Final Numbers Are In: Eminem Makes History As ‘Music to be Murdered By’ Sold…

Published: Tuesday 28th Jan 2020 by Rashad

Eminem made fans drop jaws and open wallets when he sprung his surprise LP, ‘Music to be Murdered By,’ on the masses January 17th.

Coming as his 11th studio album, the 20-track set followed 2018’s Kamikaze and was quickly showered with praise from fans and critics alike.  Going to chart battle with Pop sensation Halsey, late rapper Mac Miller, and a number of other highly anticipated releases, industry analysts predicted ‘Music’ would not only sell over 300,000 its first week but would also easily outpace the competition in the race to the top of the Billboard 200 (as we reported here).

Now with its inaugural tracking week in its rear view, it’s been unveiled just how many units Em’s effort shifted. Look inside to see:

‘Music to be Murdered By’

First Week Sales (SPS): 279,000

First Week Sales (Pure): 117,000

Chart Debut Position: #1

‘Music’ may have missed its predicted mark overall, but its pure sales did fall in the expected range (100-125,000).  Paling in comparison to the 434,000 its predecessor, ‘Kamikaze,’ amassed in 2018, ‘Music’ managed to surpass the so-so performance of its 2017 forerunner, ‘Revival,’ which opened with 267,000.

Coming as Em’s 10th consecutive Billboard 200 chart-topper, the latest win pencils him in history books as the artist with the most consecutive #1 albums.

Billboard reports:

“Eminem is just the sixth act with at least 10 No. 1 albums. He joins The Beatles (with a record 19), Jay-Z (14), Bruce Springsteen (11), Barbra Streisand (11) and Elvis Presley (10).

Eminem [also] breaks out of a tie with Kanye West for the most No. 1 debuts in a row on the Billboard 200, as Music to Be Murdered By clocks his 10th consecutive chart-topping arrival. West most recently notched his ninth straight No. 1 debut with Jesus Is King in 2019.”


Special note:  With ‘Music,’ Eminem narrowly maintains his record as the second oldest rapper to top the Billboard 200.  Jay-Z earned the title as oldest in 2017 when his title, ‘4:44,’ bowed at #1 on the tally (just 4 months shy of his 48th birthday).  Em – who is currently 47-years-old – is 10 months away from his 48th.

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  1. Ugghh January 28, 2020

    They should have let him perform at the Grammy’s. Beyoncé could have sang Spirit or Brown Skin Girls with cameo from Lupita, Naomi and Kelly. Usher performed which was great. We also could have gotten a “gospel” performance from Kanye. Kesha should have performed with Big Frida. I wouldn’t even mind if Khalid performed her had multiple singles out last her and a whole àss album. Latin music was huge, we need more than just Rosalia. Maluma could have performed J Balvin, Bad Bunny. Big Sean could have performed. I could go on and on

    • Ugghh January 28, 2020

      He had multiple singles out last year*

    • Tori January 28, 2020

      ????????! They could’ve done more than what they did but they seemed to not even give a damn about promoting so I knew it wasn’t going to be good ???!

    • Clarks0oñ January 28, 2020

      The Grammys are not the BET awards.

      Keep that trash at the BET awards.
      Brown skin girl, lol. Then bring out lupita to do what exactly? Lol

      Kesha was not nominated. Nobody knows that song.

      Big shawn? Lol girl just wait for the bet awards.

      • Ugghh January 28, 2020

        Because the 18.7 million people who watched knew or cared about Ms. KKK’s boring àss pr stunt?

        The only thing that performance showed us was the face of the household where her racist behavior began. HER DADDY!

        Gurl shut the f*** up and die off this site already.

      • Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

        Another Camila cabello is a racist joke.
        Imagine how tired we are.
        Say something new cause we’ve heard it all before

        Ur such a loser. Copying viral hate tweets about camila from twitter and coming here to post them.

        If ur gonna be a rat troll at least be creative.

        59 million monthly listeners on spotify.
        2nd most listened to artist on spotify
        So yes, people know who Camila is.

        Gurl dont worry the bet awards are coming up, k. Michelle and big sean and the Clark sisters are gonna perform since that’s what u like.

        Ur ghetto.
        Someone like u can never appreciate Camila’s performance to her dad cause u dont have a dad.
        It’s not my fault u cant relate, u dont know who ur daddy is.
        Sorry for u.

      • Ugghh January 29, 2020

        I didn’t even read your whole comment because you’re exhausting.

