Normani Covers Cosmo / Reveals Beyonce & Jay-Z “Want Me To Win”

Published: Tuesday 26th Nov 2019 by Sam

Check out Normani!

The ‘Motivation’ maven covers the newest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Arriving as she continues work on her debut solo album, the feature sees the 23-year-old slay a spread lensed by Ellen Von Unwerth and open up about her journey, music plans, her Blackness, and the ringing endorsement she’s received from both Beyonce and Jay-Z. 

Head below for pics and quotes….

On Receiving Love From Beyonce & Jay-Z:

“The specifics of it I like to keep to myself because it’s just so special. But Bey and Jay-Z have definitely been vocal about how much they want me to win.”

On Her Mission:

“Those women before me, I wanna finish what they started.

[As well as that] I’m gonna make whatever I do black. You’ll know that I’m a black girl, even if it’s on the quote unquote whitest record ever.”

On Her Work Ethic:

“I know how to work really hard, harder than everybody else. If they’re putting in five hours, I’m putting in eight.

There are a lot of moments where I feel like I have no room to make mistakes. I could fall down a million times, but that is not enough for me, ever. I’m gonna get back up.”

Fire feature!

Here’s hoping the coming months bring with it the heat to further fuel her exciting ascend.

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan / Ellen Von Unwerth]

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  1. LOTUS November 26, 2019

    She looks gorgeous. Bring on that second single already!

  2. Detruth November 26, 2019

    She is beautiful with the right music I think she can make it

  3. Nicky November 26, 2019

    Beauty. Talent. Charisma. Smash hits. Top 40 debut solo hit.

    Already gracing covers with no album out.

    Legends approval. They hate to see it.

    Can’t wait for the album


    • Clarksooon November 26, 2019

      Camila Cabello is the first lead female artist to have two songs with over 1 billion streams each on Spotify.

      Camila only 22 years and she’s already breaking record.
      Her solo career is 2 years old and she’s already breaking records.

      Normani don’t have any achievements.
      She came 3rd on dancing with the stars and is a fenty ambassador. Lol

      • Oh plz November 26, 2019

        You’re played out, dude. Come with something fresh or stay out the comment section.

      • C***** November 26, 2019

        Now Spotify records count for anything? Go back to Havana dude you’re delusional none of them will be successful. Not the lazy eyed one, nor the lesbian, not Wannabe Beyomani or C***** (I thing I’m forgetting about one of them but so what?).
        Those girls will never achieve solo longevity.

  4. Oh plz November 26, 2019

    Just beautiful! She’s got the look down, now it’s time to polish the voice and perfect the sound. Once that’s done, she’ll be unstoppable.

    • Clarksooon November 26, 2019

      Girl she was in a successful pop group, that was enough time to polish the voice and perfect the sound

      She has worked with top producers, max Martin, Calvin Harris, she didnt pop of

      She has collaborated with chart toppers and grammy winners, sam Smith, Khalid, wiz kid, 21 savage, Arianna Grande etc but her career hasn’t still taken off.

      How many chances do u think a record label will give a flop artiste before they drop them and move on to the next pop girl?

  5. Clarksooon November 26, 2019

    Normani is coming

    You guys have been saying this shìt for ages, when is she going to start slaying they charts cause we are tired of waiting.

    I dont see it happening for her at all.

    The Grammys paying her dust is a clear indication nobody in the industry is checking for her.

    • Oh plz November 26, 2019

      But you’re clearly checking for her, asshole. You ain’t foolin anyone…you’re an undercover fan.

  6. Keith November 26, 2019

    I want Normani to win also but so far she has under-delivered with a few exceptions (“Waves”, award performance of “Love Lies”). These interviews and layouts are cool but there’s no substantive music…Endorsements mean little.

  7. Clarksooon November 26, 2019

    I have to admit, she pretty in these photos,
    They styled her right and she should keep this look cause this is what works for her.

    But looking at her, she does nothing for me

    Looking at summer walker, ari Lennox, doja cat, sza, ella mai , her , they move me. I’m interested in what they have to say.

    Normani does nothing for me. She doesnt move me one bit

    • 3215 November 26, 2019


  8. only facts November 26, 2019


  9. A&R November 26, 2019

    They’re finally getting her look RIGHT! Color is the friend of chocolate skin???? Yer!! Only critique is… don’t be so vocal about it being black. Just make it if you’re too overt you’ll run the risk of intimidation

    Outside of that, Normani just hella GOOD! Damn she bad!

    • only facts November 26, 2019

      RIGHT?! So excited! The album announcement is coming soon I feel it! All of this promo isn’t for nothing. 🙂

    • Oh na na November 28, 2019

      Lol she not intimidating no one. Especially gorgeous Latinas. Lol you trippin. Black men drool when they see latinas.

