Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Returns to Hot 100 High 25 Years After Debut

Published: Monday 9th Dec 2019 by Rashad

Christmas is coming early for Mariah Carey and fans.

The Pop diva, whose enduring holiday classic ‘All I Want for Christmas’ has become an anthem synonymous with the season’s arrival, has been burning up streaming and digital download platforms with the song since early November.

And, while the tune’s annual ascension on Billboard charts is by no means a surprise, now – just a day after learning its parent album, ‘Merry Christmas,’ cracked the Billboard 200’s top 10 again – the Walter Afanasieff-co-written cut has snipped out the competition to land at #3 on this week’s Hot 100 (mirroring last year’s re-peak).

25 years after its debut, ‘Christmas’ could claim Billboard’s top spot in the coming weeks. See what why inside:


Mariah Carey dashes 18-3 on the Hot 100 with “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” returning to its peak to-date first reached last holiday season (on the chart dated Jan. 5, 2019), when it became the first top-five holiday hit on the survey in 60 years.

It’s the highest-charting holiday song by a soloist in the Hot 100’s archives, bested overall in the category only by The Chipmunks’ “The Chipmunk Song” (with David Seville), which ruled for four weeks in 1958-59.


Carey stands to become the first recording artist in history to nab a Hot 100 chart-topper with a holiday tune.  If accomplished, the jump would not only be her 19th run atop the tally, but would also extend her reign as the Billboard Hot 100’s most successful female artist ever.

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  1. Clarksooon December 9, 2019

    Mariah is so awesome. She and J. Lo are teachers and Camila is student

    • ??? December 9, 2019

      lmaooooo stop trying to make camiltoe happen. mariah & jlo dont associate with 50k flops lmfaooooooo

      • Jam December 9, 2019

        LMAO this delusional annoying person keeps trying it!!! I honestly refuse to listen to her music until week two just to help contribute it to flop. Seems like she is more of a singles artist, but I am honestly surprised her streaming isn’t any higher… This spells bad news for a lot of the other new pop girls coming out.

  2. Clayne December 9, 2019

    I hope it hits number 1!

  3. Clarks0oñ December 9, 2019

    Queen of ever green songs.
    A song that will keep making u money after years of release.

    Not many people have that

    Havana sold an extra 1 million copies in 2019 alone.
    A 2017 song did that.

    A 2017 song outsold normani motivation in 2019.

    • ??? December 9, 2019

      lamoooo but camilflop couldnt even sell 100k albums tho, why couldnt young thug’s song keep her from tanking lmfaoooooooo

      • Clarks0oñ December 9, 2019

        I said what I said

        Stay pressed
        Album about to debut In the top 5
        Album already Grammy nominated

        They hate to see it

  4. Rashad December 9, 2019

    This is why MC is the diva supreme. This song deserves to be her 19th #1 bc it’s beyond iconic…it’s timeless. People will still be listening to this ethereal bop in 2057 and beyond

    • Clarksooon December 9, 2019

      Seems like its on Mariah to make that happen! Two weeks at number 3 means she should do a new remix to get it to number 1.

  5. ? December 9, 2019

    She will be #1 the last week of 2019 and first week of 2020 !

    Extending her lead in so many accomplishments and records she holds

    Sleigh ?

  6. High Price December 9, 2019

    Mariah is THAT CHICK! Only she! Congratulations MC! ??

  7. Fancy BISH December 9, 2019

    Queen Of Christmas! ?? ❄️ ⛄️ ?

  8. JOHNVIDAL December 9, 2019

    OMG could it really happen? It would be one of those cases where it is kind of a tremendous satisfation. Like when some of these artists make a huge comeback or soemthing. In this case because it´s obvious this real classic deserves to be named #1 hit. Too many classics are not/were not #1s while too many crapp songs are. Plus it´s Mariah and would be her 19th. I mean… that could erase possibilities of some undeserving artists out there to get more #1s than her… ever.

  9. stan December 9, 2019

    simply incredible

  10. only facts December 9, 2019

    Mariah is such a Queen! I hope this goes to #1!

    • Clarks0oñ December 9, 2019

      Girls who scored a number one this year

      Arianna Grande – thank u next, 7 rings.

      Lizzo- truth hurts

      Lad gaga- shallow

      Camila Cabello – seniorita

      Halsey- without me-

      Selena -love you to love me

      Billie eilish- bad guy

      Can mariah join the list? Let’s wait and see

      Normani nowhere to be found after all the hype. ????

      • Jam December 9, 2019

        girl eff your list. She hasn’t released her album yet, and if you compare Motivation to Crying in the Club, Motivation slayed it the eff out of the water.

        My real question is if Normani gets a number 1 album and single, will you stop dragging her name in your dumb posts? it’s exhausting and also stupid because you seem to think the world revolves around 5H girls.. when nobody knows most of their names outside of Normani and Camila…

      • Clarks0oñ December 10, 2019

        Waves is normani debut single and it didnt chart

        Crying in the club charted and it is certified platinum.

        Motivation is certified gold after all the hype and free promo

  11. Caleb December 9, 2019

    This is why she is Billboard’s #4 artist of all time and #1 female!!

  12. LOTUS December 9, 2019


  13. Tom December 9, 2019

    Omg!! I am so excited I just know with all the streams and fans buying the’ All I want for Christmas is you ‘single, LP, cassettes and downloads it wil definitely surge to #1 this year!! So proud of Mariah right now ??????❤️???????Xx

  14. Erica December 9, 2019

    Britney Spears should really promote her Christmas song, it has 100 million listeners on Spotify this year it just need a video & promotion

    • Jam December 9, 2019

      I didn’t even know she had one! Brintey just doesn’t care lol

  15. MrDLOC December 10, 2019

    A song with a life of its own. A song that wasn’t allowed to chart on Billboards Hot 100 upon it’s initial release 25 years ago….has gradually, after the rules have been changed, year after year, made its annual climb to it’s eventual crowning destiny…
    not only will this remarkable song achieve the impossible this year, i predict it will become an ANNUAL EVENT!!

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