Normani Stuns For Interview Magazine

Published: Friday 14th Feb 2020 by Sam

As Normani‘s ascend continues, the singer blooms in the latest issue of Interview Magazine. 

Posing it up for a unique polaroid shoot (lensed by Alia Penner), the 23-year-old makes for a breathtaking sight.

Beyond the colorful snaps, she also participated in a Q&A.

Peep pics and quotes below…

On Her Dream Date:

“I don’t really have one person in particular, but I’d love to go on a triple date with Barack and Michelle, and Jay-Z and Beyoncé.”

On Her Fifth Harmony Beginnings:

“I was discovered on the X-Factor. I auditioned as a solo artist and got eliminated, and I was put into a girl group called Fifth Harmony. We were together for about five years, I think. Now we’re all thriving and flourishing and doing our own individual things. But I was part of one of the biggest girl groups in history, and I’m so grateful I get to say that.”

On What She’s Reading:

“I’ve been diving into my Bible a little more. I try to let that be the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. I spend some personal time with god, and dive into the Word a bit deeper so that I’m able to have a better understanding of the things that have happened in this life.”

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Interview / Alia Penner]

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  1. Nicky February 14, 2020

    STAR. Beauty. Talent. Great Body.

    Some girls can’t relate.

    2 top 10 smash hits and top 40 solo without an album out.

    Some girls can’t relate.

    Acclaim. VMA award. Co-signs before Album.

    Some girls can’t relate


  2. IG: mixedboy February 14, 2020

    This site I tell you. Where is the STUN!? She’s a beautiful gurl. These pictures make her look like she’s crossed eyed and slow. Who is her team? They are really running her brand. Wtf

    • IG: mixedboy February 14, 2020


  3. Only Facts February 14, 2020

    Normani, we deserve answers on the music. What is going on?! RCA is fumbling with releasing Miley’s music too. What is going on?!

  4. I love big black c** February 14, 2020

    This is embarrassing… smh even serena williams pregnant photoshoot is way better. She has more potential to become a Ghetto stripper than a singer just sayin

  5. Che February 14, 2020

    Something about this photoshoot that makes me sad.

    • Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020


  6. Just Sayin’ February 14, 2020

    Normani wtf is your team doing. They should not be booking you magazine interviwes they should be booking you gigs and studio time. What the hell girl. After your VMA performance you should be going shows radio interviews ect getting your name and music out there. You have all the makings to be a pop star but if your team continue to fail you then you working to be Tinashe 2.0 which is sad

  7. MichelleBranchSpiritRoom February 14, 2020

    She look like Janet Jackson here

    Where is the supposed to be album now?

    Where is the new hit after “Dancing with Sam Smith”?

  8. J February 14, 2020

    I don’t understand why artists even sign with labels anymore outside of distribution. I wish I were in the industry cause watching talented artists like her get shafted over and over then eventually releasing an album after all the BUZZ is gone is just sad. I’m tired of it?

  9. Paulo February 14, 2020

    Cute pics but what kinda boring questions were those? Girl between this and the Drag Race judging gig I need you to come thru with a new single and release dates!

  10. Chillitsjustpizza February 14, 2020

    Stun us with a hit.

    • Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020

      Ain’t never gonna happen.

      • POPS MUVA February 14, 2020


  11. ??‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian ??‍♀️Not ? TROLLmine ??‍♀️Nor ? TRASHmine February 14, 2020

    Reminds me of Janet

  12. Dc February 14, 2020

    She stuns everywhere but the charts ??????????

    • POPS MUVA February 14, 2020


  13. Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020


    Reading the comments,loool

    Yall are finally realizing that this girl ain’t gonna happen.

    We like to see it

    • only facts February 14, 2020

      Have you read the reviews of the My Oh My video? Critics and fans are panning it. Bless your heart. We love to see it.

    • Paulo February 14, 2020

      It’s called constructive criticism. We support Mani we’re not blind sheep filling our void miserable lives with internet trolling like some Crowderella peasants ?

  14. Angela Wesley February 14, 2020

    The lighting in this photos are way to dark and it makes the picture look off. But it is
    not just Normani being held back by the record label, also Dianah Jane and Lauren
    Jauregul. They put out a few songs last year , but haven’t done anything new lately.
    Expected for Normani and Lauren doing the Birds of Prey soundtrack album.

  15. Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020

    Reading the interview, she sounds like a kid.
    ??. What the f**** is
    “I’ve been diving into my Bible a little more. I try to let that be the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning.”


    Here she goes again mentioning beyonce in another interview.
    Keep beyonce name out of ur mouth

    U will forever be in beyonce’s shadow if u keep talking about her.

