Live Stream: 2020 BRIT Awards – Starring Lizzo, Sam Smith, Harry Styles, Stormzy & More

Published: Tuesday 18th Feb 2020 by Sam

Ready or not, The BRITS are back!

The 2020 BRIT Awards are airing live from London’s famed O2 Arena.

And for the fourth year, the entire show is being streamed live for the world via Youtube.

Already boasting an action-packed performers list (including Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, and Harry Styles), the show was promises memorable moments.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in to the 2020 BRIT Awards right here on That Grape Juice! (Show is live…NOW).

NOTE: stream only works for non-UK viewers. UK viewers can tune in via ITV1

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  1. ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 18, 2020

    Congrats Camila Cabello ???

    Billboard Hot 100:

    #26. My Oh My —

    (10 weeks on chart | New Peak)

    • I’m back February 18, 2020

      That horse face h0£ will fall next week. That just went up thanks to that terrible video the horse ? released. Screenshot this bih and holla at us next week! Welovetoseeit

      • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 18, 2020

        Normani Charts Update
        Diamonds” — #116 Billboard Hot 100 (peak)

        iTunes Update:

        #98 United Kingdom (+59)
        #176 United States (+231)

      • Fancy BISH February 18, 2020

        I finally found that NBA performance in its entirety that Normani’s team tried to hide…she was TERRIBLE ? Amateur Night at The Apollo! She needs to take a break and reset…in fact, she can name her debut album Reset to get the message across that we won’t be hearing ANY of the songs she released and that she’s headed in a new direction altogether! She needs to fire her entire team after that performance! Even the choreography was dry! I could go into detail, but you really need to see it to believe it ? I kept pausing it cause I was so embarrassed for her #Cringe

      • Clarks0oñ February 18, 2020



        Finally we can both agree on something.
        Normani is not a good vocalist
        Even selena gomez fans were dragging her.

        And normani stans said she was beyonce’s successor.

        Why does she keep pointing the mic to the audience to sing along.
        They dont know her songs. Lol

        Can we finally agree that Camila is the better vocalist and performer?

      • Fancy BISH February 18, 2020

        Omg, I don’t know WHAT she was thinking by pointing her mic to the audience, cause CLEARLY they weren’t feeling her in the LEAST! I don’t know the words to those songs ? I was trying to see if she even knew them! A hot MESS all around! Her team gave her the live performance tracks so she was forced to “sing”….and NOCALS came out her mouth ?

  2. Fancy BISH February 18, 2020

    Come thru, Harry! I heard some fool robbed him, don’t make me catch a flight and get to capping! ✈️

  3. only facts February 18, 2020

    LAWWWWD!!! Britney Spears broke her damn foot! We all know her knee injury from 2004 impacted her dancing ability, so I’m scared as hell at what the hell her dancing might possibly look like whenever she does come out of retirement. Damnit man.

    • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 18, 2020

      Normani Charts Update
      Diamonds” — #116 Billboard Hot 100 (peak)


  4. only facts February 18, 2020

    Do you guys remember that clip of Jenna Dewan laughing and shading Camila Cabello’s performance at the AMA’s? LOL. Why did that clip just appear on my youtube recommended videos. CC will always be a joke.

    • Clarks0oñ February 18, 2020

      The 2019 AMAs, an award show Camila won best collaboration and performed 3 good times, while normani wasnt nominated or invited

      Atleast everybody knows the words to senorita

      Nobody knows normani songs.
      She pointed the mic to the crowd and it was crickets.

      This is not the first time this is happening , remember her tidal performance were she screamed WHAT?!!!!!! And pointed the mic to the crowd but it was only crickets.

      This turned into a popular meme.
      Who is the joke now?

      Everybody writing think pieces about normani’s disastrous career ending NBA performance. Lol

      Nicki minaj lied when she said normani is that bìtch

      • Fancy BISH February 18, 2020

        Nicki Minaj doesn’t even like her own songs ? I BEEN knew this, cause she NEVER convinced me that she did! It wasn’t a shock that she hated certain songs! I keep trying to tell people, if the artist isn’t convincing me through vocals, video and dance that THEY even like the song, why should I care? ? Normani hates those songs, cause she had no vocals to give on that stage! ? You better ACT like you like them…that’s why when a true artist says they didn’t like something, you’re genuinely shocked cause they slayed it like they did ?

  5. Nicky February 18, 2020


    Camicky takes another L

    The Brits don’t know her

    The main pop girls don’t know her

    Poor Camicky. At least you have your payola streams.

    Congrats to Normani for your nomination. Bad b**** status.


    • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 18, 2020

      Thanks Sam Smith for featuring Normani. At last she had a nomination. Thank for giving her her first top 7 single. She always needed the help???

      Congrats Camila for solo Nomination. That is my girl

      My Oh My #26
      Diamonds #116

    • cruelSummer February 18, 2020

      F******* has a Stan? Lol

    • February 19, 2020

      Yasssssssssss Congrats Normani on your nomination!!! #BlackExcellence

      • normanistan February 19, 2020

        she gone kill em’ with this album!!!

      • queen February 19, 2020

        they waiting for her crown to fall, so sad we gotta keep them waiting #normanithequeen

      • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 19, 2020

        For Lizzo, Missy, Beyonce, Rihanna cuz they are excellent performers and not mediocre like Normani

        Did I guys see her NBA performance, it was a disaster lol

        Normani is not a star

    • winner February 19, 2020

      ya’ll gone eat them words when normani drop her music

      • ILoveItWhenUCallMeSeñorita February 19, 2020

        She will do Tinashe numbers lol

      • what black excellence looks like February 19, 2020

        all you hating idiots, have you seen her vma performance? billboard? lollapalooza? jimmy fallon? coachella with khalid? jingle ball with khlalid? forbes 30 under 30 summit? jingle ball with sam smith? fenty fashion show? tidal? her acoustic performance of motivation at jingle ball? her performance with fifth harmony vma 2017 and their win? her own win for waves at the vma 2019? most importantly sweetner tour with the reigning pop queen ariana grande? so tell me where this girl is not black excellence?

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