Normani Covers Wonderland Magazine

Published: Saturday 1st Feb 2020 by Sam

Normani is looking to take 2020 by storm and what better way to kick off the year than to blaze the Spring issue of Wonderland Magazine.

Lensed by Micaiah Carter, the shoot comes as anticipation continues to grow for the 23-year-old’s debut solo album.

Preceded by Billboard hit ‘Motivation,’ the set also will be arriving on the heels of ‘Birds Of Prey’ soundtrack offering – ‘Diamonds,’ which is top-billed by Megan Thee Stallion.

As we wait on more from what we hear is a scorching shoot, peep the visual for ‘Diamonds’ after the jump…

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  1. Urg February 1, 2020

    Clarkcoon about to drag the s*** out of this.

    • No Glory February 1, 2020

      Grow up

  2. KickinNScreamin February 1, 2020

    If I were an “New” artist, I’d be hustling in the public eye. Her Instagram is boring, I would have pushed my team to put me out there on tv programs. I say this politely. I am rooting for her, but I don’t think she is taking advantage of her exposure. And I am not a huge fan of Camilla, but she is doing it right. I had high hopes for her current album. But did not enjoy it as much as the first. There is space for both women to perform and be successful.

    • Dinahiscoming February 1, 2020


      • KickinNScreamin February 1, 2020

        How is that racist?

    • A&R February 1, 2020

      There’s also a method called not over-saturating the scene until you have actual content. Normani seems to have a game of chess going. She’s dropping quality nuggets here and there. She’s successfully creating a brand that looks super polished and welcome yet exclusive. She has a new age Beyonce approach. I love it. I’m anticipating her solo album and don’t feel like I’ve seen too much too soon. She keeps us checking right when you think she’s been laying low too long. Well done to her management. It’s very F****** s*** and refreshing during the social media w**** era??‍♂️

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        That’s the mistake yall are making

        Beyonce has worked hard and paid her due and has built alot of good will with the public over the years, has a strong fan base etc that’s why she can remain silent for months and drop music anytime she likes and it will sell

        Normani is a new artist
        Has no fan base
        Has no good will with the public
        No talent or vocals etc
        No accolades etc

        Ur always on twitter , so u thin normani is popular but twitter is not the real world. Go check out motivation streaming numbers and youtube views and come back to me.

        Another mistake, her appearance is super polish which is bad in today’s music climate. She looks like an insta model and she unrelatable.

        Quality nuggets? Motivation and diamonds are quality nuggets? Lol

  3. CALRKSO0N February 1, 2020

    ugh i love her so much more than cumilla ive finally realized normani actually has talent cumilla is all payola and sympathy

    • TheTea February 1, 2020

      Tru dat!!! ???

  4. Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

    Another day, another photo shoot from normani but no new music.
    Gurl are u still a singer? Are u still interested in making music?

    Yesterday normani released fenty lingeriè photos. Lool

    Everybody releasing new music, new videos, albums etc. except normani

    Even basic dua lipa who is from the uk, is out here redefining pop with her new music.
    How many years has dua been in the industry? She already has her own unique sound and artistry

    Soccer mom Meghan trainor dropping new music and hot collaborations.

    Normani scared of flopping.

    • CALRKSO0N February 1, 2020

      stop stealing my name you cumguzzler

    • TheTea February 1, 2020

      How many flushiz do it take 2get rid of ClarkshaatSo0n????? Cuz we‘d like2 C its paid-for-clicks writer a** GONE ?????????????? ?????

    • Only Facts February 1, 2020

      I think you mean Camila is scared of flopping. Can’t get a hit without a make feature ??? where did loving proof chart? I’ll wait

      • Only Facts February 1, 2020

        Male feature*

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        When normani scores a solo top 10 hit come speak to me. Until then shut ur mouth and eat ur cheese u rat


      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        Where was normani on Grammy night?


      • Only Facts February 1, 2020

        No stars were at the Grammys. The biggest stars there were Lizzo and Billie. Let me know when canola oil hits the top 40 again WITHOUT a feature.

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        Let me know when normani attends the Grammys as a nominated artist

        Let me know when normani scores a top 5 hit, with or without features.
        I have lowered the bar so low for the bìtch.

