Jennifer Lopez & Shakira Dish On Super Bowl Halftime Show At Joint NFL Conference

Published: Thursday 30th Jan 2020 by Sam

This Sunday brings with it Jennifer Lopez and Shakira‘s hotly anticipated Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

The extravaganza will unite the Latin superstars for the first time in a showing that promises to be unmissable.

And while the ladies are keeping some details under wraps, they held a media briefing today; one which saw them share morsels of tea about what 100 million + viewers can expect from their Hard Rock Stadium showing.

Speaking on their performance, the divas revealed that their shows (which presumably will be separate) will be different but ultimately will compliment one another.

Watch the full press conference after the jump…

Super Bowl LIV airs this Sunday (February 2nd).


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  1. Ugghh January 30, 2020

    Shakira comes off down to earth and fun. I’m excited to see her performance!

  2. Gworl Bye January 30, 2020

    Yawn. Not hyped about this AT ALL.

    • Fancy BISH January 30, 2020

      As long as they keep it cute and not mess the flow up while I eat my wings, pasta salad ? and croissants ? then it’s all good ? They should just stick to their older songs (bops), and keep the new material (flops) in the car!

  3. Jungkook January 30, 2020

    This video sums up everything. Star power vs a has been who is there by connections (Jay Z – roc nation).

    Jennifer was the centre of attention during the press conference.

    • D January 30, 2020

      Shakira is a has been? ??

      • Jungkook January 30, 2020

        Shakira’s last and one and only hit was hips don’t lie 15 years ago. Why is shakira on the Superbowl? Because JAY-Z ROC NATION.

    • only facts January 30, 2020

      Shakira is not a has been. She’s sold significantly more in total around the world than Jlo and lets not forget Grammy’s

      • Jungkook January 30, 2020

        Well talking about awards: Jennifer is the first female singer to receive the Billboard icon award and the first female Latin to receive the vma vanguard award. The Grammys are a joke. I mean… Copyonce is almost the most person with Grammys wtf ! Most of important acts don’t have anyone : guns n roses, Freddy Mercury , Depeche mode , etc.

    • Paulo January 30, 2020

      I’m gonna resist the urge to drag JLo’s lack of hits this decade cause I like her too. Shakira’s only flop era was her self-titled, El Dorado had the Latin charts on lock for over 2 years, she’s a streaming force 2 decades into her career and she still holds the record for biggest weekly album sales in the US for a non-English record. You’re a fool!

      • D January 30, 2020


      • only facts January 30, 2020


    • melinda January 31, 2020

      cant agree more . i just dont understand the hate over jlo . she is a true entertainer the biggest actually yet they love to drag her . for what ? that s called JEALOUSY

  4. Haterz Gon‘ Hate January 30, 2020

    Omg didn’t their stylists talk to each other??? JLo looking like a Milli ???and Shaki looking like she got caught on her way out to the corner store for some Cheetos. I CANNOT ???

    Not excited for this at all. Maybe I’ll tune in while ironing. ???

  5. Bluebird January 30, 2020

    I’m sure Jennifer Lopez JLO microphone will be turned OFF

  6. only facts January 30, 2020

    Fake unity. I love them both, but we know Jlo is pissed that they called in Shakira behind her back. This is going to be so awkward. They have NO songs together. I’ll have my popcorn ready tho

    • K_man January 30, 2020

      Right! I think it’s funny because Pepsi already had shakira in mind and basically put her in there. J.Lo is still pissed and it will go down in history the time shakira had to share the stage with a mime

  7. Pat January 30, 2020

    With Jan And bey enjoying thick weight and Ciara pregnant. J lo just may be just be the most capable woman for this right now

    • Justme January 30, 2020

      Ewww who likes bones

  8. Kevon January 30, 2020

    I love both ladies ..looking forward for the show

  9. Dina January 31, 2020

    With all my respect to shakira because she is half lebanese . But jlo outshined her . She is the star of the SB . Jlo gonna kill it

  10. POPS MUVA January 31, 2020

    Americans stay saying that JLO outshines Shakira and that Shakira is a has been. Lemme tell you all that she is very big and she’s been THAT B*TCH!!!! Beautiful Liar can tell you. She has a lot of latin hits across the world which JLO has failed to do so. The problem is that JLO has stayed in the media while being mediocre at music and acting so she has been more o the press. This by no means makes Shakira less.

  11. Glazba February 1, 2020

    J. Lo looks super old comparing to the sweet and breathtakingly gorgeous and naturally looking Shakira. Damn it! This will be a mother and daughter performance LOL

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