Madonna Cancels ‘Madame X Tour’ Dates Due To “Overwhelming Pain”

Published: Saturday 30th Nov 2019 by Sam

Madonna may have a reputation as one of music’s most prolific touring acts, but her latest trek continues to be plagued by problems.

The ‘Madame X Tour’ set sail in September and has already hit a number of icebergs – namely tardiness, cancellations, and postponements.

This week saw the latter rear its head again, for the Pop royal has had to rejig and, in some cases, outright cancel dates.

Details below…

First affected was a series of Boston shows, which were set to take place November 30th – December 2nd at the Boch Center, Wang Theater.

Citing “overwhelming pain,” Madge issued the following statement:

“Please forgive this unexpected turn of events. Doing my show every night brings me so much joy and to cancel is a kind of punishment for me but the pain Im in right now is overwhelming and I must rest and follow doctors orders so i can come back stronger and better and continue the Madame  journey with all of you.”

She then went on to announcement the postponement of 2020 dates in London and Paris; those, however, are the product of “production issues.”

As a result, the January 26th show at The London Palladium has been delayed to February 16th (the end of the 15-night run). Per the star’s team, it’s to afford crew enough time to install the required production elements at the venue.

Similarly, the Euro run’s first two Paris dates at Le Grand Rex, originally set for February 18th and 19th February, have been shifted to March 10th and 11th.


Kudos to Madge for her unparalleled drive. But these developments beg the question of whether the ‘Madame X Tour’ was perhaps a little more ambitious than it was practical.

In any case, we wish her the best.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarksooon November 30, 2019

    Grandna X should just retire before she breaks her hip

      • Clarksooon November 30, 2019

        No she did not. Paula Abdul, Gloria Estefan, and Jennifer Lopez paved the way for Camila.

      • Fancy BISH November 30, 2019

        You tried it, but it didn’t work! ? You really tried it, but it still didn’t work…you really tried IT, but it will NEVER work! ? Should I embarrass you or should I let you do your research? Hmmm….naw, I’mma embarrass you, cause I got time today lol…all three of those artists were influenced by Madonna!
        “Estefan gradually became the star attraction…..Some commentators on the popular music scene called Estefan a demure, Hispanic version of Madonna.”

      • Clarksooon November 30, 2019

        Pre-Order Romance, the hot new album from grammy award winning songstress Camila Cabello.

      • Only facts November 30, 2019

        LATIN Grammy winner B*TCH! Camila doesn’t have a REAL Grammy. Album sucks. Fans say it sucks. I predict 30k pure sales, 55k SPS

      • Gworl Bye November 30, 2019

        Paula Abdul? Lmao ?

  2. Fancy BISH November 30, 2019

    Feel better soon, QUEEN. ? ❤️

  3. Only facts November 30, 2019

    Madonna, it’s time to sit down and retire. Or just stop trying to dance. A break is needed.

    • dee November 30, 2019

      Dancing…do you mean yoga?

      • Keith November 30, 2019


      • Gworl Bye November 30, 2019


  4. High Price November 30, 2019

    Damn! Far cry from fine wine I see.

  5. Rashad November 30, 2019

    I respect her hustle to the max and understand her desire to always push herself and wanting to change her formula up but was the theater really worth it? She could have done 2 Madison square garden shows instead of 14 NY shows and put less strain on her body

    • James December 1, 2019

      Doesn’t matter. She’s doing the same number of shows as she normally does. 87 Madame X shows. She did about 85 Rebel Heart shows in arenas.

  6. Gary R. November 30, 2019

    M has missed I believe 2 dates in 30 years until Madame X…that is a pretty damn good record. She has some leg and knee issues now and this theatre tour is back to back nights of performances. TBH, I don’t think this tour was very well thought out, as far as doing so many shows in such a short timeframe and I don’t think the show was marketed very well. M has been known to put on huge, elaborate, high tech shows full of hits. This tour is small venues and focuses on the Madame X album with a couple of her huge songs thrown in. I know I didn’t understand what the tour was going to be. I thought it was an acoustic show at first with minimal production elements.

  7. William Wilabe Richer November 30, 2019

    ☆ The #BestOfMadonna is yet to come ❌♾⭕ #MadonnaFansKnowBest *R&R* #HappyHolidays ☆

  8. 1988 November 30, 2019

    The entire Madame X era has been a flop from the first single to I Rise….lol. There is nothing else that needs to be said. This comment section should be blank. This is her worst performing album and tour. Period.

  9. Fancy BISH December 1, 2019

    Sophomore flops, Madonna never did that ??? Why is this so easy lol…damn, 21 million Like A Virgin iconic 1984 realness, and I gotta deal with these trolls! It’s like they forget what point Madonna is at in HER CAREER…it’s sad and hilarious…Madonna is hurt, this has nothing to do with Madame X’s sales, but since the trolls wanna go there, who can they compare a 14th studio album with? I’ll wait… ⏰ ? LIKE I SAID, feel better soon…QUEEN. ? Damn, go listen to the new girls, they need all the help they can get! I said what I said…and don’t believe the fools running they mouth…probably secret Madonna fans too…go listen to Charlisha’s Flopgels! That’s that brand new ? Trolls can’t stay away from nothing lol…I’m pretty sure TGJ isn’t the only place reporting this news! But yet here they are…lurking! And they know WHY they’re here too! Madonna is Queen, influenced everybody, point blank period, facts of life!