    • Paulo February 1, 2020

      “Basic Dua Lipa” lmao the ultimate evidence of delusion and lack of taste. Dua Lipa can sing, has a Grammy for Best New Artist and has topped the charts solo. Your fav crow could never, stay mad ?

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        Dua lipa has no number one song, so shut up.

        Yes she has 2 grammys, and I applaud her for that.

      • Only Facts February 1, 2020

        When Dua gets her #1 hit, it won’t be with a feature 🙂 And I’m still laughing my b*** off at Lewis Capaldi REJECTING canola’s offer to collaborate ?? a drug addict that still lives with his mother turned down the person you think is a big star.

      • Paulo February 1, 2020

        Dua Lipa has a solo worldwide #1 hit named New Rules. Idiot!

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        Typical normani stans

        Always Mentioning another artiste achievements cause their faves dont have any.
        Stop talking about other artistes achievements to further ur arguments, talk about normani’s achievements.

        Dua lipa- 2 grammy awards.

        Lewis capaldi- 1 number one song, 2 grammy nominations

        Camila cabello:2 number 1’s, 3 Grammy nominations

        Normani: kordie, Hamilton

        A nasty black rat

      • Paulo February 1, 2020

        You were the one who brought up Dua Lipa and Meghan Trainor and now that you can’t pit your crow fav against their achievements you’re back to your racially charged trolling against Normani. Crowmila stans – walking cerebral malfunction ???

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        U dumb àss dua lipa doesnt have a number one song . New rules didnt hit number one on the charts

        Camila has achieved more than dua.
        What are dua lipa’s achievements?

        Dua lipa doesnt even have a number one album, Camila has that to her credit.

        The argument is not between Camila and dua.
        Talk about normani’s achievements, rats
        She has none

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        But still didnt hit number one on the billboard charts, the only chart that matters.
        Ur a clown
        I dont argue with clowns

      • Paulo February 1, 2020

        But Mainstream Top 40 is a Billboard chart… Lmao three blind mice! Crowmila Clarkson and his other stank ass account ??

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        A clown who wants the last work.

        Mainstream top 40. Smh

        Billboard hot 100 is the main chart and normani, and dua dont have any number one on that chart

        Dua lipa has only 1 top 10 hit.
        No number one album.

        Gurl just be quiet and eat ur food.

    • Cookie n Cream February 1, 2020

      You all sound so stupid and petty. Especially this racist parasite “Clarks0on”. A racist stanning a racist, predictably yawn. I’m not even a Normani Stan but even with few accolades she has more talent & class in her left pinky toe than Camilla, who’s voice I always found unbearably annoying & is overrated as Taylor Swift or Beiber. Foh

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        What talent does normani have?

        She doesnt know how to sing
        She doesnt even know how to dance

        If she was a good dancer she would have won dancing with the stars but she didnt.

        Even ally brooke who has 2 left feet did better than ratmani on dancing with the stars. Ain’t that something

        Watch they are gonna start crying racism even tho I’m black

      • Cookie n Cream February 1, 2020

        “What talent does Normani have”? Well a lot more than a girl who career is based solely on sounding like someone scratching a board with their nails. Or like a cat having an orgasm. Normani is not my fave but she got moves for days & her voice is at least TOLERABLE

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        U did not still tell us normani’s talents.

        If normani was a good dancer she would have won dancing with the stars but she didnt.

        Her vocals are non existent

        Camila sings in falsetto. U dont even know what a falsetto is.
        Only legendary singers can sing in falsetto, Camila does it easily. Bye

        U people who support normani are so delusional.
        Twitter is not the real world

        The people who buy and stream music are not on Twitter.
        Normani has only Twitter hype.

  5. Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020


    Top 10 most streamed songs by female artists on Spotify:

    1- Havana (1.38B)
    2- New Rules (1.28B)
    3- Señorita (1.20B)
    4- Bad Guy (1.15B)
    5- Cheap Trills (1.11B)
    6- 7 rings (1.03B)
    7- Dance Monkey (1.01B) *NEW*
    8- Shallow (1.01B)
    9- Thank U, Next (1.01B)
    10- I Like It (993M)

    Camila has 2 whole songs in the top 3.

