Jay-Z Denies He Was Protesting At Super Bowl / Explains Why He Sat During National Anthem

Published: Wednesday 5th Feb 2020 by Sam

Jay-Z is speaking up and out about speculation that he staged a protest at the 2020 Super Bowl. 

The Rap mogul was in attendance at the Big Game this past Sunday, alongside wife Beyonce and their 8 year old daughter Blue Ivy. 

Notably, the event served as Jay’s first day on the job as co-producer of the Halftime show after striking a polarizing deal with the NFL. 

Despite this, when he and The Carters were spotted sitting during Demi Lovato‘s performance the US National Anthem, some oddly intimated it to be some kind of “protest” (akin to Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling). A stance that seemed to disregard the fact Jay has (even to his detriment) consistently touted his belief that true change could come about by advancing beyond kneeling.

Now, he’s setting the record straight for any and all of his detractors.

See what we mean below…

Speaking during a Q&A at Columbia University, Hov said of the idea he was protesting:

“It actually wasn’t, sorry. It wasn’t pre-meditated. [Media] can tell you what they want, but if it was, I’d tell you it was.”

He went on to unpack the reality, which was that he was in artist mode  – after being instrumental in piecing together key aspects of the event’s entertainment. Including Shakira and J.Lo’s Halftime extravaganza and Lovato’s Anthem gig. He stressed that he and the family were rooting for the singer and her comeback.

And we guess that’s that!

Your thoughts?

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  1. King Khia February 5, 2020

    Camel, please.

  2. Cleo February 5, 2020

    I don’t care Jay-Z cut your damn hair……or get dreads. I don’t know how Beyonce let him come outside like that.

    • Beylover February 5, 2020

      Let him? He is a grown ass man! You don’t see Jay-z telling Beyoncé how to wear wigs and weaves! ?

      • Cleo February 5, 2020

        How would you know?
        You there with them? If so then cut his hair for us….period Pooh

    • Cûûmila Cebolla February 5, 2020

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did.
      Telling her to wear those dry blonde weaves to make her look like his ex because naming his firstborn after her wasn’t enough

      • Gworl Bye February 5, 2020

        Spill that tea sis lol!

    • King Usher ? February 5, 2020

      Agreed ??

  3. Cûûmila Cebolla February 5, 2020

    I don’t care what this cheating liar has to say.
    He’s lying as soon as he opens his mouth

  4. only facts February 5, 2020

    Oh STFU you ROACH! You deserve to be blackballed after teaming with the NFL and lying that you spoke to Colin Kapernick about it. Why is he not cancelled?!

    • Gworl Bye February 5, 2020

      Because the roaches give him a pass for everything just because they worship his stepford wife/servant. Theyre just like trump supporters, blind idiots who give him a pass for anything.

      • The baddest February 5, 2020

        The only roaches call others that. Simple trash stay mad lol

    • The baddest February 5, 2020

      Shut your cornball ass up

  5. High Price February 5, 2020

    Wow. When I heard about them sitting, I honestly felt no know ways.. but to actually hear the whole story now and with Wendy Williams giving a whole speech on it. It’s hilarious to find out it was a BIG misunderstanding ?. Really Jay? ? But aye, he said what he said I guess lol.

  6. Beyonce knows February 5, 2020

    He didn’t have to give an explanation to anyone. I would’ve said I sat my a** down and got up when I felt it was time to do so.

    • Gworl Bye February 5, 2020

      You roaches give that clown a pass for anything just because you stan that trick hes married to huh…

  7. Gworl Bye February 5, 2020

    Figures his sellout punk ass would backpedal once massa started complaining that he’s not being a good little c00n. And his punk ass stepford wife is no better.

    • The baddest February 5, 2020

      Another win for the carters, stay silent and they still mad. Why would he admit to protesting when he simply stayed in his seat That’s not a protest lol

  8. only facts February 5, 2020

    You know, I was actually thinking Nicki Minaj might be able to make a comeback – she looks better than ever at the moment, stayed quiet, and the song she previewed had a HOT beat. But, TMZ posted a better clip of it and exposed that she has a line about Rosa Parks in it…and today is Rosa Parks’ birthday. How could her team be so careless? Just when I thought Nicki MIGHT be able to win again…nope. Still not coming to 2020 with us.

    • Urg February 5, 2020

      Wtf that has to do with Jay Z sitting during the natioal anthem. Just admit or a Nicki fan and keep it moving.

  9. Stop February 5, 2020

    B*******. The Carter’s are garbage.

  10. Lol February 5, 2020

    We don’t care.

  11. Okay? February 5, 2020

    Sean Bell shot 50 times by police.
    Jay z pays for Mr Bell children education.
    Shawn Carter foundation: Helps send the students to college who most have deemed (trash/undeserving)
    Helpin providing water to those in need (Africa).
    Bailing people out of jail for protesting.
    Helping with the legal support for those who can’t afford it.
    I could go on and on.
    But you know what it doesn’t matter.
    As long as he/we do something!

  12. Happy n Rich February 5, 2020

    Jay-Z is an international superstar and world traveler. Next time he’s in Cuba, I want him to sit through Castro’s anthem.

  13. Bey thinks PR stands for Puerto Rican February 5, 2020

    Did Jay Z just throw his wife Beyonce under the bus? When someone says. “what had happen was” it’s a wrap.

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