  10. MrDLOC December 1, 2019

    Mcdonna doesn’t reveal why she is in overwhelming pain. I’m sure her new show isn’t filled with other 61 year old dancers, so keeping up (late) night after night with this elaborate show can’t be as easy on her physical body anymore. The real thing is – Mcdonna needs an elaborate stage show with alot of smoke n mirrors in order to tour, & to justify her outrageous ticket prices. She is incapable of cutting all the crap & just touring acoustic simply with stool, microphone & a small band, thus giving herself & her fans a much needed break from all that clutter…..

  11. December 1, 2019

    I hope she doesn’t get addicted to pain killers like Micheal Jackson.

  12. Dean December 1, 2019

    The queen is the best hands down . I hope she gets the rest she needs and get back out there and show all the wannabes how it’s done.. haters be gone do something with your lives then talk s*** about her.. long live the queen??

  13. Michael Craig Waller December 1, 2019

    I wish Madonna all the best on a speedy recovery, the lady is a perfectionist, give her a break.

  14. David A December 1, 2019

    I will preface this with the fact that I am a huge, die-hard fan and go to exorbitant lengths to see her any chance that I get. I did get to see her Madame X shoe in Los Angeles and I almost didnt go due to a tragedy the month prior that has hit me hard. Thankfully, I did go as it reminded me that I can be happy and I can smile.
    It didnt last long but it WAS the right decision. In any event, I would be heartbroken if I had a ticket and the show got canceled. However, it happens. She is almost 62 and I witnesses what she can and can do on that stage. I also xan tell that she jsnt doing squat thrusts across the stage like she did in Rebel Heart. Thank God because I can’t keep up and I am 10 years younger and only do it once or twice during her tour. People need to chill. She is a perfectionist, but if she isn’t performing due to pain, its real. Why would she lie? She is Madonna, not t-Rump. She is human and she has given a lot of herself to her fans and if she has to cancel, so be it. I wish her well and hope that she can make those dates for everyone that truly wants to see this AMAZING show. Now to the people complaining about her being late, geez, really?? Still??
    She is ALWAYS LATE & ALWAYS WAS & ALWAYS WILL BE. DONT LIKE IT? DONT GO! To the people complaining about the fact that she ‘”doesn’t sing many of the hits that made her famous”. Umm, 9 (NINE) of 22 songs on this tour were not off of this album & came from older albums over hee 4 decades of hits. Now if you dont recognize a song, perhaps you should not rely on 3 songs from the 80’s. If she sang her older songs only, you would complain that it was all old music so why go and see her? U complain about anything and everything and it is tired and old. Don’t like it, dont go. Don’t have to tear people down because it says MORE ABOUT YOU! Grow up. I have loved every tour and she gets better each time and outdoes herself. Yes, I love her new material and I love the old. I grew with her and have evolved from 1986. Its time we all do. Now for those with an open mind, she will be late, she sings mostly new but 9 oldies from many cds, not just the 80’s hits. It is political abd has language and is thought provoking art. It isn’t your usual Madonna concert, but you WILL dance and sing and have a blast. Go and enjoy. Life is short and we dont have many icons left. Lets cherish those that we do have. She is and always will be the #Seabrook Hugs! #Madonna # madamex ould smile and be happy

  15. Dewey dewr December 1, 2019

    At 60, even if you’ve been athletic and moving most of your life, you will have to adjust. I’m 62 and trying to move like I did 30yrs ago I’m running into a lot of problems myself! It would be wonderful if our bodies didn’t wear out but they do!

  16. Dewey December 1, 2019

    At 60, even if you’ve been athletic and moving most of your life, you will have to adjust. I’m 62 and trying to move like I did 30yrs ago I’m running into a lot of problems myself! It would be wonderful if our bodies didn’t wear out but they do!

  17. Kristine Bean December 2, 2019

    It’s weird my back went out out I too have been experiencing unusual Pai. In lower half of me more than usual I feel the stmosphere is polluted bpeople are dieing because rpa is because rpa is not got limits or rule Trump destroyed that Trump’s running around makeing us sick in full of pain the stress the curb reddebt hwmhas caused to put we ople million man millions of tax dollars he has used up for himself better without his debt like a business he runs country w we as re d*** because he divide our nation you insecticide for his own good stressing qmsll of us out crazy times we have it’s gotta get better soon I think it is people need rest Madonna dlow you roll lsdtmy chill out Madge too good but it’s enough stress on knees i feerl ysh wummquit drinking and driving aying uo ok stop please work aholisn is like alcigilism it doesn’t care who you are it’s a disease goodnight madge
    Prayfor kris in Kim we need you hesthy rest we are be good in love you in all of us slow down please rest your mind and thought stop hurting and for the right thing for u not the men or production your body is your friend

  18. Eba Euroza December 2, 2019

    I’ve adored Madonna from the start!
    She has in many ways been an icon for me and has been my savior in many ways through out my life. But the last few albums in my opinion have been terrible. She has been my queen and I so wish she would retire gracefully…it is time and long over due. My heart breaks to see her and her music isn’t what it uses to be.?

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