New Song: H.E.R. – ‘Sometimes’

Published: Tuesday 28th Jan 2020 by Rashad

H.E.R. fans may still be crying foul because the 22-year-old walked away empty-handed after this Sunday’s Grammy Awards (January 26), but she’s pressing forward with new music.

Using the televised platform to unveil her new song ‘Sometimes’ via live performance (click here to watch), she quickly followed with an upload of the tune’s studio version to her official Youtube handle.

“Sometimes shit don’t go your way / And sometimes you gon’ have those days / And sometimes you’ll feel out of place / You can’t promise me it’ll be the same / ‘Cause sometimes change,” she sings on the inspirational track.

Hear it in full inside:

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  1. eric January 28, 2020

    I think it needs more melody.

  2. Tori January 28, 2020

    Seems like she’s starting to fade out now. I like her music but…yeah!

    • Lmfao_Hoe January 29, 2020

      Agree from this to that remix of Slide

  3. Music lover January 29, 2020

    She came out blazing and she’s clearly a good singer, good songwriter but something is so bland I can’t put my finger on it. I think I need to hear her destroy a bridge, I used to think she was like a new brand but yet again she’s artists that brandy inspired do not compare! But waiting for brandy is soul destroying anyway !

    • ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine January 29, 2020

      She’s vocally inspired by brandy but musically her last two albums are far better than 2/11 and Human. And she’s only 21 years old. She has time

      • Martaevia La’Wayne January 29, 2020

        No way you can compare anyone to Brandy. Someone that’s been in the game for years. Some that changed the game and continues to inspire others… No Way… It disrespectful. Her is super talented though.

      • Music Lover January 29, 2020

        I havent heard H.E.R sing better than 14 year old brandy let alone Grown Brandy

      • ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine January 29, 2020

        Vocally Brandy is in a league of her own and Full Moon is one of the greatest albums of all time. Not talking about vocally tho. Musically 2/11 and Human are good but not that great. HERs two albums are better than 2/11 and Human, for me. Vocally HER cant see Brandy, obviously but HER plays Multiple instruments, writes and a lot of other things Brandy doesn’t do.

  4. ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine January 29, 2020

    HER really is in a league of her own. And at only 21 she is only going to get better and better.

  5. Around the way filet January 29, 2020

    Her voice is so monotone.

  6. Cruz January 29, 2020

    She’s a super talented musician and an OK vocalist but her music doesn’t do anything for me. I need some new SZA

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