    Senorita coming for dua lipa’s new rules neck. An 8 month old song did that.

    In the next few weeks senorita is definitely gonna over take New rules.
    Camila gonna have the two most streamed songs by a female.

    her power.
    They hate to see it

    Normani can NEVER .
    Camila setting records normani can never break.

    • Dinahiscoming February 1, 2020


      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        Classic normani stan
        Always accusing everyone who doesnt like normani of racism.


        Ur faves hasn’t appeared on the charts since 2020 began

        The last time normani appeared on the charts was in November 2019.

      • Only Facts February 1, 2020

        Once again, let me know when canola oil hits the top 40 again WITHOUT a feature. The last time that happened was…never ? “never be the same” didn’t hit the top 10 until she did a remix with Kane brown. Absolutely no star power.

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        Once again let me know when normani gets a solo top 10

        Let me know when normani gets a number 1

        Let me know when normani get a grammy nomination

        Let me know when normani opens the Grammys

        Let me know when normani gets a top 5 hit

        Let me know when normani has a diamond certified single

        I can go on and on

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        When rat normani gets a number one diamond certified single come speak to me.
        Until then shut up and eat ur cheese, RAT

        Best selling singles globally (Nielsen’s era):

        1. Shape Of You – 49.1m
        2. Despacito – 42.6m
        3. Uptown Funk! – 37.2m
        4. See You Again – 36.6m
        5. Closer – 35.2m
        6. Roar – 32.2m
        7. Havana – 32m
        8. Call Me Maybe – 31.1m
        9. Thinking Out Loud – 30.1m
        10. Rolling In The Deep – 30m

        Numbers dont lie
        Havana number 7.

        Even big artistes Rihanna, beyonce, Taylor swift, arainna,lady gaga,cardi, nicki minaj, drake, post malone, are nowhere on the list.

        Normani who?
        Comparing camila, an A list celebrity with chart records to normani a cheerleader.

    • TheTea February 1, 2020

      How many flushiz do it take 2get rid of ClarkshaatSo0n????? Cuz we‘d like2 C its paid-for-clicks writer a** GONE ?????????????? ?????

    • Cookie n Cream February 1, 2020

      F*** Camilla. Period. Funny how you call everyone a “rat” but you stan one, and she actually LOOKS like one lmao. I have way more respect for a real life rat than I ever could for racist/overrated Camilla Cabello. Now bye

  6. Nicky February 1, 2020


    Another W for Miss normani slaying Magazine covers. 3 hits, VMA, acclaim ,No album OWT


    Camicky ticket sales flop
    Album FLopped
    Budgets down the drain and dropped from the label. BAbahahahahahahahahahahaah

    SHe really thought she can steal Taylor’s fans


    Inflated stream numbers not supported by album or ticket sales hahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha

  7. Only Facts February 1, 2020

    Stunning. Not everyone has the face to continue getting magazine covers, but Normani is absolutely beautiful.

    • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

      She looks like a drag queen
      Like a muscular man

      Theres nothing feminine about normani

      Frank ocean and lil nas x are more feminine than normani.

      When is normani gonna start wearing her natural hair? We all know she bald. Lol
      No hair underneath that lace front wig

      • Only Facts February 1, 2020


      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020


        Typical normani stans.

        They call Camila all sorts of derogatory names but when u attack Normani they start crying racism.
        I am black so that doesnt work for me

        Normani looks like a muscular manly male rat. Facts

        Cry about it.

      • Cookie n Cream February 1, 2020

        Camilla resembles a rat. And behaves like one. Plus her forehead has a forehead. So it’s funny how you call everyone a “rat” but you stan one. In fact I respect a random rat on the street than I do racist/overrated Camilla. You sound stupid & hateful and you make your fave look worse than she already does.

  8. Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

    “Normani is looking to take 2020 by storm ”

    Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100: #16(new) Diamonds, @theestallion & @Normani.


    This is a lead single to one of the most anticipated action films of 2020.
    It also had a music video.

    The last time this rat appeared on the charts was in November last year.

    Meanwhile Camila has 3 whole songs on the charts right now
    My oh my (no music video, no promo)
    South of the border

    Grammy night, Camila performed twice, whole normani wa not even invited.

