Shawn Mendes Takes A Tumble In Sao Paulo [Video]

Published: Saturday 30th Nov 2019 by Sam

Shawn Mendes may have his feet firmly placed on high ground when it comes to the Pop charts, but he didn’t have as solid a footing last night in Sao Paulo. 

For the pin-up, who is dating ‘Senorita’ collaborator Camila Cabello, took quite the tumble during his show in the region.

See what we mean below…

While trying to embrace fans, the 21-year-old crashed to the floor momentarily — leaving jaws ajar.

Still, ever the trooper, he popped up and continued along. Watch:

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EL PISO ES CAMILA🔥 Mendes cae en medio de su concierto en el Allianz Parque en Sao Paulo🤕 x @javierbaitto

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  1. Clarksooon November 30, 2019

    Omg my faves boyfriend. I hope he is okay.
    Shawmila for life.

    Normani don’t even have a boyfriend. No man wants her. ?????
    Who wants to date a flop.
    No number one, no Grammy nominations.

    • I love big black c** November 30, 2019

      I’m pretty sure Normani can have the best BBC in the whole world which I’m so jealous of her. U know bigger is better. Meanwhile shawnna & c***** can scissoring each other

      • Beyonce November 30, 2019

        Camila has the best WBC
        You are just jealous
        Camila’s boy is handsome

        No thanks to your BBC if he’s ugly lol

    • Clarksooon November 30, 2019

      Camila had a number 1 before she collaborated with shawn on seniorita. Camila is the one that gave shawn his first and only number one song

      If shawn gave Camila a number 1, why couldn’t he give Taylor swift a number 1. Lover remix didnt go anywhere. Even tho Taylor is a bigger artist than Camila.
      They hate to see it

      • Clarksooon November 30, 2019

        Bìtch read is fundamental

        I never mentioned Havana.

        If Camila wasnt on this song, it will flop.

        Any white boy who plays guitar can sings shawn mendez part on seniorita.

        Charlie puth, ed sheeran, justin Timberlake, lewis capaldi , harry styles, nick jonas, any white boy can do it, but no pop girl can sing Camila part like how Camila sang it and make the song a hit
        Selena Gomez dont have the vocal chops or flavour or personality .

        Camila’s beautiful voice and powerful creative song writing elevated the song.

        Go watch their live performances of seniorita, Camila out sings shawn everytime.

        She dominated this song

      • Fancy BISH November 30, 2019

        Dummie dumb drop, you said Camila had a #1 before Shawn, everybody and their grandmama knows what song you were referring to…damn, are you that stank? ?

  2. Beyonce November 30, 2019

    Normani and 50 cents look good together

  3. Only facts November 30, 2019

    Bless his heart. All of the pressure trying to play straight is too much for him.

    • Fancy BISH November 30, 2019

      And all that chitter chatter (Is he gay? Straight? Bi?) is the reason Senorita is popping! He has mystery around him and he already said that he cares about what fans think and what the press says about him…so all of that is the reason he’s interesting and Camila is just “the beard or not” ? ??

  4. I love big black c** November 30, 2019

    Sissy as hell… lmao poor shawnna

  5. Nancy Rice December 1, 2019

    Poor kid definitely not himself it was obvious not feeling well . He’s young he’ll be fine . Wonderful performer . He is definitely going places .

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