Cardi B Fans Target Iggy Azalea / Claim She Insulted ‘Bodak Yellow’ Superstar

Published: Sunday 10th Nov 2019 by David

Iggy Azalea‘s efforts to launch a positive promotional campaign for her new single ‘Lola‘ seems to have been derailed by her brewing beef with Cardi B fans.

Fans will remember that Azalea took offence to remarks Cardi made about her career during her assessment of female Hip-Hop and unfollowed the Pop princess on social media.

This week, a remark Iggy made on Twitter has given B’s fans reason to believe she was dissing her.

How they responded?

An unfortunate scene below…

The words “sympathy” and “payola” are trigger words for Cardi fans because they are what Nicki Minaj claimed the entertainer’s career is fuelled by.


Iggy fans insist that she wasn’t taking aim at Cardi and have spent the last hour clashing with their rivals on Twitter.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson November 10, 2019

    Iggy is indepent tho cardi is the slave to her label

    • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      U creating multiple fake Clarkson accounts to troll isnt going to cure ur mental illness
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      Grape juice u need to do something about this sick human being

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      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

        This has got to stop. I don’t know who is trolling u BUT IT IS NOT ME so ? your stupid accusations! I think u are trolling yourself or u need to stop being lazy and find out who the F is trolling u instead of blaming me! Unless u are highly skilled psychiatrist u are not qualified to say anyone has mental illness!

      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

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      • Buttercup November 11, 2019

        Mental illness is real
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        Sounds like a projection to me lmao.
        Sad AF. Jasmine, pay this creature no mind. She’s just talking about herself. Haters like this are usually very disturbed, and this is just another example. And I’m just passing by but felt the need to chime in because I been through this crap before.

    • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

        Says the tranny who responds to my comments within seconds. U are not fooling anybody. U the troll. Everyday your ugly ass is on here trolling the comment section not me. I have a life

      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

        I like Iggy’s ex Nick. Hes fine. He can bust nuts in me anyday.

      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

        If u have a life u wouldn’t be responding to me

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      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

        this is Clarkson’s Grape Juice now ???????????. U fool. U thought u would get last word but see i always get the last word and win arguements.

      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

        Ill let Iggy’s old boss nut in this ass too. Hes fine too and he got money. Ill be his sideline ho. He can keep Tiny in that Eagles Landing house and move me in his lake house at Lake Spivey.

      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

        Yes TGJ get rid of Jasmine. Its Clarkson’s Grape Juice now. Im running this and im the new head b1tch in charge. Jasmine is old news. Im young and only 24 even though im an old Madonna queen and Cher fan I try to pretend like im 24 which is why i always bring up Normani and Camilla. I want people to think im in the same age range as the young pop girls even though im really just a few years shy of Madonna’s age

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

        You are pathetic Tranny Clarkson. Truly pathetic indeed.

      • Buttercup November 11, 2019

        Must be a Cardi stan, clearly. Just as crazy as she is lol

    • ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 10, 2019

      I’m back b!tches I was on vacation with Jasmines Man ?? touring Italy ?? but now the Queen is back so bow ? down To the overall mother of the house of Jasmine

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

        Why is this loser always trying to attach itself to my comments? I think he is Clarkson troll. IT know i dont speak to IT. How it gonna keep stealing my username and think IT can converse with me too?

  2. Just Sayin’ November 10, 2019

    I see TGJ likes to remove comnents when they are called out on their BS. This blog more specifically David likes to start drama!!!!!

    • Lola Lover November 10, 2019

      So Cardi fans aren’t going after Iggy?

  3. Clarkson November 10, 2019

    Easiest way to beat a troll, ignore it.

    U will not be getting any of my energy anymore

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    • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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    • Buttercup November 11, 2019

      Seek therapy.

  4. Qu3pid November 10, 2019

    If the shoe fits… someone will definitely put it on. Lmao Cardi fans felt that tweet and applied it as such. Therefore they believe Cardi career is sympathy and payola!

    • Will_xo November 11, 2019

      Most honest answer on here no names were mentioned I mean plus with this payola investigation hovering over music got some people shook

  5. Bussyfellows November 10, 2019

    Why are these f*** in the comment section hollering about whose boutty hole is wider

  6. Liam November 10, 2019

    I don’t see this as a diss to cardi but whatever ??‍♂️

  7. Only facts November 10, 2019

    Iggy Iggz May need to go back to Australia. She can’t seem to stay out of stuff. She doesn’t need to listen to fans if other artists and Tesoro everything that is said about her. Sigh. It’s over Iggy

  8. Buttercup November 11, 2019

    Cardi B and her fans and Nicki and HER fans……… are literally some of the MOST miserable/toxic people. Which says alot. It’s almost like they FEED on drama, as if drama is food. I hate corny stuff like that. It’s old. About to be 2020 and people still fighting over female rappers lol

  9. Buttercup November 11, 2019

    Cardi LITERALLY shaded a female rappers ENTIRE career (she never said Iggy’s name but it was Iggy or Azealia Banks she was referring to, and it was a diss) and yet Cardi’s slow a** fans STILL act like SHE’S the victim lmfao. That’s why I stay objective. Stanning too hard can create mental complexes (as well as bias & hypocrisy) and it’s sad.

  10. November 11, 2019

    who the cap fights let them wear it, she throws her corn she never call no fowl.

  11. Cienna November 12, 2019

    I guess all these famous artist must be paying you all to
    Make comments. It’s just out curiosity though if ya’all really getting pay to make these comments on social media then you need to hit me up with some greens. SMH. As for me I really don’t have time to making negative comments about any artist is either I like the music or not and if I don’t I keep it to myself if I should put it out there then I would be a pathetic b**** seeking attention plus I got a job and a life so I can’t be worried about rich ppl. With every action there is a reaction. No one needs to be negative towards each other. You guys are just spreading negativity across the world and to our younger generation. Am not an angel but I watch the news and I am sure there are more important things you guys need to pay more attention to. The same energy you guys have to be making a fuss you can use that same energy to stop cyber bullying or even in the schools over the world or any other major problems that may affect us all. I am glad that females get a chance to show there strength a lot a things women couldn’t do we couldn’t be managers we weren’t given a voice but now time and things have change so to all the women whether black or white work together for a better cause instead of silly fights. Go donate some money and your time to certain causes to a children’s home or something. Some people talk about growing up poor get abused the whole nine yards you all made it so for all that made stretch your hands out because some child somewhere is being physically abuse sexually abuse verbally abuse. So please stay focus on the positive as for those persons behind close doors that are taking on beefs you are not being paid to gain publicity for them so use that energy in a positive way ask them to make peace and even if they can’t be friends ask them to Chanel their energy into their child or to a wordy cause stop fueling it. Have a wonderful day

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