Madonna Hit With Lawsuit From Fan For Concert Lateness / Tells Audience “A Queen Is Never Late’

Published: Sunday 10th Nov 2019 by Sam

Madonna‘s tardiness may see her called to court.

Because, a disgruntled fan has filed suit against the singer for her lateness.

As reported, the Pop Queen caught ample flack in Las Vegas this weekend when she hit the stage almost two hours late to commence her the Sin City stop of her ‘Madame X World Tour.’

Word is that attendees booed her in earnest, chanted “refund refund,” and left early.

Now, per TMZNate Hollander is suing the singer and her team – alleging that he lost a lot of money due to her lateness on the trek.

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  1. Only facts November 10, 2019

    A complete MESS! I wonder how many fans will hop onto the class action lawsuit

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

      I doubt fans will join. CNN reported the story how it really is. The guy suing is really just a ticket reseller. Those are the kind of people who block fans from getting good seats at reasonable prices because they buy the seats when they first become available and then Try to resell them at inflated higher prices! Im happy when lowlife trash like that loses money. See if the concert was scheduled started at 8:30 he would have been outside The venue since 6 trying to resell the tickets but since the concert got postponed til 10:30 nobody without tickets knew that so he has to lose his investment. He should get a J O B.

  2. November 10, 2019

    So Lauryn hill can do all this and worse and it’s all good a little peep here and there then its all good, but now they want to sue madge, these fans needs to calm down.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

      People sue people with money. Lauryn dont even pay taxes so sueing her gets u nowhere. Now grandma Madge got that good Loyds of London Tour Insurance so they might get a settlement check from the insuramce company but i doubt it will be anything past a couple hundred bucks

  3. Clarkson November 10, 2019

    this would be the highlight of this person’s life

    “I used madonna ”

    They will tell their grand kids about this
    “Remember that time I used the queen of pop, madonna”

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

      Queen of Pop? U and her are both old FOSSILS! Clearly, the current queen of pop is Taylor Swift. I dont even like Taylor but facts are facts!

      • Clarkson November 10, 2019


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      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

        So its jasmine that’s behind the troll accounts. Lol
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      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

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      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

        Loser u on here every day 24 / 7. U are the proven TROLL. Get lost trash!

      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      • Me November 10, 2019

        Madonna is the Queen of Pop regardless of what you think. Write it down so you remember. Taylor is awesome, but she’s a Princess, not a Queen.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

        Nobody is queen forever. Madonna had her prime but now she is a has-been doing theater shows. People who think their favs are queen forever are usually old queens who cannot face reality.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

        This has got to stop. I don’t know who is trolling u BUT IT IS NOT ME so ? your stupid accusations! I think u are trolling yourself or u need to stop being lazy and find out who the F is trolling u instead of blaming me! Unless u are highly skilled psychiatrist u are not qualified to say anyone has mental illness!.

      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 10, 2019

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    • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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      • Clarkson November 10, 2019


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      • Clarkson November 10, 2019

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  4. Gworl Bye November 10, 2019

    Translation: you dumb ass fans can kiss my ass because you idiots will still buy my tickets anyway, no matter how much I spit in your faces. And she would be right.

  5. XYZ November 10, 2019

    As legendary as she is, she is a Service provider to her fans. And acting like that is disrespectful. They pay YOU!

  6. #TheTruth November 10, 2019

    I’ve been to many shows, from Usher, to Chris Brown, Alicia, Pink, Beyoncé… none of them happened to be late, except for Brandy. She was booed quite hard and her show lasted a bit over an hour.

    Anyway… it’s called professionalism.
    I don’t mind if there’s a 15 maximum 30 minute delay. But more than that… I feel being played for a fool.

  7. Tamela November 10, 2019

    I agree I saw her in Chicago she didn’t start till after 11 and people from the suburbs that take the train last train leaves at midnight that’s a whole lot of money wasted when you have to leave a concert early

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