Shakira Rocks iTunes After Sizzling Super Bowl Performance / Lands Multiple Songs In Top 5

Published: Monday 3rd Feb 2020 by Rashad

Shakira, Shakira!

Shining in more ways than one, the Grammy winner stomped across Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium stage in $20,000 Dan Life crystal boots last night (February 2) and set television sets and Twitter alight in the process with her high octane, co-headlined Super Bowl performance with fellow Latin Pop diva Jennifer Lopez.

Cranking out hits ‘She Wolf,’ ‘Whenever, Wherever,’ ‘Waka Waka,’ and more, the songstress – who also celebrated her 43rd birthday yesterday – got quite the gift from viewers, updated iTunes reveals, as there has been reignited interest in her world renown catalog.

See what we mean inside:

As of time reported, iTunes charts not only show Shaki has placed four tunes in the top 25 (2 in the top 5 alone), but she’s being held at bay from the top spot only by ‘Only the Young’ –  Taylor Swift‘s newest hit.




In fact, every song she performed at last night’s game is currently impacting real-time sales chart.  As if that’s not enough, even cuts that didn’t get the spotlight – ‘Underneath Your Clothes’ and ‘Try Everything’ – have also landed on the tally’s upper rankings.

Outpacing the sales performance of her Super Bowl co-star’s (Lopez) tracks on the list (as well as some of today’s top hits by other artists), the effects of Shakira’s seismic showing could see some of the tunes re-enter the Billboard Hot 100 next week once streaming figures are calculated.

Keep it locked to That Grape Juice for more news on this as it develops.

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  1. K_man February 3, 2020

    Shakira will have a comeback from this performance new music and a tour. While J.Lo will continue To struggle to release that spanish album she’s been pushing since 2016 and will see a career decline!

    • Clarks0oñ February 3, 2020

      Come back? What comeback?

      She never left. She has been slaying in the spanish speaking world.

      Shakira has been killing on the charts.
      Go check out her YouTube page.
      Billions of views.
      Her tours are sold out

      Yall were not just paying her any attention.

      • PinotNoir February 3, 2020


    • Bluebird February 3, 2020

      Jlo is an ACTRESS and now a STRIPPER

  2. Meme February 3, 2020

    Shakira still has a few more hits in her. She should of had a single lined up and ready to drop today. Roc nation dropped the ball there. The Super Bowl is such big promo, you need to have a product ready to capitalize on that window of opportunity.

    • Clarks0oñ February 3, 2020

      Shakira actually released a spanish song some few days ago before the superbowl performance.

      She will probably release an English song in some few weeks time.

      I dont think they were anticipating this kind of overwhelming positive reception.

    • Paulo February 3, 2020

      Yesterday her catalogue was subpar according to you. Now that the iTunes charts tell you otherwise you wanna claim she still has hits in yet throw subtle shade at her team. Somebody stick a fork on this dumb ho cause she is DONE bye

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      Forget releasing a single that’ll only bring her $0.25 a sale. She’s just announced a world tour. Much more lucrative.

  3. OhnanaWhasMyName February 3, 2020

    Well deserved. Shakira is a true WORLD talent and although the halftime show was great…She would have owned the stage, standalone, as well. *SIRI PLAY LAUNDRY SERVICE BY SHAKIRA* ??

  4. Zion February 3, 2020

    I wish Shakira started her performance with whenever wherever and replaced she wolf with La Tortura

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      Thought like you at first, then in hindsight, whoever sequenced her set was right in the end. That rock-mideastern-world music transition was PERFECT! And that’s partly how Shakira’s set came across more cohesive than JLo’s.

  5. Clarks0oñ February 3, 2020

    Why yall gagging? She bring it to u every ball.

    Shakira has always slayed but yall were not just paying any attention

    Beyonce and Rihanna are not the only girls that can blaze a stage.

    Seeing shakira play that guitar was so visually stunning. Many people were shocked.

    Shakira is a stadium act.

    She was free, she was having fun, she was giving us something we’ve not seen before with the drums, native dance , waist shaking etc

    She makes songs that crosses boarders and cultures etc.
    Even if u dont understand the language , you’re still gonna dance and clap and cheer.

