T.I’s ‘Red Table Talk’ Interview Slammed / Social Media & ‘The View’ Weighs In

Published: Tuesday 26th Nov 2019 by David

T.I’s efforts to explain why he asked his daughter to undergo intrusive tests to prove that she is still a virgin have been slammed…universally.

The rapper took Jada Pinkett Smith‘s ‘Red Table Talk’ with hopes doing so would silence the criticism he is facing from those who say his interest in his daughter’s personal life is unsettling.

Waiting below?

Condemnation from all corners of the world of entertainment.

Sunny Hostin of ‘The View‘ shared…

I think women for too long have been forced to feel bad about their sexuality. I think for me, as someone who grew up in the church in the Catholic faith, I was made to feel bad about my sexuality.When T.I. was talking about his daughter and her sexuality, there was this double standard I kept on hearing over and over again. He wasn’t as concerned about his son as his daughter. I thought your household changes if your son gets someone pregnant as well.

Meghan McCain feels the same….

Now Deyjah is going to have to deal with every man she goes out with knowing that her dad was so obsessed with her sexuality that he got her checked by a gynecologist.

Wendy Williams was just as horrified.

I never thought he was in the examination room while her daughter was akimbo in the stirrups. It’s still a violation and he’s still talking too much.

The more he talks the more of an ass he looks like.

She had this to say about the double standards he subjects to his son and daughter too.


What are you talking about?! If your son gets a girl pregnant, your household still changes. What are you trying to say?


Your thoughts?


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  1. only facts November 26, 2019

    There’s no coming back from this, T.I. and for you Tiny, you and that face should be ashamed for allowing this to happen. Just disgusting. Tiny…why did you not leave this a**hole? Weren’t they about to get divorced years ago? What happened? Leave his a**

  2. Clarksooon November 26, 2019

    These are the people the black community looks up to, rappers and athletes that cant even read or write.

    iggy warned us about him. She was right.

    • Oh plz November 26, 2019

      STFU you uneducated piece of s***. Only the ignorant and desperate resort to generalizations to argue their point. Didn’t you say you were black?? Do you idolize rappers and athletes? If not, then your comment is null and void. I always thought you were a dumbass, but now you’ve just proved it.

  3. only facts November 26, 2019

    That karma came for T.I. QUICK as hell. He was just throwing shots at Nicki and Iggy, and look at you now.

    BTW, where is Iggy’s EP???? Does ANYONE know???

  4. Bussyfellows November 26, 2019

    Chi’ it makes me wonder how much misogyny is really in the blk community that he is given a pass and an even bigger platform to talk about this. Is it so hard to apologize and say “I was wrong”. We won’t respect you any less for apologizing. I also wonder why he has these standards for girls but not boys. Who do you expect your boys to fornicate with? On second thought I’m glad this is being exposed because something just got to change

  5. Paulo November 26, 2019

    Cancel this pig and the entire family already. Jada gets a side eye for giving their misogynist bs another platform

    • only facts November 26, 2019

      Right? Jada is lowkey sloppy with her interviews on this red table talk…just a sloppy mess.

  6. PinotNoir November 26, 2019

    I, for one, applaud him even if I deplore his way of going about it. While he SHOULD teach his son not to be promiscuous, the only reason U.T.I. doesn’t take said-son to the OBGYN is hymen absence in men … duh. Nothing wrong with a dad deriving pride from his daughter’s intact hymen. Even if girlfriend greets Santa from the backdoor to preserve it. ‘Tis God’s seal of purity … a rarity nowadays.

    • PinotNoir November 26, 2019

      P.S. when did Jada’s eyes turn green?!?

      Weird … was watching her on The Matrix, the other night, and her eyes were more brown then than is her nose now.

      Has she gotten eye color change surgery in Africa a la Tiny? ?

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