        Be creative? You ask for Normani on every post made on this site with the same old McDonald’s joke. I don’t need to come on here and be your entertainment. Unlike you, we all have real jobs. Go join the unemployment line with Ms. Azealia Banks herself. Maybe she can give you pointers on how to read sweetie. You’re lacking in delivery and most importantly dragging, but you must be tired from caring Ms. Mendes’ beard on your back to actually do anything worthy of putting someone in their place.

        Take a whole àss nap. You’re TIRED

      • Clarks0oñ January 29, 2020

        “I didn’t even read your whole comment ”

        Yes you did , u stupid clown.
        Ur a rat, a CHURCH RAT.

        U dont have a father that’s why u couldn’t relate with Camila’s performance of first man.

        A waste and a dissappiontment.

        Keep copying and pasting those viral hate tweets about Camila from Twitter.
        An uncreatuve idiot

        Sorry for u.

      • Paulo January 29, 2020

        ??? @ euggh I’m living for you dragging the trolls

    • Sky January 29, 2020

      You act as if the eople you listed want to perform at the Grammys, most of them are very open about the disdain for the ceremony.

      • Ugghh January 29, 2020

        The only person that has expressed this is Kanye West… guarantee if Jesus is King isn’t nominated next year he is going to go on a rant.

        Kanye shows disdain when it’s of convenience. He shît on Coachella in 2018 because he wasn’t getting his way and performed a year later. Ariana didn’t get her way last year at the Grammy’s and here she comes to perform this year. It’s all a bunch of “throw me a bone and I’ll perform a trick b.s.”

        You act as if their disdain isn’t selective based on the situation. If these artist actually felt disdain they wouldn’t submit their work to the Grammy’s every year.

    • Johny5 January 29, 2020

      You are literally dreaming.

    • Bluebird January 29, 2020


      • Paulo January 29, 2020

        Hmm to be fair Billie lost Pop Performance to Lizzo

  2. Only Facts January 28, 2020

    I’m shocked.

    • Just Sayin’ January 29, 2020

      Shocked by what? Em might be an old geezer but unlike most of these new joke that are called artist with these so called stan Em ‘s fans/stans buy and stream his s***. And this was done without bundles or physcial copies.

  3. Clarks0oñ January 28, 2020

    I thought eminem was gonna sell more.

    Poor halsey, she really wanted that number one spot.
    After all that hard work. Promoting for the past 2 years, only for eminem to come outta nowhere and snatch her spot.

    2020 so competitive.
    Everybody is coming
    Lil wayne is coming
    Gaga is coming next month
    Bieber is coming next month.

    Miss normani gonna wait till the coast is clear, till there’s no competition in sight before she drops that nonsense album. Lol

    • Jam January 28, 2020

      GIRL, where tf did Normani come into this discussion? Can you stop trolling with this Camila vs Normani nonsense. You sound stupid

      • Gurlbye January 28, 2020

        Exactly. Like who TF is Normani? We don’t know who she is
        Stop bringing her up clarkson

    • Paulo January 29, 2020

      It’s so funny how you project onto Normani the flaws of your own fav… like Crowmila played with her release dates to find a “clear coast” and got washed away by Roddy Rich ?

      • Gurlbye January 29, 2020

        To be fair Camila sold more physical albums than Rody without streaming

        Romance 54,0000
        Roddy Rich 4,000

        Even if Camila bundled it with tour and merchandise she still outsold Roddy in physical sales by miles. When romance was released not a lot of people purchased her concert ticket s that time. Now she’s in ,80-85 percent sold out.

        Now with streaming Rody has an advantage because most of his fanbase streams but don’t buy CDs.

      • Paulo January 29, 2020

        I don’t make the chart rules though. She missed the top spot with her overhyped ass and that is that. She had one of the biggest songs of the year in streaming, she shoulda been doing way better than him on that front too

  4. Cruz January 29, 2020

    Who the f*** is buying his angry garbage music??

  5. Lisa J January 29, 2020

    I was so excited when I found out about this surprise albumn. i have every single one if Eminem’s albums, and i have downloaded most of his co created songs on other albumns. I love the sound, collabs, and message. He is a true artist. And the way he tells life like it is, is the reason I have followed his art from the start. He has a God given talent. An amazing lyricist that cannot be beat.
    Listen and be in awe.

  6. Missy January 30, 2020

    Eminem I love u with all my heart the day u quit making music I might you to a psych ward!

  7. Drake January 31, 2020

    Guys a legend!!

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