    Camila is still the first and only ex 5th harmony member to attend the Grammys, 4 years in a row.

    Camila is still the first and only ex 5th harmony member to perform at the Grammys,

    Camila is still the first and only ex 5th harmony member to be nominated for a Grammy award and to open the Grammys awards.

    Camila is still the first and only ex 5th harmony member to perform SOLO at the Grammys.

    When muscular manly normani achieves this come speak to me.

    • Cookie n Cream February 1, 2020

      We all know Camilla got famous after eating Taylor Swift’s booty crack for years. Taylor put her on. And she popped off ONLY because she was the 1ST to leave the group. The same would’ve happened to Normani or Lauren if they had left 1st. Camilla ain’t Beyonce….. she got extremely lucky. So calm down. And again I’m not even a huge stan of Normani but I definitely respect her more than that little overrated, racist, POS, filth of a human being Camilla. And that’s on period. You’re trash & you stan one, that’s no surprise to anyone here but do carry on. Low life. The “Grape Juice” comment section IS your life ?

      • Only Facts February 1, 2020

        @cookie I am living for your replies!! Yassssssss!!!

  9. Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

    A rat who thinks she’s beyonce

    She’s afraid to release new music cause she knows she’s gonna flop.

    She cant survive with all the competition going on right now on the charts

    She’s probably gonna wait , when theres no competition and the coast is clear, she will quickly drop her album but it will still flop cause nobody outside Twitter is checking for her. That’s the tea

    • Paulo February 1, 2020

      This is what may be called projection – when you see your own b******* reflected in others.

      Crowmila waited until the coast was clear and got blocked by an unknown Soundcloud hype rapper. Even clinging to Shawn she couldn’t see 50k on streaming. The embarrassment ???

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        Waited for the coast to be clear?

        Xxxtentacion released his album that week. Lots of features and over 20 tracks

        Drench montana released his album that week also,lots of features also.

        The chain smokers also released their album

        Fat joe also released his album

        Romance leaked and still sold 70k in pure sales while roddy rich sold a mere 4k in pure sales.
        Cry about it.

        Typical normani stans always mentioning other artistes achievements to prop up their arguments.

        Mention normani’s achievements when arguing next time. Oh let me guess she doeant have any, only twitter hype

      • Paulo February 1, 2020

        The devil is a LIE! Crowmance sold 50k with a bundle and FAILED to double that number on streaming even though Senorita still charting. Which basically means that people are streaming the song but couldn’t give two shits about the album. Sip on that brain dead rat #ClarksonIsOver

      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        Sold more in pure sales than Roddy rich, cry about it. Rats

  10. Paulo February 1, 2020

    Yasss beautiful! ? can’t wait for the whole shoot

  11. Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

    Normani so ugly

    remember when normani was cropped out of that group photo with jordan wood, laurie harvey and ryan destiny.
    Everybody said normani ruins photos.

    Black men dont find her attractive.

    Everybody keeps saying normani is cute but it’s a fat lie
    They say it cause they dont want people to accuse them of hating dark skin women.

    But look at normani and that manly face of hers ????

    Watch as her fans gonna start crying racism, even tho they call Camila all sorts of racist xenophobic derogatory names.

    • Nicky February 1, 2020


      Camicky is HIDEOUS

      No beauty or body.


      • Clarks0oñ February 1, 2020

        Atleast she doesn’t look like a man.
        Unlike normani who looks like a body builder.

        Normani looks like a male wrestler.

    • Cookie n Cream February 1, 2020

      Again. You can’t shade anyone when your fave looks like Chucky Cheese himself in a wig. Do calm down lmfao

      • Only Facts February 1, 2020

        ????? I am DEAD!!!

  12. High Price February 1, 2020

    Princess Normani! The Answer is coming! I can’t wait!

  13. CALRKSO0N February 1, 2020

    all these comments the princess of R&B know how to get the gworls talking!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Johny5 February 1, 2020

    I’m always excited to see Normani… I know this tease will pay off majorly

  15. Tuneday February 1, 2020

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  16. BeinsipredBE! February 2, 2020

    This is BASICALLY Rita Ora and Zendaya all over again! PERI-MUTHAFUCKIN-IT!

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