  10. Clarksooon November 26, 2019

    Artists with the most songs with over 1 BILLION streams on Spotify:

    — 6 songs
    • Justin Bieber

    — 4 songs
    • Post Malone
    • Ed Sheeran

    — 3 songs
    • The Chainsmokers
    • Shawn Mendes

    — 2 songs
    • Camila Cabello
    • Drake
    • Imagine Dragons
    • DJ Snake
    • Major Lazer

    Camila is the only girl on the list.

    Adele, Arianna, Rihanna, Taylor, beyonce, lady gaga, all these girls have been in the game for years and none of them could achieve this record.

    Camila solo career is 2 years old and she has achieved this. with only 1 album.
    signs of longevity

    • Swirly November 26, 2019

      Signs of delusion. Camilia will never reach levels that the artists you named have seen. NEVER.

      • Clarksooon November 26, 2019

        But Camila has achieved something no other female artist has ever achieved. 2 songs with 1 billion streams each. And Camila did this with only 1 album, a debut album.

        Camila is only 22 and shes already breaking records and setting records. Her solo career is 2 years old.

        U cant deny this is impressive as f****.

        Normani can never achieve half of this.

    • You Tried November 28, 2019

      1 billion streams ? You act like that’s a hard feat . That’s easily done with all the fans she has alone. There are many other streaming apps like Apple Music and tidal where the others you named surpass 1 billion combined on all platforms. You have to be exhausted to hate Normani this much that you mention her all day everyday….

  11. only facts November 26, 2019

    Single #2 and an album announcement are coming. TWO magazines in one month and the Savage X Fenty announcement last week? Oh yes, the single and album are COMING! YESSSSSS Normani!

    And the official stamp of approval from Beyoncé AND Rihanna? The holy trinity of melanin pop stars is complete.

    I am READY Normani!

  12. Swirly November 26, 2019

    Pretty girl but in order to win, you need a better team and music. The Ariana Grande b-sides aren’t doing anything for her.

    • KeepingItReal November 26, 2019

      Facts ??????

    • Oh na na November 28, 2019

      She’s not even pretty. Ppl just love to say she is because she’s dark skinned. I see better looking dark women cash me out. Girl stop letting Black social media make you look like a fool. Stop obsessing over Black this and that. You need a hit! No amount of melanin will force the masses to buy your music. You need a catchy bonafide hit. Rihanna didn’t go on about her light skin or her green eyes, or being black when she debuted, she just got with talented producers and chose HITS!

    • Oh na na November 28, 2019

      Sorry wrong reply

  13. Bussyfellows November 26, 2019

    When I listened to Fifth Harmony when they first came out I said who is that with those runs. I just knew it had to be Normani, but I realized those runs were coming from Camila. I want Normani to show more vocal prowess in her music.

    • Adele November 26, 2019

      She’s not the best singer which shouldn’t hold her back in today’s landscape. I think she needs to go the Danity Kane route. Giving us R&B+Pop versus that first single which just was not the one.

      • Bussyfellows November 26, 2019

        She needs to go talk to Simon Cowell

      • Buzz Off November 26, 2019

        I think that’s where you’re wrong my friend.. Now in the Climate of music, you need to be a SAAANGER..
        Camila can be annoying at times but she Delivers vocally.. she does some of the most difficult runs.. something I’ve been waiting to see in NORMANI, all we want is Vocals, she can keep the dance moves..

    • Angela D Wesley November 26, 2019

      Camilia sounds like a horse and those runs you are talking from Ally and Normani. Some
      young people don’t talent when they see it.

    • You Tried November 28, 2019

      Wrong those runs were Dina and Lauren and Lauren sings circles around Camilla

  14. POPS MOTHER November 26, 2019

    Beyonce and Jay Z could want you to win but truth is you won’t if we the masses don’t care about you. yes she looks pretty in these pictures but she doesn’t do it for me. She’s giving me Tinashe vibes. The universe just doesn’t have it for these chicks. Summer Walker came out of nowhere and delivered such a great album. Ella Mai delivered some cute bops, even Queen Naija has made better music. I don’t know much about Ari Lennox but people praise her music. Normani has released and been featured on how many songs now? when it isn’t for you, it isn’t. Even Camila Cabello has seen more success than her. When you don’t have IT you just don’t. I’m sorry but she will never happen.

    • Kix November 26, 2019

      You are going to eat your words

      • Kix November 26, 2019

        Every heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. Moral of the story is slow and steday wins the race. It didn’t happen for Beyonce straight out the gate after being in destiny’s child. Remember “Fighting temptations ” or “Work it out”? Yeah, no one does either. Rihanna only had m

      • Kix November 26, 2019

        (Continued) moderate success before the break out if Umbrella. Both have solidified themselves as music legends

      • POPS MOTHER November 26, 2019

        Yes I see your point of view but she is NOT Rihanna or Beyonce. the music scene and industry has changed SO much recently. The industry will keep on changing, Now Normani is a dancer and good performer but she comes at an average level with them vocals. Even Selena Gomez just got a number 1 on billboard and does less than Normani. She can’t even pop off the way summer walker, Ella Mai, Queen Naija and the rest have. Twitter can hype her up all they want and make her seem bigger than what she is but BILLBOARD speaks otherwise.

      • ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine November 26, 2019

        “Fighting temptations” came out after “Crazy In Love”, Beyonce was already the it girl, as she had releases of her own, and off multiple movie soundtracks (bad boy 2) that entire summer- beyonce was on top and EVERYWHERE. “Work it out” was from Austin Powers, the box office smash hit beyonce was costarring in. I mean… come on, she was the leading lady in the movie. Not to mention a Grammy award winning lead singer of one of the greatest girl groups of all time. Her and Normani are way different types of talent in different types of situations. Beyonce always has been and always will be- the Star. Even in 1997

  15. Nicky November 26, 2019

    Normani is slaying

    Slow and steady wins the race

    One is already losing steam with 5 consecutive solo flops

    We love to see it. ??????

    3 performances but no impact. So so sorry!!!

  16. OOPS November 26, 2019

    She needs a new team. Classify under I need my group to get back together. Solo Life ain’t working

    • Clarksooon November 26, 2019

      Camila will never ever go back to fifth harmony and without Camila they dont have a lead singer and they are gonna flop

      Immediately Camila left the group they started flopping. Down couldn’t replicate the success of work from home

      What does Camila need them for?

      Camila out here doing an arena tour, second album on the way, getting Grammy nominations, winning latin Grammy awards, performing 3 times at the AMA , opening the 2019 grammys awards etc among other things, while the other girls are nowhere to be found

      Lauren has started taking hosting gigs. So embarrassing

      Normani and ally were on dancing with the stars.
      Ally actually performed better than normani (the dancer) on the show.

      Dinah, nobody knows what she’s doing.

      • Jboat November 26, 2019

        Did you listen to Romance as it leaked?

  17. Buzz Off November 26, 2019

    Beautiful.. But with her mediocre vocals idk if she can Win at all..
    She can bring as many dance moves she has under sleeves but now in this Music Climate, Vocals are everything .. if she was starting her career in the 90’s probably she would’ve been blow up Musically but idk..
    Wish her the best..

    • Kix November 26, 2019

      So why is Taylor swift popular? Vocals don’t mean much in pop music. Never have. Selena gomez os another one with flop vocals.

      • POPS MOTHER November 26, 2019

        Taylor and Selena have dedicated fan base who are loyal and will put them on top. Selena Gomez as average as she is runs circles around Normani with sales and charts + success.

  18. What would Whitney do November 26, 2019


    Dummy, she just mentioned Beyonce. F*** Beyonce b**** worry about you…

  19. Jboat November 26, 2019

    The only problem that I have with Normani is that Beyoncé thing that always comes around. I think she’s using it for clout and that’s why I’m always reading somewhere “she’s the next beyoncé” no she’s not, she’s Normani. She’s trying to associate her name to Beyoncé so people can consider her to the same level in their thoughts, smart and it works.

    • POPS MOTHER November 26, 2019

      Maybe that’s the reason people have turned on her. She imitates beyonce too much and focuses on trying to be her that people just don’t care.

      • Taryn November 27, 2019

        I’ve been saying this for ages. She is just a Beyoncé tribute act. We already have a Beyoncé, we do not need another. We need her to be Normani. There’s a difference between inspiration and impersonation and she’s doing her best Beyoncé impersonation right now. Her trying to finish what Beyoncé, Janet, Tina Turner, etc. started is a bad move, because all of them finished what they started. Janet really paved the way for female pop entertainers. She’s the reason choreography has to be top notch. No one was giving that kinda crisp choreography for pop female artists.

  20. MB November 26, 2019

    I’m sorry but this girl is so boring!

  21. Taryn November 27, 2019

    Normani is gorgeous and her duets are cute, but she doesn’t stand a chance. Bey and Jay wanting her to win is not going to help her unless they give her fake TIDAL streams like they’ve done for themselves. Something is missing. Right now she feels like a Beyoncé tribute act, so the moment she pushes herself to give the public something different she will do better. Motivation had all the hype in the world and the white gheighs throwing together their worse choreography and still she didn’t get a hit.

  22. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. November 27, 2019

    This poor woman. Everytime I see her in a publication I get Beyonce vibes. This is not the way. I don’t see star. I see wanna be Beyonce and this is NOT a good thing.

  23. Oh na na November 28, 2019

    She’s not even pretty. Ppl just love to say she is because she’s dark skinned. I see better looking dark women cash me out. Girl stop letting Black social media make you look like a fool. Stop obsessing over Black this and that. You need a hit! No amount of melanin will force the masses to buy your music. You need a catchy bonafide hit. Rihanna didn’t go on about her light skin or her green eyes, or being black when she debuted, she just got with talented producers and chose HITS!

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