    I have a feeling a new single is coming from her after the rupaul drag race appearance.
    So let’s wait.

    • only facts February 14, 2020

      I think you mean Canola will forever be in the shadow of her overbite. Bless her heart. Can’t find the $ to fix those chompers.

  16. Faf February 14, 2020

    This is very sza . Where is the music ?

    • Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020

      There is no music cause she is not a musician, she is a dancer.

  17. Holliewuudd February 14, 2020

    I feel like they were wrong for picking pictures with THE SAME EXACT FACIAL EXPRESSION. Mix it up a bit, dang

  18. AnonymousTruth February 14, 2020

    What the hell is going on ….
    With all the photo shoots you’d think this girl is a model … only .
    Like where is the music .
    Saturate magazines when you have music out …. this seems like throw away promo tbh.
    People gon think she promoting lotion or clothes … cause she sure ain’t promoting no music.

    • POPS MUVA February 14, 2020


  19. VanessaCarltonBeNotNobody February 14, 2020

    Normani is cute and i think she will have a name in her due time. She need to get out of her comfort zone. Maybe she should try techno or more pop friendly singles

    Look at Camila, she is versatile artist. Now Camila is really the biggest star in fifth Harmony

    Normani is second place

    But I think she will still improve

    Is like Camila Cabello is the Jessica Simpson while Normani is the Mandy Moore of 2000s

    • Paulo February 14, 2020

      Girl I was gonna say something but comparing your own fav to Jessica Simpson on a music front is the ultimate self drag ?

      First a Michelle Branch username and now Vanessa Carlton. The trolling is obvious but why use the name of 2000s artists tho I’m intrigued ?

    • HavanaONana February 14, 2020

      @onlyfacts don’t you dare to hide in 2000 artist username

      You can’t even pretend to be a Camila fan coz u compared her to Jessica Simpson

      Troll I know it’s u

      Normani is not even in Mandy Moore’s level so sit yo a** down

  20. Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020

    These comments are killing me

    February is almost over and this bìtch hasn’t appeared on the charts since November 2019

    That’s almost 3 months of normani not being on the hot 100 and yall still think she will have longevity . I have to laugh

    Camila is taking hits left right and centre but she’s still surviving. She’s still pushing forward. She’s a fighter.

    Camila is the only female artist with the most billboard hot 100 entries so far in 2020
    For an artist that is cancelled, that’s pretty impressive.

  21. POPS MUVA February 14, 2020

    How many magazine covers has she done? is this number 30? like what exactly are these shoots doing for her ? cuz don’t nobody care. she’s a flop. I called it she was gonna be another Tinashe. except I respect Tinashe’s hustle I just don’t see it for this chick.

    • Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020



      Everybody wants normani to win but she just doesnt have what it takes, shes dumb as rocks.

      unlike Camila who is still doing her thing, after getting cancelled by everybody. She’s powering thru the storm. This era is rocky as hell but Camila is still pushing forward, that’s how u know she wants it so bad.

      • Nicky February 14, 2020


        How are you replying to your own self under diff usernames.

        Beauty, Talent, , Top Hits, & Acclaim she already has won

        ???????. How are Camickys tickets doing.

        Camicky has been dropped from the label after Payola and thinking Taylor Swift will lend her fans. ??????????. Now she’s running to another rapper to help

        Camicky is NAWT a Star ???

      • Clarks0oñ February 14, 2020

        Gurl, I ignore urvàss cause ur a whole circus, but now u here.


        Normani ain’t win shìt.
        Top hits? What top hits? ?????

        The last time normani appeared on the charts was in November 2019, while Camila is the female artist with the most billboard hot 100 entries in 2020 so far.
        3 if Camila sings are on the chart.

        As for the tour

        {The Romance Tour update}
        Out of 371.580 tickets for the US leg, 44.721 are still available. The percentage of sold for every show goes from 80% to 93.9% (US leg ONLY)!!

        The tour starts in September.

        Camila is in the uk filming Cinderella while normani on twitter searching for name, blocking people who dont follow her or mention her

  22. Johny5 February 15, 2020

    Regardless of what people say about the wait for albums from Normani and Rihanna all of y’all will be listening to them when they drop ?

  23. MichelleBranchSpiritRoom February 15, 2020

    2 On by Tinashe charter higher than Motivation and Waves

    But I do like Dancing with a Stranger and Worth it by Camila Cabello featuring Fifth Harmony

  24. VanessaCarltonBeNotNobody February 15, 2020

    She copies Janet Jackson so much
    It reminds me of “All For You” music video and Vanessa Carlton “White Houses”

    Girl just be you

  25. Ronna February 15, 2020

    The wig is too big or something. I think

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