Britney Spears Producers Tease New Music?

Published: Sunday 3rd Nov 2019 by David

Is new Britney Spears music on the way?

Has she teamed up with the brains behind her hit single ‘Circus‘ to create it?

Full story below…

Louis York, a duo made up of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony, surprised Spears’ fans today when they took to Twitter to reveal that they were interested in reuniting with the performer.

Fans of the pair act will know that they wrote/produced a number of releases launched by Whitney Houston, Bruno Mars (‘Grenade’), Rihanna (‘Russian Roulette’) and Britney’s ‘Circus.’


Simply a tweet…or a sign of sounds to come?


Your thoughts?

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  1. Lol November 3, 2019

    They’re just saying they’d LIKE to work with her again not ARE working with her. Stop trying to cause a commotion.

    • #Formulation November 3, 2019


  2. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 3, 2019

    I love me some Britney. I really wish she would improve her stage presence and keep up with the times.

  3. Only facts November 3, 2019

    Y’all are reaching. As much as I’d love new Britney music, it’s kinda clear we aren’t getting any for awhile. A story came out a few weeks ago say she wasn’t releasing music until she’s out of her conservatorship.

    How about you do an article on what we DO know about Britney and that’s the pop up “The Zone” interactive fan experience that is happening in LA next year?

    And nobody gives AF about urban outfitters. All they’re going to announce is a t shirt with Britney’s face on it.

  4. Clarkson November 3, 2019

    Her last good song was circus and if u seek Amy.

    Make me would have been a mega hit if she released the original video. This video was fire, I dont understand why it good shelved.

    I hope she stays away from

    • Only facts November 3, 2019

      Circus was her last good song?

      Work B*tch, Till the world ends, I wanna Go, 3, and all of “Glory” say hello.

      And this is why nobody cares about your opinion.

      • Clarkson November 3, 2019

        Bìtch we have different tastes.
        I said what I said.
        Circus was her last good song and video.

        U are tacky that’s why u stan normani. We cant even distinguish her voice on bad to you. Lol

        U have been wrong several times. I have the receipts. Idiot.
        I have been right almost 99 percent of the time and u hate me for it.
        I am better than u and u cant stand it.
        I deal with idiots like u every day.

      • Only facts November 3, 2019

        You have an unhealthy obsession with Normani. If Normani is such a “flop”, why do you bring her up in every post? I didn’t mention Normani in this thread, and neither did anyone else. You’re mentally unwell and I pray you find peace.

      • Clarkson November 3, 2019

        Ur an idiot who keeps stalking me
        Ur angry ur faves is flopping left right and centre.
        U swore on ur life that normani was going to hit number one with motivation and she will outshine Camila this year but that didnt happen and u are pissed as hell.

        From ur tone of comments u are defeated and miserable. U should pray for ur self instead. Fool.
        Stop stalking me.
        Ugly fat cow

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 4, 2019

        AMEN only facts. The whole Femme Fatal album area was amazing and so are all of Britney’s singles post Circus and so was the Glory album era. I agree that Clarkson is mentally ill. He is an OLD man always bringing up Normandi and Camilla (2 women young enough to be his daughters). Clarkson needs to get a life

    • XYZ November 4, 2019

      Your first sentence doesnt make any sense after reading your second. Britney had a lot of great Songs after Circus. They just f***** the whole thing up with, who hast helped anybody since 2009, so I dont know why they used him in the first place.

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