    • Erica February 3, 2020

      Rihanna does not blaze a stage let’s be real here

      • Deyzz February 3, 2020

        I agree. Rihanna is not so good at performing. Queen B is always on point.

      • Gworl Bye February 3, 2020

        beyonce isnt the greatest on stage either, real talk.

    • Deyzz February 3, 2020

      I agree. She blew me away. I love the smooth transitions The Spanish songs were still so inviting. She made it look so easy. While JLo (who was great) looked like she was trying too hard. Shakira is a natural and I am so proud of her performance. Made me a fan now.

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      Everybody missed the afrobeat element was a reference to some Latinos’ African origins. Yup . . . Shakira’s a true stadium act.

  6. king z February 3, 2020

    i love this, but i must say this was no surprise. SHAKIRA IS A GLOBAL SUPERSTAR! i hated when people were like “why her” when she was paired with JLO.

    shakira did great last night and on top of that she sang songs in spanish, meaning she tapped into a whole audience jlo didn’t touch.

    people love her across languages and borders.

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      And shouted out the whooole Middle East, Africa, AND Asia Minor with ONE dance and wailing. ?

  7. Pu$$YPopstress February 3, 2020

    poor jlo. she can’t win.

    she spun around a stripper pole like Christ only to be crucified and have yet another spotlight stolen from her. the girl cannot win in the music realm

    • Kevon February 3, 2020

      If I was jlo… ibwould yall hatters suck yo mama hahaha I’m still rich and my music is still selling I’m still making my money haha

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      She never was in the winning conversation, having never headlined a world cup, or seen her song become a global summer anthem à la Waka Waka. I’d say she’s pretty much used to losing by now. Them voice cracks were painful last night.

  8. Antincia foster February 3, 2020


  9. only facts February 3, 2020

    Shakira won last night!

  10. High Price February 3, 2020

    Wow lol! I knew JLo’s discography would be somewhere on the charts too! What happened? I don’t get. Out of millions of people that watched the SB, nobody? Not a single on the chart? Hmmmm.. ?

    • Pu$$YPopstress February 3, 2020

      jlo songs are on the itunes charts but they are just much lower than shakira’s

      • High Price February 3, 2020

        Oh ok. Tgj should have reported that. Smh. Slackers.

    • Pu$$YPopstress February 3, 2020

      lol they mentioned it but didn’t specify jlo’s numbers lol.

      “Outpacing the sales performance of her Super Bowl co-star’s (Lopez) tracks on the list (as well as some of today’s top hits by other artists), the effects of Shakira’s seismic showing could see some of the tunes re-enter the Billboard Hot 100 next week once streaming figures are calculated.”

      u know them, always stan war-baiting.

      • High Price February 3, 2020

        ? lol! Wow, right! Smh!

  11. Kevon February 3, 2020

    B****** that hates jlo … jlo songs are selling too hahah no one of yall hatters can hold jlo down

  12. Kevon February 3, 2020

    Well don jennifer lopez a true icon the original triple treat …applaud JLo

    • OhnanaWhasMyName February 3, 2020

      The original triple threat????‼️ you DEFINITELY tried it and failed.

      • Kevon February 3, 2020

        Stfu u got exactly what I ment and that what’s important haha jlo hatter

  13. POPS Muva February 3, 2020

    She proved everyone wrong. all the people who claimed she was not enough to share the stage with JLO now JLO is the one who we need to ask if she was enough.

    • Kevon February 3, 2020

      You wish that were true

      • Gworl Bye February 3, 2020

        But it is tho. Shakira is the talk of the day everywhere. Nobody is talking about JLo.

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      Seen quite a few reactions on YouTube and EVERY American (black, white, or latino) root for JLo and treat Shakira like a mere s** toy. At times, a dance move shook ’em RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF SHAKIRA’S SET, and they’d immediately think it was JLo. #TheyBiased

  14. Paulo February 3, 2020

    Yaaaaaaaaaaasss the one and only Shakira. ??? I’m glad US viewers woke up and realized her star power. Laughing at the doubters and haters on this blog… shout out to Uncookt and Meme the flip flop

    • PinotNoir February 3, 2020

      The hard-working humble get rewarded in time.

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