Braces? Why not Invisalign? Lol

    • xxx November 28, 2019

      Because Invisalign is used only to treat light defects while hers seem to be more complex, hence braces. Orthodontists always know the best and actually she looks good wired. Mine said the best results are always achieved with either standard braces or damon. Although she could put those lingual (?) ones since she’s a ‘public figure’.

  3. Lanafan1 November 28, 2019

    He’s better than all the Democrats except Tulsi!

    • Jam November 29, 2019


      • Lanafan1 November 29, 2019

        Oh ok. Great intellectual response. I hope you don’t vote. You’re likely to give us a second term of Trump or worse, a socialist.

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